Lone Texas Representative Stands for Oversight & Accountability for Charter Schools

Newsbud’s founder and editor Sibel Edmonds has an exclusive interview with Texas State Rep. Dan Flynn, discussing his concerns regarding the largest charter school network in the country, and their Texas branch known as the Harmony schools.

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Show Notes

The Storming of the Texas State Capitol

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The Battle for Texas: Sibel Edmonds Goes After Pocketed Politicians at The Capital

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  1. Dennis ONeill says:

    Wow, Sibel Edmunds & Newsbud are the only ones in the U.S. trying to bring light to the Gulen terrorist, and money laundering network deeply embedded in the U.S. It’s fascinating that Rep. Dan Flynn mentions that his investigation into the Gulen network has had “consequences.” This is how the cesspool of government in the U.S. works.

  2. Dennis ONeill says:

    Sibel, if you & Newsbud need pro bono publico help in Chicago to help shed some light on, and investigate the Gulen Chicago money laundering operation here I can help. I also have a very, very skilled friend whose organization gets much national exposure for its work uncovering government, and other financial waste, fraud, and abuse who I helped when he was starting his organization that does this work that I may also be able to enlist. I also have a very best friend who is a long-time highly skilled litigator who can help. He helped turn things upside down in Chicago twenty years ago with a high profile federal apportionment case that he appealed to the SCOTUS. He had some inside info on how SCOTUS was deliberating hearing his case as it was split 4 to 4 with then Sandra Day O’Connor undecided as a swing vote. One of his law school classmates was a SCOTUS clerk & he has family ties to then Justice Stevens, originally a South Side Chicagoan, so he had some advance knowledge of the SCOTUS deliberations on whether or not to take the case. Happy to help your exceptional work, pro bono publico. DM me on Twitter if you’re interested.

  3. Karl Hahn says:

    Paperwork is the reason why so many teachers have been moving from the UK and the US to Australia. They just don’t have time to teach with all the paperwork. In the UK, some schools have hired ‘teachers assistants’ to help teach the class while the actual teacher does all the paperwork. Australia isn’t too far behind though, the paperwork is increasing and teachers are losing passion. It’s almost as if the education system is being sabotaged.

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