Media Blackout: CIA Assassination Plot Targeted a Prime Minister in the Heart of Europe!

Newsbud’s founder and editor Sibel Edmonds interviews independent investigative journalist Chris Melidis, based in Kavala, Greece. Sibel and Chris cover the assassination plot by the CIA to remove the former Greek Prime Minister. In this 50+ minute long, must see interview, Edmonds and Melidis also delve into the current geopolitical turmoil between the east and west, Operation Gladio B, the refugee crisis in Greece, and much more. Exclusively available for Newsbud Community Members.

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Show Notes

The CIA Plan to Assassinate Greek PM Karamanlis For Ties to Russia

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  1. David Creighton says:

    At the end there .. who is giving them 1.1 billion dollars to accept unlimited immigrants?

    Also .. I wish there was some way to get the people in America to understand that the MSM is, if not flat out lying, shying away from truth on almost every level. Can you imagine how much good this country could do if our media acted responsibly? People don’t understand that THAT is what MAGA means at it’s heart. I want America to actually be about the mythical “Truth, Justice & the American way”; but we can get nowhere until we break through the sleepy hubris of those who scream Russian troll or conspiracy theorist and get them to wake up to what our country is actually doing in the world. If a US bomb drops on a Yemeni kid for no reason, that thing has my name on it too; and I am NOT OK with that. How many kids just starting high school in the US are going to die in Iran for no damn reason? It doesn’t seem like there is a way to stop it.

  2. Caius Mundus says:

    excellent interview.

    • spiro skouras says:

      I agree, Sibel and Chris really delve into unchartered waters as far as geopolitical news and analysis is concerned. I have to say, Newsbud is unmatched in that department among others. We also have the best community of supporters online who not only value the important work being done here on a daily basis, but who engage in healthy discussions and activism.

  3. Sam Bissonnette says:

    Westerners think the Ottoman empire was Muslim. It wan’t very Muslim in the Balkans. Non-papist Christians were very willing to ally with the Turks. Those Orthodox Christians, along with the Jewish population, hated by the Papists, were the only way the Ottomans expand and thrive. Russia’s rise to power attracted all of the Christians to turn to Moscow for leadership.

  4. I am looking for: 1) Greece to leave the EURO; 2) Greece and Turkey to leave NATO; and 3) Greece, Turkey, Syria, Lebanon, Egypt, Libya, Iraq, Iran, Afghanistan, and Pakistan, to form an anti-western union (of some sort). I have my doubts as to whether I and 2 above can happen peacefully. Thus, I am also looking for a major economic, or political, event to trigger these exits from NATO and the EURO.

    • Steven Athearn says:

      Pakistan and India joined the Shanghai Cooperation Organization (SCO) this year. Iran has observer status in the SCO and there has been some talk of it also joining as a full member in the near future, however, I’ve also seen the point made that Russia and China would only favor Iran’s formal entry if Saudi Arabia would simultaneously join. Interpretations of the Saudi purge vary due to the shortage of information, but there are some indications that were adduced by Adam Garrie of the Duran a while back, that a desire on the part of MBS to align with the Belt and Road Initiative is a key part of the background. While hostility to Iran is as high as ever, Saudi desire for its piece of BRI might also be a route over the long term to normalization with Iran to the point that they could both join the SCO security framework (perhaps like Greece and Turkey in NATO though they have no love for one another).

      In the same way, one can envision Greece and Turkey shifting to the SCO.

      In parallel, Russia, China, Pakistan and Iran hold the keys to eventual stabilization of Afghanistan post-US – and in fact even Trump praised the idea of US-China cooperation on Afghanistan during his visit to Asia (was it during his Hanoi press conference with President Quang?), which (although he didn’t say it) might give him a way back to his pre-election stands on Afghanistan, and allow the US to gracefully cut losses.

      Also in parallel, the Axis of Resistance (Iran, Iraq, Syria, Lebanon) is now positioned to become a central element of an “Axis of Stability” in the northern Middle East.

      Finally, for the US to join with, instead of using all its resources to oppose, BRI would make possible Trump’s campaign pledges to promote “stability all over” instead of regime change wars and chaos, and to finance his promised great infrastructure projects (though China, Japan and even Saudi Arabia shifting their Treasury holdings to a new infrastructure investment bank, like the other such banks emerging from BRI).

      Of course, other powerful forces, notably in the US, EU, Israel and Saudi Arabia, and within the Trump administration, will work to block such an outcome at any price. So the danger of war is real.

  5. Seeking truth is always an interesting process, but in today’s world of lies, false-flags, and misdirection’s, it is also very difficult for people to get at the truth of anything. In order to find truth, people need to be able to ask questions. The most important part of that is to ask the RIGHT questions. Even being aware of that necessity, most of us have a difficult time sorting out what’s going on everywhere in the world today.
    Fortunately, as Newsbud members we have access to a tremendous team. They are intimately familiar with the area of the world they report on, and not only ask questions – but most importantly, know the right questions to ask. Their sharing is very enlightening.
    Recently, many pieces of the puzzle, we the people are trying to put together, are being brought forward on Newsbud in a most excellent manner. One can begin to see the big picture as well as the details, making us more aware ourselves and better prepared to ask our own questions.
    My thanks to all the incredible team members of Newsbud, and of course our fearless leader – you Sibel!

    • spiro skouras says:

      Thank you for this comment and for supporting Newsbud. Sometimes in the day to day news cycle and life cycle it is easy to loose track of many important issues, I would argue that this is not an accident but rather by design. You perfectly encompassed how and why this is not the case with the Newsbud team that I refer to as the dream team, which I am humbled and proud to be a part of! And of course, non of this would be possible without the support from you, and all of the Newsbud members, with the leadership and the vision to make it all happen from Sibel. Lots more to come, 2017 has been an amazing year and I have a very good feeling about 2018!

  6. Edward Dingilian says:

    Sibel – Query: what is Chris Melidis’ blog website?

  7. Thank you for bringing this to the NewsBud readers and viewers , It only took me a minute to realize my ignorance of the history of the Greek ( Eastern Byzantine ) and Turkish ( Ottoman ) empires and how the modern how the modern version of the UN/ NATO holy Empire seeks to play the Greek and Turkish peoples into serfdom with modern media and communications systems .
    I think that our General McMaster should consult the Greek people about the meaning of Jihad , then he should ask the Mullahs from Mecca what they plan on renaming Washington DC when they have completed the same plan they used on Greeks in USA ! Istanbul is taken ! The Right in Greece wants to fight much like the US right but the problem is that our leaders define the Islam as a peaceful religion not a Religion based World Government system bent on world domination through implementation of Sharia Law , and by driving people into poverty and socialism they have succeeded in controlling the Greeks and in future perhaps the Americans allowing system to grow .

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