Banning Boycotts: Un-American & Unconstitutional

Newsbud presents an in-depth roundtable discussion on the controversial subject of banning boycotts in the United States. Newsbud’s founder & editor Sibel Edmonds hosts human rights attorney Mark Kleiman & human rights activist Paul Larudee as they debate the looming ban on boycotts that threatens our protected right to free speech under the Constitution, and that may set a very dangerous precedent. Do not miss this fiery 70+ minute roundtable - available for members at, or watch it now at Newbud Vimeo on Demand.

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Show Notes

The US government is willing to defend hate speech—but not boycotts of Israel

45 senators support bill that makes boycotting Israel a crime

Opinion In America, the Right to Boycott Israel Is Under Threat. This Is Why That's Cause for Concern

43 Senators Want to Make It a Federal Crime to Boycott Israeli Settlements

Massachusetts lawmakers to vote on anti-BDS bill after going on free trip to Israel and West Bank settlements

Palistine Legal

Syria Solidarity Movement




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  1. Sam Bissonnette says:

    The power of Zionism. What makes it all happen here? Due to many “end time” movements in the 19th century, many Christians believe in an end-time confrontation known as Armageddon. While this battle never actually happens in their book, the vast majority of Christians “think’ that somehow you need a state of Israel, in order for Jesus to return. No Armageddon or “rapture” without Israel.
    Many, many Christians are now de facto Christian Zionism. THAT, is the force that Zionist take advantage of.

  2. bruinschuss says:

    Thank you so much for bringing up the Jews Sibel. Holy crap. I’m Jewish on my mother’s side, so I’m not saying this as an anti-semite. But the fact that you can’t bring up that Jews run the media, are the CEO’s, run the Fed, run the banks is horrible. It’s so in your face and in the open. And the pro-Zionist Jewish lobby violates our rights all the time. They all inter-marry and consolidate their power. They run the world and make up a huge portion of the global oligarchy and we can’t say anything about it because it’s “anti-semitic.” Sure, it was probably anti-antisemitism that caused this problem in the first place, since usury was illegal for Christians in the olden days so Jews filled the gaps and ran the banks, and stuck together in the face of adversity.

    It’s not anti-semitic to point out the truth. Just another example how political correctness is weaponized, piggy-backing on progressive ideals in order to limit free speech.

    • Justine Darowska says:

      The state of Israel depends on ensuring that ‘Jew’ and ‘zionist’ are perceived as the same thing. If not the support for Israel would collapse among Jews and the hold over gentile guilt in countries like Germany and USA would collapse. The confusion allows the state of Israel to progress on the basis that the ‘zionists’ were ‘holocausted’. This is why any discussion of zionism is ‘anti-semitic’ even though most zionists are Christian or non observant people of Jewish descent.

  3. Olga Mudryj says:

    Thank you for another excellent presentation. I have learned so much from this site.

  4. Gerald Hines says:

    Great round table Sibel. I have been bringing this particular discussion up anytime I can bend a ear, or until I get waved away. Your remark about professors using their ‘quiet voice’ when this discussion occurs also happens nearly every time I mention the ‘J’ word in settings such as my gym. Hell, 90% of those who I talk with can’t even separate the difference between a Zionist and a Jew. It is quite frustrating. Too much of the public rotates their lives upon ‘
    ‘The Kardashians’, NFL football & porn. And should I bring up a topic concerning Muslims or Islam, well, the hate speech needle goes off the gauge. Finally, with the avenue of the Internet in place, one might think change would occur quicker………………….but No, that is not the case. Too much distraction with games, Hollywood bs, or the NEWEST CAR that SOMEHOW, You deserve. Fuck the idea of how this world is being set up to entrap your children’s mind. It is precisely these arenas of undermining humanity that will play out of my kicking & speaking until my end.

  5. tallsexyblonde says:

    Superb discussion, very informative, thanks.

  6. Wow – very important topic to raise. Glad Paul mentioned the White Helmets – another psyop/propaganda/lie.

    Good job, Sibel. It’s getting stupid now, trying criminalize peaceful protest. They’re not even bothering to hide their 1930s Germany hysteria. Though ironic that history is repeating itself but this time the oppressed has become the maniacal irrational oppressor committing the same fascist nihilism.

    I don’t care what your politics are, how you observe a holy day or not, stupid is stupid.

    As for Christmas censorship, it all comes from brain-addled people who are not thinking. People who do not celebrate Xmas are not phobic of Xmas paraphernalia. With rare exception they have no problem with it. Why would they? Do white Christian lily whites lose their collective nuts over Ramadan? WHO are these people whipping up division all the time?

