BREAKING NEWS- Sources Reveal Imminent False-Flag Terror Attacks in China

This is an urgent news announcement by Newsbud, based on information received from carefully vetted sources both inside and outside the United States.

Radical Cleric Gulen’s Network, CIA’s long-term proxy for Gladio B false flag terror operations, has issued an action order to its top operatives (aka senior lieutenants) in Albania, Bulgaria, Bosnia and Latvia. These operatives are to act as agent provocateurs- to create violence and terror incidents to be blamed on Uyghurs, an ethnic minority in China’s Xinjiang region, and by doing so, incite the Chinese government to respond with force.

As a leading independent media organization Newsbud is releasing and disseminating this urgent announcement now in an attempt to help prevent further terror incidents and carnage. Please do your share and help us disseminate this information.

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  1. B Mitster says:

    This video isnt playing for me on youtube is there an alternate link??

    • spiro skouras says:

      Try relaunching your browser, if that doesn’t work you may need to reboot / restart your computer. It is playing fine on youtube, thousands have watched it. Thank you for being a Newsbud member.

  2. Helen Griffin says:

    Wouldn’t this have connection with EriK Prince?

    • spiro skouras says:

      We are currently in the post production phase of an amazing roundtable with Sibel, Peter and Filip that covers many exciting topics including whats going on with Prince, and a whole lot more that connects to this report by Sibel. Stay tuned!

  3. That’ll be actioned in Beijing.

  4. Takes a special kind of moron to keep blowing things up. Do you they know whose dirty work they’re really doing? Do these war brides know they’re in a fake marriage?

    This a pre-emptive strike I can get behind. Good work. 🙂

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