CIA, Media & The Mind-Controlled Opposition

In this edition of Probable Cause Newsbud Founder and Editor Sibel Edmonds is joined by Douglas Valentine, author of several non-fiction books, one novel, and one volume of poetry. He has lectured and appeared on TV and radio talk shows, testified as an expert witness, served as a documentary film consultant and worked as a private investigator. His most recent book is The CIA as Organized Crime: How Illegal Operations Corrupt America and the World.  Edmonds and Valentine discuss the influence and operations of the CIA abroad and domestically, while controlling the Media. The full one hour plus interview is available exclusively for members at or you can watch it now at Newsbud Vimeo on Demand.

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  1. William York says:

    Please make it possible to download the MP3s instead of just streaming them from the browser.

    • ekawAediW says:

      William York, I agree completely. I’ve been backing up online information that I consider important at a torrid pace. While I’m happy that Newsbud turns out so much great, informative content, I’m also bothered that none of it can be saved for posterity in case anything happens to our ability to access this website.

  2. william hamilton says:

    Read the phoenix programme 2 years ago and realised they used the exact same program in Northern Ireland in the 80’s I witnessed it before my eye’s and had no idea what it was. Just switch navy seal’s with sas and p.i.c’s with internment camp’s. Total control of all media and most of the political parties, I remember that you couldn’t broadcast the voice of any sinn fein councillors, it had to be repeated by actors. Thank you so much for everything that you all do every day.

  3. Joseph Harrington says:

    Doug V is the man

  4. CuChulainn says:

    first class. thanks for this. before publication of Phoenix Program DV turned down a lucrative offer from CIA to buy him out. my sense is that Ellsberg’s approach to Sibel and the Hollywood style documentary comparing her case to that of V. Plame was a similar attempt to co-opt Sibel. as for longevity, have been following Sibel’s case & work for more 15 years now, having known some of the same people & institutions, am convinced that like DV she has a love of truth that is very human if not heroic.

  5. John Osborne says:

    Awesome! You guys are my Heros…Mosquito Heros!

  6. Great show, Douglas Valentine was speaking about Phoenix program also on corbett report, as for CIA there’s a new documentary series on mind control it’s called antichrist dajjal series from producer and filmaker Abdullah Hashem who opened a new satellite station Black banners of the east, might as well check that out

  7. WonFatFuk says:

    At about the 40 minute mark, the guest says that the CIA secretly runs the country.

  8. John Miranda says:

    Time to wake up, Sibel. We’ve already gone down the rabbit hole. Things are just going to keep getting worse. No heroes, other than fake heroes like the person you so ardently supported in the 2016, CIA rigged election, Donald Duck.

    Two things:

    1) “Germany was the dress regearsal for the United States.” Sid Haddad, NYC, 1970. That officially arrived with Nazi-sympathizer and white supremicist, Donald Duck.

    2) Will you PLEASE stop sanitizing the MI Complex that Eisenhower warned us about with this label of “Deep State” (that frequently gets depicted as the Democratic Party?). Peter Scott did the world a great disservice by shortening the term and removing the essence of the meaning. It is the MILITARY INDUSTRIAL COMPLEX. Deep State is for people too lazy to define it correctly. You are defeating your own objectives by sinking to this level.

    Your interview was an interesting conversation that, unfortunately, provided few new insights. That said, Doug is the real deal and you brought him to us. He certainly clarified many details. Your questions did not reflect you at your best. Who cares about anyone in this arena as sexy? What’s that got to do with the nitty gritty of the working of the private army of the fascist MI Complex who rigged the 2016 election and, as they have done so often over the past 70 years, installed a right wing puppet dictator as President, this time in the United States of America, the modern day replacement for Nazi Germany that is just getting warmed up?

    Economic collapse, a police state, and rampant ethnic cleansing are next, if your hero doesn’t nuke us all first.

    Thank you.