    People used to be so sensible and calm.

  7. First of all, we need to quit calling these demons Semitic. Most people don’t even know what a Semite is, and the people who are walking this world claiming themselves to be Semitic Jews aren’t even Jewish, AND being Jewish is not a race, it’s a frikin’ religion, AND the ‘Star of David’ is no star. It’s a hexagram with 6 points, 6 triangles and 6 inner sides with a cube in the center. Cube worship, or Saturn worship a.k.a Satan worship, or as it’s written in the KJ Bible, Revelation 2:9, the Synagogue of Satan.
    One does not have to be a Christian, Catholic, or Muslim to understand that this was one of the most prophetic verses in any religious book.
    The Rothschild’s founded the state of Israel with the help of the Crown and the US in 1919 by way of the Balfour Declaration, and like America, it was born of violence and the genocide of the native people. The true Israel isn’t a physical state, it’s a state of being where doing to others as we would have them do unto us is foundational. But these demons have fooled the world into believing the man made version of what’s currently accepted.
    The symbol on it’s flag is yet another form of witchcraft. How else can one explain the irrational allegiance some have toward it, and just like Hollywood (or a Wood of Holly) the SPELLing of these words (i.e ISis, RA, ELohim) are the kinds of weapons these demons use against mankind. The whole purpose behind the terrorist state of Israel is to bring the world into chaos so their Messiah, the Anti-Christ, will rise from the dead and give the physical State of Israel dominion over the world.
    One doesn’t need to be a part of any religion to see that the things foretold in the books of Daniel and Revelation are coming to pass with stunning accuracy.
    These demons have taken control of the monetary system. (The Fed, IMF, BIS, World Bank, and SWIFT.) They control the media thanks to the District of Corruption and the Clinton cabal when the Telecommunications Act was passed and the news outlets in this country were swept up by consolidation so nowadays, whenever one watches 20/20 or Dateline NBC, all one gets is some sensationalist GARBAGE instead of some hard hitting reports on topics we used to get. You know, important things like government corruption and issues like the fact that all members of Congress are made to sign AIPAC’s pledge to Israel (see Cynthia McKinney) and that there are about 28 members of said Congress who are dual US/Israeli citizens! I can see it now. Jane Pauly or John Stosell leading a program with the headline resembling this: ‘If we can’t serve 2 masters, who the hell do these people really serve?’
    Nightline was always my favorite though, but all they do anymore is wax high definition bullshit every single night.
    Then there’s the ADL, SPLC, JDL, Bnai-Brith, and the JINSA. How many people know that the ADL and JINSA sponsor all expense paid trips for American POlice Depts to go over to Israel in order to take part in ‘training’ exercises? How many people know what might happen to anyone who accepts these kinds of invitations only to find themselves either drugged or intoxicated, then confronted with video proof of them in partaking in some very compromising acts within the next few days. I mean look at some of these Congressional Critters and ask yourself why they would do something so blatantly in opposition to what their job is and what their loyalties are! I mean the traitors backing this bill illustrate my point exactly!
    Then there’s the true terrorism. The Lavon Affair. The King David Hotel Bombing. The Nakba. The USS Liberty. Rachel Corrie. J. Pollard. The 5 dancing and 74 other Israeli’s arrested immediately after 911 with connections to the events of 911. (Anybody who still believes 19 Saudi’s with magic box cutters took down 3 buildings with 2 planes and attacked the Pentagram at the exact point where the accountants were going to start looking for the missing TRILLIONS at this point really does need to get their head checked.)
    And don’t even get me started on what’s become of the education (indoctrination) system in this country, BUT I DIGRESS.
    If we don’t heed the lessons of the past, we are doomed to repeat those mistakes. The Zionist banksters were behind the Bolshevik Revolution in Russia, and over 60 million Russians lost their lives. The Bolsheviks set out to destroy the Ukraine, and in the Holodomor, 12 million Ukrainians lost their lives. The Bolsheviks were also behind the rise of Mao and numerous other mass murderers that we know very little about because just about everything we’ve ever been taught has been replete with lies, ESPECIALLY all the lies that came out of NAZI Germany and the complete fabrication that was the fabricated, so called ‘Holocaust’. Just like everything else these demons do, this ‘event’ was manufactured for certain aims, and if it really happened the way they say it did, why are there laws in other country’s punishing people for questioning it?
    So WHO were the Bolsheviks anyway? Vladimir Lenin, real name Vladimir Ilyich Ulyanov, Bolshevik Jew. Leon Trotsky, real name Lev Davidovich Bronshtein, Bolshevik Jew. Karl Marx, the father of Communism. Real name Herschel Levy, Bolshevik Jew. (Not that Marx was alive to see his work come to fruition, but his words and writings after he abandoned Christianity and embraced humanism laid the foundation for ‘communism’ worldwide.)
    What it all boils down to y’all is learning from history, even if the real version of history doesn’t even come close to the version we’ve been taught. We live in the age of information though, and in this age, ignorance is a choice. So I’ll close with one of the most profound, apropos quotes ever. ‘If you wish to know who rules over you, you must first find out who you aren’t allowed to criticize. (Voltaire)

