Targeting Iran Deconstructed: What They Don’t Want You to Know

Newsbud founder and editor Sibel Edmonds is joined by Newsbud Senior Analyst Pye Ian in this two part, special report. The two Iran experts, Edmonds and Ian, examine recent developments in the civil unrest in Iran, providing historical background and context necessary for a full and complete understanding of the often complicated and ever changing geopolitical chess board. Do not miss this in-depth, two-part special report available exclusively for members at Or you can watch it now at Newsbud Vimeo on Demand.

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Show Notes

Geopolitical Game-Changer: Iran Joining Russian Economic Union! What Will US Do?

New Color Revolution Underway in Iran?

Jihadist Group Blows Up Oil Pipeline In Iran, In Midst Of Protests

The Pakistan Army and Iran: a new dawn or a messenger for the Saudis?

Pakistan’s military chief visits Tehran amidst Saudi-Iran tension

For China’s Global Ambitions, ‘Iran Is at the Center of Everything’

The Proposed Iran-Pakistan-India Gas Pipeline: An Unacceptable Risk to Regional Security

Russia wants to lay gas pipeline from Iran to India, but via Gwadar

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  1. Talk about “getting educated!”
    Great show. Thank you .
    Plenty to chew over on the drive .

  2. April Sanchez says:

    “Synthetic process of world order achievement…” Great summation of reality… Because of you, a lot of people have found encouragement and motivation… The pattern is unmistakable, and with enough repetition, others will come to the same conclusion…

  3. Cecelia tiemann says:

    Most people are sick and tired of the never ending wars. Seems that is all America has to offer. Pathetic!

  4. Karen Edmondson says:

    Thank you so much for this most informative and insightful discussion. In particular, the closing questions from Sibel about the psychological impact of awareness and how to deal with the (at times) overwhelming reality of what is happening globally…to so many who are already suffering …and even worse…that many more will continue to suffer the devastating effects of what is transpiring. I, like Sibel, found the answers from Pye both calming and reassuring …a refreshing reinforcement that I am not alone in my angst and, at times, sense of feeling helpless despair…that this is a necessary reality to be embraced and expanded upon…and to do what we can to spread awareness. Thank you so much Sibel and Pye….and I will be reading that last book recommendation “Fire in the Minds of Men”…and ‘of Women’ too, one hopes.

    • Thank you for your kind response, Ms. Edmondson. I reiterate that confronting & defeating Fear is the core goal of this existence.

      The keenest cinematic analogy I can think of, for what it’s worth, is this particular scene, where the adult effectively confronts & defeats the objects of his deepest childhood Fear in Shamanistic fashion:

      • ATHUR VIDATO III says:


  5. Sam Bissonnette says:

    Wow! Beyond awesome and seems like definite dvd material!
    It’s going to take a few run-throughs to digest all of that.

  6. William Field says:

    Brilliant report which seems to make the “State of Play” pretty clear with all it’s possible positive & negative conotations …..seems to me perhaps the corruption & stupidity of “The Empire” (basically for private profit) has no bounds….Better managed I suspect perhaps we could have had ME, Central Asia, Russia, Africa, Sth America as the staunchest of allies & all made a lot of wealth as a result…now seems our credit is well shot..?….Then again “The Staus Quo” has been a “$Multi-Trillion racket” for perhaps 1/10th of 1% of West?……My current view is, those that control the Media also control the debate & the Political agenda….& that is the nub of the problem we need focus on also. Thankyou all NB team! Bravo.

  7. Gerald Hines says:

    Yes, thank you so much for all the work & passion you put into this discussion. Your correct Sibel in the idea, that it takes a minority to get ‘The Boiling Frogs’ majority just to envision that ‘A-hah’ switch-on realization. Newsbud never disappoints.

