The Most Important Facts the Corporate Media Did Not Cover This Week

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  1. Mark Passehl says:

    I’d like to see some Newsbud commentary on recent WW2 revisionist documentaries ; Europa, the Last Battle, and the two by Dennis Wise, The Greatest Story Never Told, and The Secret Masonic Victory in WW2. I’m sure that these productions gild the National Socialist lily to some extent, but nevertheless present a wholistic picture of the period which basically reverses the modern western narrative perpetuated in entertainment culture and educational institutions, particularly in three fundamental areas : who started the war and refused to negotiate its termination, who was animated by global conquest ambitions, and who committed the most serious atrocities and mass murders.
    The basis of these revisions are Christianity vs. Bolshevism and the NSDAP abolition of usury and the money creation powers of banks, both very well documented and of no less fundamental importance today than in the previous century. So that however controversial the other claims made, they radiate out from this fundamentally factual core and so need to be taken seriously

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