  8. John Phillips says:

    The strongest message we can send to the capitalistic/fascistic governments of the US and Israel is how we spend our money, with whom we do business and where we invest.

    Israel is fighting the BDS movement hard because MONEY speaks volumes where human rights mean nothing. We must look to ourselves to solve this.

    I was astonished when a supposed enlightened and spiritual friend decided it was okay to vacation in Israel. NOT!

    BDS all Israel business whether it be products produced in Israel or by Israel owned companies, investment vehicles, anything from the entertainment industry, and financial institutions…among many other opportunities to tell Israel to f’ off. Hurt them where they feel it….their wallet.

    Sibel…a softball question in a hardball game. “How does 2% of the US population control so much and possess so much power” to paraphrase.

    MONEY…When you control the financial institutions and banks, the diamond industry, the entertainment industry, the news media and our government; you control the minds and lives of millions.

    Speak up….act up…be heard…be in their face. .

    Socially shun all who support Israel.

    Vote with your MONEY!

    Question…did the Jewish political agenda and control over money and banks over the centuries lead to the hatred for “them” that we see today? The Holocaust?

    When does Israel government’s behavior justify action against them?

    I prefer peace, but Israel will have none of that!

  9. catherine ladd says:

    Thank you for exposing the truth that 2% control Congress, the Judicial system, the intel agencies( which in turn control the media )and I daresay the executive branch.

  10. It’s interesting that in modern America, when we recognize that a group that is democratically (by the numbers) UNDER represented, we tend to make some provision to insure that their voices be heard and that a place is set at the table. Ironically, there is no corollary consideration for those OVER represented and punching well above their demographic weight (in this case, the Zionists). The same could be said for corporate power.

    I am absolutely appalled that this type of anti-American legislation prohibiting free speech has gained any traction at all.

  11. Gregory Hofmann says:

    I was warned about Zionism by a formerly Polish Jew prisoner under the Nazis. I have been looking for information about the pro-Zionist fake news push among the Evangelists in the US in the mid 1980’s. Jim and Tammy Bakker did not get PTL Club on National TV, the CIA did. If you know of any info I would appreciate you notifying me.

  12. I’ll be honest: I disagree with Israeli politics against the Palestinians. The Palestinians have been driven out of their own country by colonists and that is fundamentally unfair. That being said. There is a war going on. It is a war by Islam against GLBTers. As a GLBTer I have become an Islamophobe (afarid of Islam) and rightly so. Whereas I respect individuals who happen to be muslim and can be great people, fact is that Islam is waging a war against me and my kind and that war is forcing me to choose sides.
    So now I find myself supporting Islamophobia – for my own safety and that of those I love and I find myself courting unsavoury frinds (in this case Israel) – for the simple sake, that my basic rights and safeties are being bartered away by the left to accomodate Islam.
    I live in the Netherlands and it happens regularly here, that gay couples are pestered out of their houses by Maroccan youths. Other more personal incidents have happened too, but those are not the internet’s business.
    So ban boycotting? No, certainly not. I agree with the speakers, but do realize that are more sides to this conflict than just the “Israeli/Right” and the “Palestinian/Left” – and those 5%+ GLBT forces are being forced to ally with those who are traditionally not their allies in order to liver safely and thrive. Those 5%+ are coming out on the Islamophopbic side of the fence in Europe, because they are no more than forgotten bargaining chips for the multicultural side of the fence (on which I by preference belong). Those 5%+ may well in the end tip the scales.
    (And, yes, all three exclusive monotheisms insitituionally hate GLBTers. I protest all three. Just that Islam has by far the worst record.)

    • Catholic Church denies human rights to queers, yet no one is whipping up hatred of Italy and questioning their nuclear enrichment program or their extremists.

