Tell Me Lies- The Establishment Media is the Grand Master of Fake News

ABC News anchor Brian Ross has dealt a blow to the establishment media and its effort to marginalize independent and alternative news. Ross falsely reported Michael Flynn will testify that President Trump directed him to make contact with Russian officials while Trump was a candidate. This isn’t the first time Ross and ABC News have passed off bogus stories, and it won't be the last. ABC’s fake news story damages the carefully orchestrated effort by corporate media to institute fact checking tools designed to stigmatize and edge-out news that doesn’t conform to the establishment narrative on a wide-range of issues. The establishment has tried to bury its lies, but the Brian Ross fake news story about Micheal Flynn has forced its dirty practices back out into the spotlight. The corporate media no longer controls the news cycle. The propaganda it receives and reports from the government is now critically analyzed and debunked on social media within minutes. Millions of Americans no longer watch the corporate alphabet news networks or read corporate newspapers. The Brian Ross fiasco shows that the establishment is not finished trying to slander and discredit its enemies. It’s so desperate now to turn the tide, it has lost the ability to produce believable misleading news either read from government scripts or created by fake news organizations.

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Show Notes

ABC Suspends Reporter Brian Ross Over Erroneous Report About Trump

William Ayers is Sponsored by Decidedly LEFTIST Organization: ANNENBERG Public Policy Foundation

BBC sets up team to debunk fake news

The 7 Worst Examples of Fake News From the Mainstream Media


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  1. These lies are so prevalent it’s moved from a political problem to a medical one. What is missing is follow up from those ‘mistaken’ in their reports. Please tell us, explain – how did basic fact checking get forgotten? Did it come from a source you believed so inviolate that fact checking was not deemed necessary? Were you duped by your own company or your source? Explain why so many of you are making ‘mistakes’. If you’re acting in the public interest, make yourself available to the same scrutiny you apply to others.

  2. Ok…the Ayers thing is so old, that it’s relevance needs more context than you have here.

    The slap-dash nature of this video seems kind of “drive by.”

    I’ve long suspected Ayers and Bernardine were establishment types dressed up as antiestablishment to discredit the antiestablishment. SDS was, as core, an honest resistance movement which was very effective…but Bernardine Peters’ overreach discredited it. Read Carl Oglesby on that.

    THere are other places in the video where it seems you’re pandering to the alt right. Don’t like.

  3. John Phillips says:

    Did you say “liberal media?” Really…liberal. The terms simply does not apply or your definition of liberal needs work.

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