  8. A greatly informative presentation! Thanks for the work of ALL at Newsbud. I agree that knowledge is a first step in building power. Without it we are lost as to the real and complex problems faced by the 99.99% of our planet’s population. With it we can perhaps discern a strategy for rectifying it. But in my experience, both direct and through study is that organized mass action for better or worse is what changes the world. Those who want a world different from the one being described and dissected by Newsbud will have to multiply and organize. To that end I wish Newsbud was able to share even more in its free previews through YouTube or other platforms.

  9. Thank you Sibel, Pye, and Spiro and all involved in producing this very enlightening discussion. Your last exchange about the importance of awareness in itself, is very powerful. It’s easy to understand after seeing this, just how interconnected and orchestrated is the geopolitical arena. Difficult to put all the pieces together without such informed reporting. I don’t find this anywhere but with Newsbud.
    Science understands we live in a connected Universe – on all levels. Which leads me to believe greater awareness changes our views and beliefs and thus our interaction with others. So, in a very real sense, our awareness is passed on to others in many subtle ways. Glad you touched on that process.

  10. Theo Iskra says:

    Phenomenal work Pye and Sibel, just phenomenal. This is one of the most informative analyses and discussions I have seen considering geopolitics in a while, and I am greatly appreciative of all the work you all at Newsbud do. I am optimistic as well, as, after all, what other choice do we as the human race have than to be optimistic and believe in a better world, and a better future for all of us. I hope humanity can prevail beyond war and division, and the fight for power, and realize that we’re really destroying ourselves by doing so. I believe in a better tomorrow.

  11. Theo Iskra says:

    I’d appreciate if you could delete my first and third comments, thank you, in advance, a few errors were made, haha. Delete this one too, of course.

  12. ekawAediW says:

    What great dialogue. Thanks for the information overload!
    I wish there was some mechanism to save these videos for posterity.
    Also, maybe the two of you should teach a class on Iran so that we can process all this information in more digestable chunks?

  13. Ulf Wärmlöv says:

    Thank you!
    Truly amazing show and I would gladly have paid extra for the access to all for this information!
    Soon I will listen all over again at least one more time! I will also review all other shows from Pye Ian!
    And last, Thank you so much Sibel for your contributions and most of all for creating/initiating Newbud!

  14. CuChulainn says:

    thanks for this discussion. curious why Pye Ian seems to think Kissinger dinsingenuous when he suggests students study history & philosophy–Machiavelli, Thucydides etc. are all one needs to understand the events under discussion, unless i am missing something. what esoteric philosophy does Pye mean and how does he think it relevant?

    • Kissinger wasn’t/isn’t disingenuous when urging the studying of history & philosophy. You missed my point. There are layers of philosophy, with the exoteric & esoteric emphasized in accordance to its audience.

      I.E. Said Atlantic article urges an exoteric realm, whereas there are deeper layers, reserved for a very small elite, of which HAK is conspicuously a member…

      • CuChulainn says:

        right, it’s what you mean by exoteric and esoteric that i am missing. are you talking about a Straussian reading of e.g. Machiavelli, Thucydides?

        • Essentially. What Drury revealed of Strauss’ readings. Scholem’s writings should be included.

          • CuChulainn says:

            the messianic groups Scholem wrote about are mostly defunct to my knowledge (Dönmeh, not so sure about Frankists);
            as for the Straussians, the writings are all public–reading interviews w. his students like Shulsky you realize some of these guys are really stupid, rabbinical fetishism of the teacher goes w. ethnic narcissism (interviews posted at leo strauss center of u of chicago). hak never wasted time on strauss, more of a carl schmitt guy

          • CuChulainn says:

            i don’t mean to deny that antinomian practices of the kind Scholem describes still go on, probably they do in connection w. pedophilia & worse. the key point is that significance of these activities is initiatory rather than imparting any real gnosis–people who engage in this kind of behavior create a bond amongst themselves, and subject themselves to potential blackmail, which is to say they submit to power in order to exercise power.
            what we need to know to understand the world is already in the public domain thanks to honorable informants such as Sibel, Phil Agee, John Stockwell, documentary work by folks like Steven Aftergood, historical research by e.g. Doug Valentine, and basic theoretical work by Hegel, Marx, Debord. the premise that we need esoteric knowledge to understand what is going on in the world is generally an evasion by those who don’t want to do their homework, and leads to all kinds of conjecture that can be used by the powers to discredit critical inquiry.

