The War on Cannabis

On January 4, President Donald Trump’s Attorney General reversed the Cole Memorandum put into place during the Obama administration. It protects states that have legalized cannabis for medical and recreational use from the heavy hand of the federal government. During his confirmation hearing Jeff Session told Republican Cory Gardner of Colorado that he wouldn’t violate states’ rights in the state by going after medical patients, recreational consumers, marijuana growers and distributors. He went back on that promise. On this edition of The Geopolitical Report, we examine the ongoing war against cannabis and its long history, beginning with the regulation of the plant in the mid-1800s. From the propaganda war launched by Harry J. Anslinger of the Federal Bureau of Narcotics in the 1930s to scheduling marijuana in the same category as heroin and the ever escalating war against the plant by Reagan, Bush, Clinton, Obama, and now Trump, the fight to legalize cannabis continues. Nearly 70 percent of Americans believe in some form of legalized marijuana. Any move by Congress, however, will be to protect an emerging industry that will provide a significant boost in taxation, and not for the Constitution and the Tenth Amendment.

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Show Notes

Did Jeff Sessions Just Increase the Odds Congress Will Make Marijuana Legal?

Legal history of cannabis in the United States

New Anti-Drug Law is in Effect Today

Roosevelt Asks Narcotic War Aid

5 Elite Families Who Made Their Fortunes in the Opium Trade

Thank President Nixon, the DEA & US Prison Industry for Classifying Marijuana as a Schedule I Drug

Report: Aide says Nixon's war on drugs targeted blacks, hippies

Reagan's Drug War Legacy

Ronald Reagan Lied About Marijuana Effects (1980s)

Clinton’s Drug War

Drug War Statistics

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  1. CuChulainn says:

    Contra the urban legend cannabis is somehow harmless, it is good for people to know that, where 1% of the general population gets schizophrenia, 15% of those who smoke cannabis at an early age do. Those who promote cannabis use among the young are recklessly promoting a devastating psychosis.
    Medically recommended dosage of cannabis in those cases where it is thought to have therapeutic value is one puff. THC unlike alcohol stays in the brain for weeks and months if not more. Links to degenerative neurological disorders. Many peer-reviewed scientific studies available on Pubmed, will only post one since this site limits the publication of links

    • lester brown says:

      Are these the same peer-reviewed scientist that suggests man-made global warming is going to be catastrophic?

      • And the same ones who say aspartame is ok even though it’s linked to stroke. Interesting, i get migraines and I believe consuming aspartame when I was younger and other harmful chemicals contributed to migraines; I smoke pot now (age 58) which has greatly reduced my headaches.

    • David E Burden says:


      I think the article you provided the link to should be filed under: PROPAGANDA. Writing the article is one thing, proving it’s allegations is another. There is no evidence to back up what the article claims. Unless you considered manipulated data as evidence. The article is more fear porn than fact, and those kinds of claims have been proven false many times.

      Government agencies have been demonizing Marijuana for the many decades now, and WHO, the “World Health Organization” is very much a government agency, prone to falsehoods if and when it fits the agenda. Like promoting vaccines that contain Mercury and other harmful chemicals. How about the vaccine that is made by infecting Green Monkeys, and the killing them to harvest their kidneys, which are then ground up to make the vaccine. Think I’m wrong, look it up! In fact the newest flu scare is in full swing, and once again government propaganda is telling everyone to get the new flu shot. Even though their own data shows that it is only 30% effective. That is a 70% failure rate. Not even a second rate gambler would bet on those odds.

      Does it seems strange that I have never had a flu shot, and I have never had the flu! While people who get them every year, get the flu every year. I’m no rocket scientist, but I don’t think you have to be in order to use common sense, that alone should tell people who think about it, that something is wrong with that picture. It’s not hard to do an internet search to see what is in many of the vaccines. Yet the government tells us that they are all perfectly safe, and in some states, they are putting people in jail for refusing to let them put their poisons in their children. Does that sound like a free society to you?

      If you are not the only person who decides what you do with, or put into, your own body, (provided you are a responsible adult), then you are a slave. When the government claims ownership of your body by mandating what you can & cannot put in it, they are essentially telling you that they own you. THAT folks, is the very definition of a SLAVE.

      On the other hand, people have been using this plant for centuries, and it hasn’t wiped out civilization yet. What it IS currently doing is killing cancer cells, controlling and lessening the effects of Epilepsy in patients, and relieving sever pain for millions of people. That is real evidence.

      I myself would probably use it to alleviate some of my pain from four knee surgeries and the Spinal Stenosis in my Lumbar area and in my neck, if it were not for one problem. I am allergic to Cannabis along with several other plants, including grass, a few weeds and even some trees. The kind of grass that grows in your yard.

      I know several people who are using CBD Oils, for both Pain, Epilepsy, and Cancer. I therefore know first hand that the medicinal qualities are real. So I am not inclined to believe the government sponsored propaganda. We are all free to believe that which we choose to, as for me, I choose to believe what I can see with my own eyes, and not what some government agency tells me to believe.

    • Kurt Nimmo says:

      The video does not advocate on behalf of marijuana use. It is a denunciation of the government “war on cannabis” and thus the war on adults making their own drug consumption choices. Cannabis, of course, is not harmless, and children should not consume it, or Ritalin for that matter, or any other psychoactive drug, and it is the responsibility of parents to make certain they do not fall prey to drug use. This is an issue for adults and the state has no role.

  2. CuChulainn says:

    neither am i advocating for the state. in the free market for drugs you advocate how do you expect parents to draw such lines? like other free-market capitalists you fall back on the child/parent distinction to cover the most egregious consequences of your views, but in the world of total capitalism there is no parental authority, and there are no adults.

    • David E Burden says:

      Nobody is advocating use by children, and we don’t live in any imagined “total capitalism” state. The world we live in does have parental authority, and there really are adults.

      FYI, I’m not even a free market capitalist.

  3. Sam Bissonnette says:

    Government earned money from illegal drugs funds too much of the black ops budget and legal hemp puts many corporations out of business. Legalized weed is a serious problem for the National Security State. To them, it is a bonafide national security risk.

    Any positive values in the medical arena threaten big pharma…

    I’m only surprised they didn’t try any clampdown earlier.

    Just watch…weed will become some kind of “Russian scheme” to destroy the US…

  4. Paula Wright says:

    I would love for someone in a position to report upon it to investigate the connection between cannabis prohibition & the depopulation agenda began by the eugenicists. Cannabis, at it’s base use, is a food, a super food no less, which provides not only the essential oils for life through it’s seeds, but also phytocannabinoids which fortify the Human Endocannabinoid System (ECS) which maintains homeostasis in the Human body. The ECS works to prevent cancer growth & immunodeficiency diseases and regulates appetite, sleep, moods, pain and more.

    I realize this seems a stretch but when you consider how diabolical these people have been, along with their absolute determination to keep this plant away from us, when you consider that this plant was known from ancient history to be a food, when you consider that they knew that peasants eating this plant were outliving those who considered this peasant food in that day, you have to consider that they knew all along exactly what they were doing.

  5. If only we could still send Enslinger to prison for mass damages and injuries to innocent lives and families …
    But, what would the secret services do if drugs were legalized? They would have no secret funding anymore. What would they turn to? (sarcasm)
    End the secret services, and their propaganda derivatives and brainwashing, and drugs will suddenly be okay to legalize.
    End big pharma and cannabis could be legalized.
    I know, ‘not going to happen’ 🙁 Still, one can dream of a better, free world.

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