      Supporting any phobia is a short-sighted strategy, not to mention societally corrosive. You don’t have to be religious to be a homophobe so who shall we target next for our phobia? Atheists? Anyone just ignorant? Buddhiists? They don’t exactly endorse Mardi Gras or rainbow weddings.

      We are of the human species before sexual orientation. The queer issued is being used as a dog whistle so you will co-operate with another despicable crime against Life. These phobias end up in bombs being dropped, countries razed, human suffering incalculable, cultural history demolished.

      Do you not see the irony in supporting more suffering in defence of your suffering?

      What good is 100% queer rights if you’re DEAD?

      • O, I have certainly protested the Vatican and homphobia in the church.
        I would agree with you if only the Islam agreed with you. As it is I prefer to take my head out of the clouds, keep my feet on the ground and face reality: Islam is by far the most dangerous of the three exclusive montotheisms for GLBT. Muslims in general do not in any way support our basic human rights (exceptions notwithstanding). The slide towards the fearing of Islam by the GLBT community and concomitant political voting has been a hesitant awakening. The other group that is starting to wake up in Europe s women accustomed to freedom. Nobody wanted to hate them, but they started doing terrible things to our community in the name of their religion. To not want to protect ourself would be lunacy and I am not a lunatic. Europe is being colonized and proseletized by muslims and the Islam, by people and money, and we would be fools to let our basic rights be taken away for some lofty ideal that doesn’t work.
        If you have ever kept an aquarium (for example) you would know: there are community aquariums with many different fish species (“the multicultural aquarium”), that get along fine and there are certain species that are too aggressive to keep in a community aquarium. The same problem exists with GLBTers and muslims: you cannot expect them both to thrive in the same neighbourhood and the Dutch experience is that they do not. The GLBTs get attacked, harrassed and riven out of what were once their own neighbourhood by new, arrogant colonizers who deem themselves superior to us by virtue of their religion. No, I will not be pestered out of my own neighbourhood. Sometimes you have to stand up for your rights in a pragmatic way. And I will. I will not let the Icarus-liked ideals of well-meaning people ruin the lives of me and mine.

        • i.e. by “terrible things” I am not talking about terrorism. I am talking about the “minor” daily incidents – the things that regularly happen to GLBTs and women in certain neighbourhoods, which didn’t happen before.
          But then … a lot of my friends are well-off and live in better neighbourhoods where the problems others face daily are near non-existant. A lot of my friends are straight men, who deny these things are even happening, because it has never happened to them. I can’t speak about you personally, because I don’t know you, but I can observe the correlation between those who deny the problem and those who are not affected by it.
          Women I know don’t dare to take their once normal short route home after work, because it would take them past certain monuments of Willkommen multi-culturalism. I used to think they were exaggerating. Then I decided to start asking them for specific examples and they had them.

      • Protesting religiously inspired human rights abuses does not equate to supporting war.
        Denying things that happen and suggesting the person who calls them out is a bigot (which you haven’t done yet, but is where your argument leads) does. however, cause polarisation, social strife and, in the long run, war.

        • My position is that the attempt to demonize and separate us is relentless. The vast majority of us are decent people, religion or no. It is unsustainable for us to be on a constant merry go round of loathing for one group or another because of the ill-deeds of a few.

          I am talking about dog whistling, not turning a blind eye to negative ignorant Dark Ages behaviour. They are separate things.

          The campaign against Islam is driven by people who do not give a damn about LGBT et al equality. It is being used to whip people up, the exact same way the Nazis whipped up the masses against the Jews – ‘make them afraid’. The US needs an enemy to keep its monoeconomy (armaments) going to prop up their fraudently inflated currency.

          War is a racket. A few factions have their agendas for driving the division of humanity – greed, stupidity, religious zeal, general psychopathy. I will not help them in their race to the bottom.

          Southern Baptists are homophobic, maybe we should sanction/bomb/regime change the entire US? Because Southern Baptists speak for every man woman and child, right?

          Phobias are not the answer. More anger is not the answer. We’ve tried that – see the last 6000 years of human history. . As a species we have a broader probem of which homophobia is a symptom.

          The extremism of Islam is fomented and funded by the CIA so you will hate Muslims so you won’t mind when they are slaughtered.