          • There are occult/Hermetic levels of knowledge to which i’m ultimately referring, and to which Hegel et al ultimately deferred to as well.



          • Nicholas Zakzuk says:

            You’re making it way too complicated. Kissinger’s religion thoroughly exposed as good versus evil, or the devil versus God. all the proof you need:

          • CuChulainn says:

            Strauss’s famous interest in the esoteric stimulated the adoring fascination of his epigones. but while his writing may be cryptic there is nothing that can’t be understood by an attentive reader. his only positive influence that i am aware of was encouraging students to taken premodern philosophy seriously–encouragement serious people never needed.

            Hegel is the end of the esoteric tradition precisely because he makes it exoteric, that is precisely Magee’s point.
            people who don’t want to make the effort of study resort to mystification, a trend Lukacs identified already in Schopenhauer and Nietzsche:

            Schelling, Kierkegaard or Trendelenburg had still had an exact knowledge of Hegelian philosophy. In criticizing Hegel without knowing him even superficially, Schopenhauer was once again a forerunner of bourgeois decadence. It seemed that when it came to opposing the class enemy, no holds were barred and all intellectual morality vanished.

          • “people who don’t want to make the effort of study resort to mystification, [sic]”

            I couldn’t disagree more, and take issue with the intent & use of the word “mystification”.

            There is a vast difference between ‘ending the esoteric tradition’ as you state it and merely shelving it from wider consumption. I have Guénon, Evola and a few others to thank for that revelation.

          • CuChulainn says:

            right, this is our basic disagreement–you credit Guénon & Evola (& apparently L. Strauss) with real esoteric knowledge.

  15. Trump will tear up the nuclear deal as mentioned will happen before he entered presidency. This opens the way to say Iran has nuclear weapons and their reactors are accelerating over the agreed nuclear deal policies. Obviously, these are fake claims to orchestrate a war on Iran. In that way, America will stand back as they did in Syria and push the Wahhabi denominations to act on their behalf by starting a war on Iran. This is how the US comes out of the mess with the least amount of economic burden and forces their ‘allies’ to pay for the wars on their behalf. The war on Iran is not stopping and all those who say it won’t happen are living in denial. Neither has the war on Syria ended. Unforeseen wars are ahead of the world and all this garbage that ISIS is finished is a tale for the faint minds.

    • “Wahhabi denominations” aren’t & haven’t been ‘enough’ for said “war on Iran”, and demonstrably so. And not ‘merely’ because Teheran has successfully infiltrated & blocked their advances, but (possibly more so) because Iran is logistically & tactically allied with Beijing & Moscow. None of it is lost on London/Washington/Brussels/Tel Aviv. Thus, “ISIS” & its ilk are ultimately irrelevant, as rendered so by said latter alliance’s decisive collective actions in Southwest Asia over the past few years.

  16. Rouhani’s cabinet is playing its game and will place the blame for such protests on Ahmadinejad. They’ll say that the former president had an opposing stance against Rouhani and he wanted to get him out of office which is why these movements began. Rouhani will put Ahmadinejad in the spotlight that Ahmadinehad committed corruption in his rule when it was really those around Ahmadinejad who committed those crimes. Anyhow, these are games by Al-Saud and the reformist party of Iran to start a massive internal rift to break the power structure of Wilayatul Faqih and efface the conservatives out of power. Such strategies will fail in the long-term and Rouhani’s activities with the GCC and foreign intelligence communities becomes clearer later. That’s when he gets removed from office by force and either Ahmadinejad or someone in his party takes rule once again.

