The “Pricing” of Bitcoin vs. Gold Is Meant to Herd the Masses

Based on core global economic fundamentals, the gold price should be well north of $10,000 an ounce. Yet because gold is rare, is hoarded by governments and very wealthy, very private plutocrats, because it is intimately related to the value of interest rates and the perception of paper currencies themselves, its price is tactically suppressed.  Meanwhile, Bitcoin - a purposeful distraction from gold - is, in turn, strategically run up to $10,000 at an unprecedented pace, quite possibly by the Deep State’s financial and technological arms, in part so that you feel like you're 'missing out'.

In this latest episode of Money and Fear, we’ll review the power that the pricing of each particular asset class has over the minds of investors and savers, alongside the praise or admonitions issued by banks and pundits which are issued in wider efforts to mold public perceptions of both cryptocurrencies and precious metals.  Tons of data and citations in this show so that you can be armed with knowledge against the urgently assigned hype.  So that you can think about money with some historical sobriety.  If you’re not a Newsbud member yet, please sign up, tune in and spread the news…

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Show Notes

Bitcoin (USD) Price

Is Bitcoin Standing In for Gold?

 We talked to an economist who predicted the Great Recession about the next financial crisis

Is Bitcoin a Threat to Gold?

Why has bitcoin gained so much in the past year?

Bitcoin Heads to Wall Street Whether Regulators Are Ready or Not

Gold and Silver Price Manipulation: The Biggest Financial Crime in History

Did The Fed's Alan Greenspan Admit Gold Is Being Manipulated?

Bitcoin Blows Through $8,000; Gold Hammering Related?

Will $10,000 See Bitcoin Bubble Burst? Rather Put Your Faith in Gold

Round Two: “Bitcoin Price” Vs “Gold Price” In Online Searches

What Is a Bitcoin Dark Pool?

First “Dark Pool” Exchange for Bitcoin: TradeZero Partners Jered Kenna

High-Speed Traders Are Taking Over Bitcoin

High-Frequency Trading Firms Enter Cryptocurrency Markets

Bitcoin hits a record high, but can it rival gold as a safe haven?

Wyre CEO: Bitcoin To Replace Gold In 20 Years, Becoming New Reserve Currency

Is Bitcoin the New Gold?

No, Bitcoin Isn't Going to Replace Gold

Is A Bitcoin "As Good As Gold"?

Round Two: “Bitcoin Price” Vs “Gold Price” In Online Searches

Deutsche Bank Pays $60 Million To Settle Gold-Manipulation Lawsuit

Deutsche Bank Records Said to Show Silver Rigging at Other Banks

Gold Price Manipulation Proven On The Intraday Charts

China's Cryptocurrency Crackdown: Is Bitcoin A Threat?

China is shutting down domestic Bitcoin exchanges

Why Goldman Is About To Become The Biggest HFT Firm In The World

Goldman Gets Serious About High-Speed Trading

CFTC Slaps Goldman Sachs Market Manipulators with $120 Million Penalty

Goldman Sachs exploring bitcoin trading operation

Jamie Dimon Slams Bitcoin as a ‘Fraud’

How Bitcoin became Wall Street's hottest investment

High Hopes As Deutsche Bank Supports Blockchain

Deutsche Bank: ‘End of Fiat Money’ May Be Near

UBS CEO: Blockchain to Play 'Big Role' in Reshaping Industry

Barclays spoke to regulators about bringing bitcoin 'into play'

On Bitcoin, India's Government And Tech Companies Find Common Ground

Mobile Money in India: Does Digitalization Follow Demonetization?

Wyre's Dunworth: Bitcoin Is Good Investment for Everyone

U.S. Government Report:  China is Threat to Global Bitcoin Economy


The Gold Cartel:  Government Intervention on Gold, the Mega Bubble in Paper, and What This Means for Your Future by Dimitri Speck

The Golden Revolution:  How to Prepare for the Coming Global Gold Standard by John Butler

The New Case for Gold by Jim Rickards

The Death of Money – Ibid.

The Road to Ruin – Ibid.

Blockchain Revolution by Don & Alex Tapscott

*For additional footnotes and links refer to the Newsbud article link above

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  1. Michael Naaden says:

    Question, assuming bitcoin is being manipulated, do you think that will be used to discredit the commodities like gold and silver?

  2. Do you think that silver and gold will ever reach their true market value ‘price’? If so, what do you think would precipitate it, and do you have any sense of timing? Or, do you think Bitcoin and other digital currencies will succeed in ‘replacing’ gold and silver as money, and keep the precious metals prices forever suppressed?

    • “Do you think that silver and gold will ever reach their true market value ‘price’?”