          • They may be dog whistling, but all sides dog whistle the GLBT community. We’re loose change and I decide which dog whistle I listen to for my own purpose, continued safety and well-being. Yes, they think they’re using us and they certainly are not very GLBT friendly. That to me is a sad fact. The southern Baptists and American evangerlicals – especially those who have wreaked havoc in Africa – are extremely homophobic and I denounce them for that.
            I am nowhere saying that I condone aggression against the Islamic world. I am saying: keep the Islam out of my country, because it is wrecking my freedom, both as a GLBT and as a woman.
            If fear was never the answeer then why would we have fear as humans? I think my fear of the Islam is very justified and I do not agree with you that buddhists and atheists are just as homophobic.
            Forgiving unrepentant people (ie muslims who agrress against GLBT and women) is a naive way forward. Anger is also not the best way forward. I don’t believe in aggression, but I do believe in self-protection.

            Yes, the extreme Islam is the useful patsy idiot of the CIA. So what? that doesn’t change their violence towards me and mine. My own lengthy study of the subject has led me to the conclusion that there isn’t such a big difference between radical Islam and normal Islam as the Saudi-funded globalists would like us to believe.
            Believe me, I started out defending the muslim community in the Netherlands against the institutionalized discrimination which certainly occurs here. Unfortunately, I slowly realized that the enlightened few would not keep me safe from the hysterical masses.
            Safety and freedom first, nice ideals second.

        • Speaking from experience, no subgroup is homogenous. You can disagree or object without joining the angry mob artificially whipped up by psycopaths whose solution to everything is industrial scaleviolence. The same kind of mentality that likes to racially/ethnically cleanse. That’s neither safety nor freedom.

          I’m done with another round of ‘enemy of the week’. Relentless vocabulary of ‘threat’, ‘ban’, ‘terror’, ‘attack’. ‘war on…’ Our objections, our morality are being used for violence against people who have only lived peacefully and without prejudice. The bombs, bullets and gassings don’t conveniently pick their way around the innocents and target only homophobic Muslims.

          You can’t solve a problem with the same kind of thinking that caused the problem, no matter how righteous the cause.

          • Of course no subgroup is homogenous. For me personally it is very important to look at this issue on (at least) two levels: the individual and the group. On an individual basis I don’t really care what a person’s religion is, I always try to get along with him/her first. And usually we do so just fine. (Until they find out I am GLBT …) I don’t believe in -isms before individuals. I’ve met and been friends with many great people who also happened to be muslim. Most of those were before my coming out. I seem to be shunned now. Strange.
            That shunning is a group-level phenomenon – social pressure etc. I don’t condemn individuals for the group presssure they are up against. I do ask them to stand up against it. That’s when they often start to mumble and we never see each other again.

            It is, besides the personal every human first approach, also legitimate to strive for change on a group basis. The Islam as a religion is horrendous, Nazi-like to do the Godwin, against the GLBT. Where should I find sympathy at a group level for a religion that wishes me and mine to be exterminated? Naive me, I even tried and there are in fact many elements in Islam which I admire. Their atrocious GLBT hate is just not one of them. In fact, it warrants discarding and banning from the multicultural society.
            Just as we cannot tolerate fascism in a democratic society, because it undermines the very fundament of democracy, we should not allow the exclusive monotheisms of proseletizing Islam and Christianity in our multi-cultural society, because they are aimed at destroying all that does not believe in their @#$%. White Christians once did it to America. The Islam is now doing it to Europe.
            This isn’t about individuals. It’s about groups and that discussion is legitimate.
            We don’t have to do to Europe, what America has done to once native lands. Europeans do not have to atone for American guilt about American genocide. If we were native Americans, this discussion would have looked entirely different.

            I too am done with the ‘enemy of the week’ – just more contrived excuses to ramp up our privacy breaches etc. I don’t believe Islam is all about terrorism. It’s important for me that you realize that I am not talking about the CIA-funded ^&%$. I am against war and intervention, against Colour Springs, etc.
            I agree with you that there’s a lot of bigotry in the anti-Islam crowd. I know all about it here in the Netherlands. We still have blackface here (Zwarte Piet – it’s even defended by our government as part of our national heritage, brrr). About 30% here realize that blackface is, not family fun, but just plain racism. Here the anti-Islam crowd and the pro-blackface crowd generally go hand in had, but don’t stereotype me along with them. I regularly speak out against this backward Zwarte Piet phenomenon and am ridiculed for doing so. Don’t stereotype the anti-Islam crowd. Some have very good reasons. Perhaps many.