    • John Miranda,

      You know something? I have always been 100% open-minded and receptive to constructive criticism. And I have always been consistent with nonpartisanship and independence.
      Your very ignorant and false statements typed here (including psychopathic libelous bs about me supporting Trump, or, the dispicable Hillary or crook XYZ) is where I draw the line- and my lines are concerete (not on the sand). I am going to send you a refund right now. I do not want to see you anywhere around Newsbud or me or any of our amazing distinguished partners. I consider people like you as parasites. Ignorant and stupid parasites. There is no cure for people like you. My 48 years of life experience tells me that. In the next few minutes you will receive your full ‘refund.’ Even if you were to offer Newsbud $100000 a month I’d not allow you near this site. You don;t like me, our editors, what we we say, how we say it, what we stand for: then you go start your own outlet and see if anyone with half a brain or quarter dignity would be your guest and open up courageously to provide solid independent information. Okay. That’s pretty much all I have to say. I think this is the first time I have been libelously accused of supporting any US clown as president- and that alone is where the lines get drawn. Go away, and stay away from this dignified community which I am very proud of.

      • steven hobbs says:

        Hi Sibel,

        You must have been a mood for typing. Or, perhaps this robust erudite outflow of “No Tolerance” is a reminder to others? Too long of a hang-out offered by John’s vomitus.

    • spiro skouras says:

      I seriously do not understand how anyone, especially our informed members who have full access to everything we publish could possibly think that Sibel, or anyone on the Newsbud team is pro Trump. I mean it makes zero sense. In fact we constantly get accused of being lefties because we don’t just blindly support everything POTUS does, like many sites out there. Which is completely ludicrous. I think it is pretty clear that Newsbud is and has remained nonpartisan, even before it was NB and was BFP. I also would say I think its pretty clear at this point how much Sibel despises Trump, (maybe now you can see this on your way out the door) for the exact same reasons she loathes Obama, Bush, Clinton etc. In any case I would have to agree with Sibel’s sentiments, constructive criticism is one thing, I personally find your comment to be anything but constructive. Rude? Yes. Inaccurate? Yes. Out of line? Yes. When you say things like time to wake up to anyone… That implies that you and or your knowledge is of a greater understanding. If thats the case, and I highly doubt it, in fact I would bet everything I have on it. Then Sibel has a great point, why don’t you start your own news organization, from the ground up while maintaining the same level of integrity that Sibel has maintained, while establishing the most amazing team i would say in all of media, I challenge anyone on that. All with the full support from the public, the wonderful Newsbud community. Thats a pretty tall order for anyone! Anyways Bye John, time for me to get back to work on this Breaking report by Sibel Edmonds that will be published soon! Stay tuned!

      • Eugene Guilfoyle says:
      • David E Burden says:

        If Newsbud promoted, or was in favor of ANY political puppet, I would have ended my membership long ago. One of the main things that attracted me to Newsbud, was the fact that they recognize that nearly all politics in this country are little more than Political Theater. Though certain legislation can and does effect our daily lives, the players are as phony in their pretend differences as a three dollar bill. Newsbud is always among the first to point this out. Therefore, you assertion, and accusation, are easily seen as patently false.
        John, if you can still read this, (doubtful), I would say to you that over time, you have submitted some thought provoking comments. However, you have too often been critical when you were obviously in the wrong. In fact, if I had wanted to be adversarial, I would have challenged you myself more than once in the past.
        Criticism is one thing, an all out attack, (verbal assault), especially one based in fantasy, is quite another.
        I don’t blame Sibel, or Newsbud as a whole for taking this action, you brought this on yourself, though I doubt you can see that fact. Good luck living with your own ignorance and arrogance .

    • David Creighton says:

      John if you want to call me a Nazi I cut your fucking throat.

      The Clintons & the Bushes have both been the faces of the MIC & Deep State for a long time now. Billy was George’s drug smuggler remember?

