Geopolitical Game-Changer: Iran Joining Russian Economic Union! What Will US Do?

William Engdahl discusses reports in Iranian media that Iran will formally join Russia’s Eurasian Economic Union. While Washington threatens to impose new unwarranted sanctions on Iran and on Russia, the two major Eurasian economies are now moving closer to de-dollarize their trade and to lessen the impact of any future sanctions. He discusses how Washington reacted the last time a major country, Ukraine, in 2014 opted to join the EEU and was the target of a CIA coup d’etat. This time Washington will not have it so easy. The geopolitical map of the world is changing rapidly and in ways Washington seems not to grasp. Engdahl explains the newest developments in Eurasia, parallel to China’s Belt Road Initiative, exclusively for Newsbud community members.

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Show Notes

Iran to Join Eurasian Economic Union

Putin Arrives in Teheran to Cement multi-billion deals

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  1. Thank you William for the geopolitical analysis with a focus on Iran. Indeed I would agree that Iran is not a pushover, and therefore they should be able to hold their ground against the onslaught of imperialistic US government. Likewise, for Turkey to survive as a nation, I would think they have no choice but to reconcile with Iran, and also join the Eurasian Economic Union. Hopefully this unification would be strong enough to produce an economic and military powerhouse that would rival that of US and EU combine.

  2. Lucas Helmer says:

    It is my opinion that President Trump, personally as Leader from the US, is trying to get some peace in this world. Therefor he will understand that doing bussiness without war will be preferable.
    Deep state surely has ar different opinion.

  3. Excellent analysis, as usual, from William Engdahl whom I follow (not on social media) and read/listen to his thoughts and opinions.
    What a great and most welcome addition to Newsbud!

  4. thomasotoole says:

    thanks for this!

  5. William Engdahl joining NewsBud is one of he best things happening to NewsBud. Very excited for the future of NewsBud.

  6. Thanks, William. Interesting insight. I guess the only other trick in the book is all out war. They’ve done so many colour revolutions, false flags and campaigns, they’ve overplayed their hand. Arrogance is always the downfall.

  7. Thanks, bravo about the latest developments; I love your maps, very good visuals. Did you know that in the historical past, about two thousand years ago; SE Asia, Burma, Thailand, Indonesia, etc. was referred to as the Golden Land; however, it was in specific reference to trade among all these populations WITH and BTW the Persians; Persians traders are found in the ancient Chinese records who traded with these indigenous groups and with the Chinese. It was really the first real globalization, including Jews, Arabs, and many more, the ancient seafarers.
    Cheers Newsbud!

  8. Dennis ONeill says:

    The next to go will be Turkey when it announces that it will leave NATO and join Russia’s Eurasian Union.

  9. Cecelia tiemann says:

    Where does Istael come in? Is Nikki Haley channeling Seldon Addelson, the Israel Firster?

  10. well this didn’t take long for the west to arrange protests. Iran has blocked social media today.

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