            No, bullets don’t hit only the guilty. I am against aggression, but for self-protection. But, to set the record straight (and NOT advocating for violence, but a closed-for-Islam European outside border), by far most muslims are seriously homophobe – at least here in the Netherlands. Even the ones working high in the echelons of the Dutch liberal bastions (state TV). I dare you to interview a spectrum of muslims on what they think about homosexuality . Just make sure they don’t think you personally are gay (please don’t reply that Christians are bad too, two wrongs does not a right make).
            People turn a blind eye, because these homophobes are “colored”. WTF!?! THAT is racist, not pointing out that women are getting raped in far higher number by muslims who have no respect for women and that, statistically, a higher percentage of Maroccans in the Netherlands have turned to crime, whereas the Chinese, Japanese and Indonesians have not. It is not racist to make ethnic observations. It is not racist for victims of hatecrimes to be angry that the crimes committed against them are being ignored because of the colour of the perpetrator’s skin. It’s the “tolerant” side who is being racist here for their sliding accomodation of homophobia. The GLBT are loose change to them. They are dog whistling us (to paraphrase your analogy).

            You can’t solve a problem by a priori declaring any minority innocent of wrong doings. But that is what is happening.
            In Europe the GLBT are the victims and the Islam is inspiring the perpetrators. The left are then calling the GLBT victims racist for filing police complaints. It’s bizarre. It’s racist.

  13. Can we have an edit possibility to correct typo’s?

  14. John Phillips says:

    We can get hung up on “typos” or we can do something.
    Where is the activism?

    We can immerse ourselves in intellectual sword-play or….
    walk the talk.

    Talk means nothing….action is everything.

  15. Siusaidh Chaimbeul says:

    Interesting to note photo of former Canadian Conservative PM Harper, a Christian Zionist, with Mr. Netanyahu. Current Canadian PM Trudeau is a Liberal (and I believe nominal Catholic) on record as hostile to BDS and heavily invested in backing the regime in Ukraine.

  16. Thank you for doing a round table discussion again! Please do them more often, and on more topics. There’s plenty to discuss right now.

  17. John Miranda says:

    * A Fundamentalist Christian explained to me that Armageddon is a PREREQUISITE to the Second Coming. What red-blooded, American Fundamentalist Christian does’t want to experience the Second Coming in their lifetime?

    * The Patriot Act compketely eviscerated the US Constitution. As of 1/20/17 we are now living in the Corporate Fascist Fourth Reich of the New World Order.

    Why do you continue to act surprised and shocked, Sibel? The modern day Nazis, e.g. the Koch Bros and the Mercers ARE the MI Compkex who put Trump in the White House. They run the Western World for the Swiss Bankers, e.g. the Rothschilds.

    Remember that over 300 years ago, Meyer Amschel Rothschild said, “Give me control of a nation’s money supply (currency) and I care not who makes the laws.”

    In other words, the Fed regulates the US Government’s because it OWNS the US Government.

    Wake up, Sibel!! The horse has left the barn. Like any coup that the CIA stages, it is just a matter of time before the dissidents are removed and disposed of in the manor du jour. In this case, Liberals will probably go to for-profit FEMA slave labor camps until death for being un-American and therefore will be accused of supporting terrorism. You should know that perfectly well.

    The point is that the modern day Nazis who took over in 2017 just haven’t made their formal announcement yet. Representative Democracy in the US is now part of ancient American history. It’s over. Don’t expect anything else and you won’t be shocked. It is too late to change anything. “They” have made sure of that.

    “Resistance is futule.”

    “Germany was the dress rehearsal for the United States.” Sid Haddad, 1970, NYC.

  18. Mark Passehl says:

    There’s a lot of labelling going on in this discussion which probably isn’t helpful. Remember that the average Jew in Israel is as used and abused by the Zio state as any American by theirs ; no Jews get a pass on paying usury rates to Israeli banskters. Whereas Hitler on the other hand gave all Germans just that pass ; hence war declared on Germany for its complete destruction. Now Hitler was a fascist and dictator, neither of which are ideal, but his reforms gave Germany a super economy and the best living standards yet seen in Europe. Above all he made his people the focus of public life and propaganda, especially the common workers and farmers, which made them feel and think good.
    One of the worst labels imaginable is Deep State because its essence is a clique of private gangsters operating outside the state and above its laws for control of the state and its powers. The State powers need to be turned against these gangsters and this can only happen by removing the private bank money creation privileges. Which can only happen when money creation becomes a primary and persistent topic of public political debate. This single issue has the potential to change everything but nothing will change for the good until it is pushed to its necessary conclusion. Everything else is diversion and damaging

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