  17. China just froze Iranian accounts. What is going on with that?

  18. Sandra Ozkur says:

    Thank you Newbud for taking the time to shed some light on the true history of the regime in Iran. At the time of the revolution I was too young to have any interest in what was happening. The interesting point is that today’s uprising is so transparent in that it is taken from the exact same play book as the CIA as been using to destabilize all the other regimes in the Middle East, yet know one in MSM is pointing out that the basis plot line is like a bad movie with different actors. Thank you for providing a platform where we, as like minded people can fine a place where we can discuss these issues in depth when the majority of people around us would prefer to keep their heads in the sand. I think the key thing to keep in mind is that humanity is evolving and has been for millions of years, so the progress we see in our life time seems very slow, but if you look at what has taken place during the last 100 years, evolution is taking place at lightning speed. Just remember, last year at this time, we thought Syria was a hopeless situation and yet with a bit of cooperation, this can change in an instance. We are in a new energy, and things are changing on a universal scale so keep doing what you are doing Sibel because as Pyne said there is a collective consciousness that is awaking and knowledge is power. Thank you so much for your perseverance and may 2018 bare some fruits for your hard work and dedication.

  19. Michael Leger says:

    Thank you Pye, Sibel and Spiro. Very thought-provoking. I painfully share the frustrations discussed here. It’s very difficult to hold the center watching the amount of destruction and devastation being waged by the country that I am bound to support. What was so enheartening to hear here was the insightful perspective, particularly the conclusion. Iye, you have a fascinating background – ‘Gnosis’ ‘astral’ ‘occult’ ‘shamanistic’, Sholem – it sounds like you have done some very deep reading. From my perspective, this is a Spiritual battle, first and foremost non-physical. The powers-that-shouldn’t-be are well aware of this. I am very glad to hear others who are on the Light side, with a firmly grounded awareness of the practicalities and the true foundations. Shine on!

  20. Bo Modén says:

    Newsbud Senior Analyst Pye Ian is one of the best out there in his profuond understanding of his home country, its history and his understanding of imperialism. I I hope that you can give us an actual wiew of Global Corporate Order and its manipulation . I am greatful for all your efforts to give us a better understanding of actual political events . I have a lot of problems with Facebook ! Can you recommend other channels to manage sensitive information that is outside US Corporate Control ? Thank you all !

  21. Girish Patel ,P Eng. says:

    An amazingly brilliant discussion -well thought out with ancient philosophical background input.

  22. Randal Hester says:

    I don’t want to encourage anti-Semitism, but the more I look into geopolitics, the more I realize that the motivation behind U.S. geopolitics is Zionism. You only have to look into the history of Neoconservatism, and who they are, to understand this. Unfortunately, there is also the observation I read recently, debunking a certain anti-Semitic tract, that there is no Judaism without Zionism. This is undoubtedly true. You can satisfy yourself on this score by reading the major prophets, Isaiah, Jeremiah, and Ezekiel, and then reading the books of Ezra and Nehemiah. Judaism was Zionist from the very beginning, and that is the world historical problem that now threatens to destroy the world.

    • “I don’t want to encourage anti-Semitism”

      Then don’t. And certainly not on here. It is not only intellectually lazy to ‘merely’ regurgitate propaganda like the above, but a distraction from the outright black magick utilized by those actually deserving blame. They cannot be described as Torah-observant Jews.

      Up your game please.

  23. Rick Fearn says:

    So inspiring. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

  24. Thank you for this excellent report. Would it be possible to list the books Pye Ian mentioned. I live in MENA in the most aggressive of the poison arrow states inserted into the throat of the Arab world. Talk about no power to change and watching the inhumanity on a daily basis.!!! But Pye is right. To be informed is empowering. Furthermore, I think that having joined the majority religious group of the region and agreeing with its worldview, has removed the frustation and horror I felt when I belonged to the agressors. I don’t anymore – and that too is a great freedom.
    Again thank you Siblel and the team.

  25. Bas Spliet says:

    Wow Pye, very interesting stuff there between 15m and 30m. Thanks!

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