      I don’t think so as long as they are purely US dollar denominated, as it’d ‘crash the dollar overnight’. Part of the point of not allowing $10K+ gold and/or $100+ silver … is to protect the perceived value of the USD, as well as of the perceived sanctity of the Fed’s interest rate setting mechanism. However, were there to be a formal returning to a new variant of the Gold Standard, then there’d be a necessary “price” resetting, coupled presumably with outright confiscation of gold a la 1933 from the public.

      It would be precipitated by a Dollar Crisis, which is inevitable, yet *because* it is, the transatlantic banking establishment are ‘transitioning’ toward a ‘soft landing’ via possibly digitized/blockchain’d currency through the IMF’s Special Drawing Rights platform. Timing is hard to tell. Could be as soon as next year, or some time over the next few years, unless an unprecedented conflict or catastrophe ‘sped things up’.

      “Events, dear boy, events.” – Harold Macmillan

      Physical precious metals are deemed too dangerous to be allowed to be accumulated by ‘unfriendly regimes’, per said establishment. Let alone by common folk in each nation, who are increasingly mesmerized over Bitcoin, kicking themselves for ‘not getting in sooner’… [sentiments clearly designed & conditioned].

  3. Thanks Pye,
    What would happen if national sovereignty collapses?, to metals and Cryptocurrencies. Isn’t that where they are taking us?

    • One World Monetary Order, run off the blockchain and integrated with the future Internet of Things. All of the cryptocurrency hype, coupled with gradually doing away with physical cash, are part & parcel of constructing said horizon.

      Said vision will expedite the wider planned global political and economic integrations. I.E. All commerce and audit-able human energy expenditure is meant to be digitally traceable.

  4. Richard Williams says:

    Extremely interesting. Why don’t you mention GATA, one of the best sources of information on gold and silver manipulation? Catherine Austin-Fitts argues that the banking-financial cabal is promoting the Bitcoin hype in order to galvanise research and development in blockchain technology without actually having to pay for it with the intention then of taking over the now precarious and chaotic infrastructure after it has been honed to perfection. Do you agree? Another question: If there is a reset to a gold or semi-gold standard for the IMF basket of currencies and issuance of SDRs, would the immense gold reserves in Grand Canyon then place the USA at an unassailable advantage?

    • I mentioned in the episode before this one, I believe, and listed them in the Show Notes following the video links on the page in said episode.

      I cannot disagree with Catherine Austin-Fitts on that observation. The collective of the IMF, BIS, BoE, BoJ, bulge-bracket banks & the Fed itself getting on board cryptocurrency R&D … begs questions over a wider mandated push for adaption. I.E. Said Establishment wouldn’t voluntarily accede influence over the definition & means of “money” to genuine ‘hackers’ hellbent on overturning said Establishment. Crypto advocates arguing otherwise haven’t read requisite history/philosophy.

  5. thomasotoole says:

    thanks, great one.

  6. Andreas Hedqvist says:

    The manipulation of the precious metals markets is done via bullion paper contracts and especially futures markets like the CME. One only needs to look at the volumes to realize what a disgusting distortion it is and how this has allowed i.e. the BRICS nations to accumulate large quantities of physical gold and silver over a long period of time. With this in mind it is obvious why both CBOE and CME started Bitcoin futures markets recently totally decoupled from the traded asset and only settled in USD. The goal is to try to manipulate the price in the same way as with gold and silver. This time however I think they have bitten off too much to swallow as the Bitcoin market is global and an even better hedge against the dollar since it is truly decentralized and decoupled from any direct control or legislation. Sure national governments can introduce laws as they see fit and many have, but it does not affect Bitcoin nor it’s blockchain and this is precisely why it was designed in the first place.

    Many newbies in the cryptocurrency space do not understand this and are chasing returns only but with time understanding will increase. Just recently a large number of people seem to have converted Bitcoin (BTC) into BitcoinCash (BCH) after the largest US exchange Coinbase started with BCH. The larger block size and faster transaction times are stated as an improvement but what is not mentioned is the fundamental difference in governance, Bitcoin does not have any person of people calling the shots and that is something ordinary cryptonites will learn with time.

    To a lot of us outside the US it is very clear that there is no intention within the US leadership to actually try to save the US Dollar through sound economic and monetary policy. It looks as if they have already thrown in the towel and are now only riding the last wave of currency exuberance until the wheels come off for good. The arrogance and disregard for ordinary citizens lives is truly appalling to witness.

    For all out there who believe that Bitcoin is some kind of psychological Op need to look at the design of it before you believe such statements. It is the antidote to central control and power which is often used to liken it to the sign of the beast or chip. Whenever governments start issuing their own ‘centralized’ cryptocurrencies I urge everyone to stay vigilant and alert because that is what Catherine and others are really talking about without perhaps realizing it.

  7. Jon L Curran says:

    FWIW, here is a zerohedge article about digitization of money and labor.
    I may live long enough to see it here in the USA.

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