Erik Prince, the Afghan War, a Private CIA and China’s Silk Road

In this exclusive episode of Newsbud’s A Different View with F William Engdahl, Engdahl looks at an emerging security fiasco for China’s ambitious multi-trillion dollar Eurasian Belt Road Initiative, sometimes called the New Economic Silk Road, as it in part retraces the ancient Asian silk road routes to Europe. Engdahl examines a Hong Kong corporate security company, Frontier Services Group, a joint venture with one of China’s biggest state enterprises. FSG is responsible for security training along the routes of China’s BRI. At the same time the founder of FSG-- the notorious founder of Blackwater Security, Erik Prince-- is working with China on security for the Silk Road project, Prince is in discussion with the Trump White House to create a “private CIA” that would report only to the President and CIA Director. Further, the same Prince is lobbying for privatizing the US war in Afghanistan, using a de facto private air force Prince would provide. He would pay for his air force by looting the $1 trillion worth of rare earth and other minerals in Afghanistan’s Helmand province, home to the world’s largest opium crops. How all this bizarre combination fits, we discuss next. To see the full episode become a member of the Newsbud Community today.

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Show Notes


Beijing Hires Princely Fox to Guard their OBOR Henhouse

Blackwater Founder Erik Prince’s Afghan War Plan Just Leaked, And It’s Terrifying

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  1. I have to say, I don’t think the Chinese are stupid, they know exactly who Prince is. Hiring this guy to provide security just helps to confirm that all the threats and bluster is just theater. Countries act like they are fighting to keep people afraid. Sure, they will blow up a few thousand people to keep the drama going, but it’s all just bs. I think the bankers behind brics are the same bankers we have now, right?? The more I learn, the more I realize we are just being played for fools, kept distracted and scared while they do their thing.

    • Nicholas Zakzuk says:

      or it’s a case of keep your enemies closer. you think the chinese didn’t know bannon was running around threatening to destroy bri? that Rothschild economist hate bri? why can’t we attach images to our responses here?

    • Camille, you are absolutely correct. We’re creating the strife to cover for Communists negotiating/stealing resources from countries for China. The IMF issued China $100T SDR. Whois getting any economic advantage from Middle East destruction, China. Myanmar genocide fiasco was orchestrated. WEF in Davos was boasting a few months back how profitable jade mining was in Rakhine province, China’s hand. Kenyan’s are being bankrupt by investment in OBOR.
      These guys deal with timeframes people can’t comprehend. You see Kissinger still popping up to speak with world leaders. He and Nixon set us on this course for the Council on Foreign Relations. The CFR exporting/destroying the US industrial base for their profit since the 1970’s. Clinton recommending China into WTO. I heard retired Alan Greenspan say on CSPAN, ‘The sooner Americans living standard is equal to Mexico, the happier they’ll be’. Eric Prince is just a conduit between US and China.

  2. Nicholas Zakzuk says:

    hmmmm… i also understand that erik prince and his sister are 3rd generation nazi paperclip…. Kay Griggs: 200K SATANIST NAZIS BROUGHT IN BY CIA AND JEWISH MAFIA AFTER WW2.mp3 why would nazis seek to. run the education system in the usa?? can’t be good. filthy drumpf.

  3. Honestly I would have much more enjoyed this episode had it been a discussion between F. William Engdahl and Peter Lee who does the China Watch programme. Presumably a discussion would have gone deeper, for example on the “China is naive and that’s why they hire Prince” issue (I can imagine that there are plenty of not-so-obvious aspects to this decision, but would really like to hear an expert opinion on this). Is it possible to have more discussions/collaborations in these programmes in the future?

  4. Thank you so much for your analysis and update about Erik Prince and is ongoing nefarious activities. To add to that it should be noted that Prince has also allegedly been “pushing a plan to intervene in Libya’s human trafficking crisis, believing his plan “would be a more humanitarian option”.”

    Also from this article, “Prince works as a security consultant in the United Arab Emirates, which has alongside Egypt and Saudi Arabia played a role in helping Libyan strongman General Khalifa Haftar expand his military foothold in Libya.”

    What could possibly go wrong?

  5. John Phillips says:

    Excellent work! Thank you.
    My two cents worth….
    Rare earth metals and a cut of the opium trade! Wow! You can bet Prince has secured the vertical diversification necessary for him to control the distribution of both. He will be wealthier beyond his dreams!

    Call them for what they are….Greedy Mercenaries! Paid killer!

  6. The privatisation of war is jaw-dropping, sublime Evil. Thank you for revealing this ominous tumor.

  7. PAUL STEIN says:

    As always excellent geopolitical documentation..!

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