Newsbud Exclusive – Macedonia ‘Name Dispute’: Another NATO Excuse to Expand Operations in Europe.

The recent restart of negotiations from Macedonia (FYROM) about the long-standing name dispute with Greece, and given the US and UN's urging for a definitive solution during 2018 as well as the close ties between Macedonia and NATO, shows that NATO is in a rush to expand its operational tools in the Balkans and Europe.

For that reason, the former "rigid" conservative government of Nicholas Gruevski had to allow Zoran Zaev's more moderate Social Democrats to come so that the diplomatic dialogue with Greece could reopen and consequently Macedonia’s joining of NATO and EU could proceed, since Greece is the country that has blocked Macedonia’s membership to NATO so far, precisely because of the name dispute.

The following analyses will not deal with this dispute itself, but with a dirty political-money-power complex that lies beneath it.

Let us not forget that Macedonia has been a core operational center of US and NATO since the 90s, with Camp Able Sentry being one of the most significant US military bases providing military and logistical support for operations in Kosovo, Albania, Bosnia , Bulgaria, and the Balkans in general. Macedonia’s army also actively participated in other bloody US-led operations in the Middle East that left behind thousands of dead, including Operation ‘Iraqi Freedom’ and the invasion of Iraq which was based on a lie about the so-called ‘weapons of mass destruction’.

It is no coincidence that the renewal of closer relations with NATO as soon as Zaev's government took power last June coincided with joint military exercises between US and Macedonia only a month later.

It is easy to conclude that the change in the Macedonian governmental landscape was a demand for US foreign policy.

But for this to happen, another external factor has been involved, whose name we know very well.

George Soros

In January 2017 the Prime Minister of Albania, Edi Rama, convened a meeting of three Albanian political parties from Macedonia (about a quarter of Macedonia’s population are ethnic Albanians) and drafted the so-called "Tirana platform".

These Albanian parties agreed to form a coalition with Zaev’s Socialists in return to satisfy their demands for recognition of the Albanian language in Macedonia when Zaev takes power, and asking for the right to form a new government against the until then ruling conservative party VMRO-DPMNE.

Albanian Prime Minister Edi Rama is not just a good friend of George Soros and even attended Soros’ marriage in 2013, but his former wife Delina Fico is a Board member of Soros OSFA (Open Society Foundation Albania). USAID, directly linked to the Soros Foundation, granted millions to the East-West Management Institute (EWMI) in Macedonia in 2016. The director of the social programs of EWMI in Macedonia and Albania is, guess who, Edi Rama’s former wife Delina Fico, who received $ 9 million from USAID.

In fact, a whole range of Rama’s government politicians and ministers are members, former members or involved with NGOs funded by the Soros Foundations. [READ MORE]

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