      You are wrong. Both parties are the bad guys. The people who voted Trump are MAGA patriots not Nazis. You should die for your defamation.

    • Mr. Miranda, Sibel rarely talked about Trump. I don’t think I ever heard her say his name at the time of the election.

  9. CuChulainn says:

    John’s accusation that Sibel supported or supports Trump is unfounded and unfair. all the same, there’s a conflict between the mission of free and independent reporting and the insistence on not offending the editor on pain of banishment. we don’t learn from groupies but from contradiction.

  10. David Creighton says:

    As far as Hersch goes I think he says “The Truth” but leaves out “The Whole Truth” and “Nothing but the Truth”.

    So when he comes out saying that the DC investigation uncovered that Seth Rich was the leak (not hack) to Wikileaks, it probably is true and one would think that Wikileaks tweeting him saying it out would be corroboration. So it basically is a way for Assange to state his source without actually saying it.

    Personally I would be fine with the dissolution of the CIA; along with the unredacted release of every single files they hold – consequences be damned. The idea that we have an agency that has the right to lie to it’s boss (us) in the name of “plausible deniability” is ridiculous and unconstitutional.

  11. David Creighton says:

    I just thought of something else in regard to this. If owning the media is a good propaganda tool for the CIA then wouldn’t owning the fact check sites be too? I was thinking specifically of Snopes who used to be run by David Mikkelson & his wife. they recently got divorced & she was bought out by Proper Media (owns I was wondering if you knew of an ties of Proper to the CIA? The CEO is Chris Richmond supposedly from Peurto Rico & President is Drew Schoentrup out of Seattle University.

    Just curious. It would be nice to unmask them as so many MSM ppl source them.

  12. Richard Fisher says:

    Hello People, I hope all are well. Very good points responding to Miranda…. One more, it is very important how the intelligence agencies are sanitized and glamorized. When people see how so many of our top actors are placed in this position….. Matt Damon, Tom Cruise, Ryan Reynolds, Olga Kuryenko, Kevin Costner, Robert Redford, Brad Pitt, Julia Stiles, Michelle Monaghan, Clive Owen, Liam Neeson, Alec Baldwin, Harrison Ford, James Earl Jones, Robert De Niro, etc., etc., etc. what can the average person do but associate one with the other…. The Big answer begins with awareness…. Keep up the good work, Sibel and crew and members… Take care, Richard.

  13. W3WantAnswers says:


    At the 44:20 mark and before, she asks him flat out: Let’s put some NAMES AND FACES on this – Who does the CIA serve?

    -And what do we get but a 20 minute rambling incoherent filibustering diatribe/monologue that reveals NOTHING but what everyone already knows – the CIA uses corporations as fronts. This is hardly revelatory and barely relevant. it was a great question, (and she did mention Rockefeller prior to that) BUT THEN she lets him off the hook and just accepts his non-answer answer.

    I can give you a couple names and I’m a nobody. How about we start with Lord Jacob Rothschild? Him and the other “Rothschildren” are all very powerful. We have Mellons, and Carnegies, we have Schiffs and Warburgs, we have Vanderbilts and Astors, we have Pratts and Whitneys, we have Harrimans and Bushes (Bushes and Harrimans are not the top families, but second or third rate families; lackeys and runners for the top families) we have Forbes, we have Israel Moses Seif… on and on and on…etc. We have a SHIT-TON (pardon the French) of banking families (some of which none of us have even heard of) who control all the largest commercial banks, which in turn own all the world’s central banks. These banks float the loans for all the major corporations, they are the ones who own the controlling stock in these corporations and they also plant all their people on the boards of directors of these corporations forming interlocking directorates. They also have every damned country on the planet (just about) in debt up to their eyeballs… And Valentine can’t come up with one fricken name? -Makes me sick.


    Why is it so hard for Valentine to mention a goddamn name? Coward. -And he has the temerity to mock Seymour Hirsh? Get real. Makes me furious….

