Donald Trump’s China Hawk Clown College Now in Session!

Donald Trump’s China Hawk clown college is officially in session!  The China hawks are getting their way on Korea, Australia, and Taiwan.  But look for US China policy to overpromise, underdeliver, and screw up in what we now love to call the Indo-Pacific Region.

It’s hard to push around the People’s Republic of China.  Maybe that’s why the US China hawk community has concentrated on whipping Australia into shape.  The Australian battle to combat PRC influence and ignore US influence passed an important milestone with Malcolm Turnbull taunting the Chinese in Mandarin and ASIO gearing up for stage two of its witch hunt against pro-PRC politicians.

Meanwhile, US Korean policy drifts into a frozen conflict.  Will Trump turn that around…by flipping the switch on red hot radioactive Armageddon?

And China hawks want to do something bold and provocative on Taiwan.   But will China play ball?

Finally, the myth of Hambantota: the BS getting peddled about the PRC and the Sri Lankan debt trap.  Who really put Sri Lanka’s wallet in the wringer?  The answer will probably surprise you.

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Show notes

US will take North Korea ‘into its own hands’ if China doesn’t do more -- Haley

North Korea: Urgent need to open channels, UN says after visit

The Sellout in Oz My China Watch special report on the most consequential and under-reported Asia story of the year: the coordinated US-Australian deep state campaign to deny Australia an independent or pro-PRC foreign policy

 Security agencies flag Chinese Manchurian candidates

America quietly backed down against China again

PRC diplomat in USA: “I tell you, the day a US Navy battleship arrives at Gaoxiong, that’s the time for our liberation army to unify Taiwan by force.” [in Chinese]

China’s Debt Trap

Sri Lanka: A country trapped in debt

H’tota port officially handed over to China, receives $292 million

Sri Lankan foreign debt repayments spikes to US $3.9 billion in 2019

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  1. steven hobbs says:

    Thank you for an excellent reminder of the dragon endgame contest and Sri Lanka’s $ colonization.

  2. Turnbull spent the week denying he was anti-Chinese – ‘Chinese New Year is very popular in Australia’. ie. some of my best friends are Chinese’.

    Meanwhile no one asking how ‘the sources’ knew what was and wasn’t said by an Aust. MP in a China hotel lobby. Or what was said in a phone call to that MP’s office. New normal now? Info that could only come from surveillance used to commit trial by media? Turnbull denied ASIO was the source of the leak. Pity the press never ask the right questions.

    Did the NSA help out there? ASIO wouldn’t cough without their permission. Isn’t that how it they get around their domestic surveillance laws? ‘We’ll spy on yours if you spy on ours.’

    When are these two-faced liars going to be given a dose of their own medicine?

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