The Battle for Texas: Sibel Edmonds Goes After Pocketed Politicians at The Capitol

Watch Sibel Edmonds, Newsbud crew and award-winning filmmaker Mark S. Hall take on pocketed politicians at the Texas State Capitol.

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  1. spiro skouras says:

    Thank you for supporting independent, grassroots media. With your continued support, we can go back to Texas and unseat some of these pocketed politicians! Thank you, stay tuned for the full videos!

  2. Well Done Sibel, I’ve read all your books & have been keeping up with your work for a long time.
    I have great admiration for what you’re doing & I thank you for stepping out and speaking the hidden truth to power.
    Keep it up – but take care of yourself.

  3. Joseph Harrington says:

    I love this, but had a couple questions. What’s with the spiderman with the trump pence shirt? Did info wars just tag along or was this well coordinated with them? I guess any open effort subject to subversion and discredit operatives

    • Likewise… to some extent I suppose I have to give credit to Info Wars for being there.

      On the other hand, I feel like they sort of cast a shadow and “politicize” whatever it is that they choose to cover. Especially when they’re the only other news outlet that’s clearly visible. And yes, the guy with the spider man costume and the Trump shirt is an instant discredit by association figure, to the point where you have to wonder.

      Respect to Newsbud and the others who attended though! It’s good to see direct action being taken.

  4. I thought they were made of toughter stuff in Texas. Hiding behind a blind from a few questions? Sad.

    Thanks, Sibel. Not easy confronting the wall of silence and collusion. Amazing how quickly that wall crumbles if we lean on it a little though.

  5. John Phillips says:

    Awesome! Powerful! Brave! I am a coward compared to she.
    We all need to take a lesson from her and start acting instead of talking!

    PS: the wall is not crumbling, it’s being fortified!

  6. Andreas Hedqvist says:

    Gulen is a joker in the CIA deck being played on a very large and longterm geopolitical arena. Aside from the concocted wars in the middle east the Gulen network is especially used to incite terrorism inside China by the Uighur ethnic groups. The goal is obviously to obstruct and perhaps halt the Chinese belt and road initiative which is now picking up steam and moving forward rapidly. Once China together with Russia and the central Asian republics manage to get this gigantic project on its way there will be no stopping it and only a matter of time before the middle east and europe also get onboard. That the United States is using this kind of terror tactic to destroy economic and trade development only shows how far the moral decay has gone. If this is not reversed soon the US will find itself completely isolated and marginalized in a world that wants to move away from war and mayhem towards progress and opportunities.

  7. Richard Williams says:

    Why are the two main protagonists running around like Charlie Chaplin to the gruesome rock music?

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