    • steven hobbs says:

      Hi We3WantAnsweres,

      You give 11 answers to your question. What need asks more?

      At first, I was disappointed Doug didn’t name names. Think for a moment. Are names more important than understanding complex systems that continue domination? A name may make your mind stop.

      Personal disclosure. A CIA person entered my social network and presented himself as an “ex”. He proceeded to gain influence and power within my group and some other groups in my geographic area and nationally within a specific silo of social activity. The group of people I introduced him to became mentees. Including me!. I listened to stories of agents exiting with the protection of a large group other conspiratorial agents for protection when H.Bush ascended. My doubting became existential when he demonstrated private knowledge of a very different group outside of national boundaries (associates of mine). He stated something as his personal experience and asked me to never reveal to that group. He sowed dissension between me and my friends that were similarly sowed between Fred Hampton and Huey Newton. Are you still with me? This person’s personal biography (as he told it) was a mirror reflection to that of the ‘Philipino’ officer recounted by Doug.

      We are all in this. Let’s keep our eyes open for how we participate in our own domination; and establish a new universe of life.

  14. steven hobbs says:

    Hey Sibel & Doug,

    Great dynamic interview Real Talk. Thank you.

    P.S. Kept slowing and backing savoring and wishing for more. Hat’s off!!!

    More from the two of you.

  15. Richard Williams says:

    Very interesting as always, but how can Sibel Edmonds concur with Douglas Valentine’s cynical dismissal of heroes, when she has repeatedly praised many genuine whistleblowers as heroes herself – persons who show great courage – and then says how honoured she is to have another mosquito on her show! Her own experience is testimony to how seriously intelligence agencies take honest dissent. Why imprison John Kiriakou, why try to ruin Thomas Drake, why destroy (and possibly murder) Gary Webb, etc.? A ludicrous ending to a very informative interview. What is Newsbud about? Are you just a few intelligent flies buzzing around the deep state elephant?

  16. Mark Ribbit says:

    A truly great interview Sibel. Well done! One of my favorites so far on this site.
    About the hero thing. Both Sibel and Douglas are quite modest about their efforts and abilities.
    They can also be humorous when called for. I don’t think either will be offended if I let the site know
    both of them are my heroes. 🙂

    Getting down to the nitty gritty…
    Both Sibel and Douglas made it perfectly clear that the CIA is a problem. A very big problem.
    Some would argue that it does ‘good’ for the U.S. Any good it does is far outweighed by the harm it does at
    home and abroad.

    So is there any way out of the mess we’re in? What would it take dismantle the organization?
    Realistically speaking?
    Or is it a monster that will never die?

  17. Mr. Valentines ” CIA as Organized Crime” is one of the great books of this dark era we are sold as ‘freedom and democracy.. I can hardly read two or three pages at a time for fear of gagging !. its monsters – Its black CIA shit obscenity – cruelty and deception – is so well documented it is heart breaking. That the USA exists as a network of Phoenix’ modified programs and interconnections and fusion centers is the description of genuine horror. This is the achievement of generations of psychopathy dressed as everything but itself. Behind militarized Police and in the flag of national security heroics, you hide everything. Including 911.
    Mr Valentine describes a million people globally working together in secret AS the deep state, in existence for 70 years – handling the operations world wide, all reporting back to division chiefs in US…creating terror events so that its Military can conduct operations to ‘add to the Block-Chain’ owning everything – P2OG Rumsfeld called it… this is the secret society-just revealed in the MEMO and likely source of JFK’s reference; “and there aint a Goddam thing we can do about it.” sigh.
    As to hero’s. I agree with comments saying Sibel and Douglas ARE heroes. Sorry. But by definition, that’s the truth. You stepped up and have not stepped back. Gutsy fierce and true. All power to you. I recall a hero named McPhearson…somewhere written..who managed to fuck deepstate…. Wouldn’t that be nice right about now .

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