U.S. Deep State Fire & Fury in Central Asia

In this exclusive Roundtable Newsbud Founder and Editor Sibel Edmonds is joined by Newsbud’s Russia expert and host of The Russian Newspaper Monitor, Professor Filip Kovacevic, and Newsbud’s China expert and host of China Watch, Peter Lee. The three geopolitical experts discuss and analyze the most current and important developments that are shaping our world. Do not miss this in-depth one hour episode exclusively available for Members at Newsbud.com. Nonmembers can watch it now at Newsbud Vimeo on Demand.

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Show Notes

China May Have Just Brokered An Iran-Pakistan Accommodation

Pakistan, Iran agree to enhance bilateral trade

China to fully fund Afghanistan military base to safeguard its Xinjiang province

Iranian Banks Finalize Finance Deal with Russia Eximbank

Will Iran, Russia find solution to Caspian dilemma?

Russia, Turkey and Iran agree Syrian peace talks for January

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  1. you guys are a breath of fresh air

    • I think Peter Lee is a mole. His interest aligns with the crime cabal: 1) He says China was horrendous towards the Urgers which he knows is a total lie. One can also see from the inserted video footage that the hired mob was clearly the aggressor while the soldiers were in defense mode only. 2) Seeing cabal-resistant countries start to join forces, good people would be boosted by it, he says instead: a few mistakes were made; clearly he wants the crime cabal to win.
      His presence in the newsbud degrades the quality of the show. I hope Sibel would kick him out.

      • Perhaps, but I feel for him to make such a large statement that Xinjiang is like the occupied West Bank I thought was gross overreach. That kind of comparison would require much more evidence to back up, and frankly it doesn’t seem to hold water. Residents of Xinjiang have basically the same rights as other citizens of China, unlike the Palestinians, who are split up into concentration camp cantons without any basic freedoms.

      • spiro skouras says:

        Peter is not a mole, I think some people may not be used to his witty sense of humor especially in this format that addresses such important topics and geopolitical issues. The way I interpreted Peter’s remarks saying “A few mistakes were made” by no means endorses US foreign policy, rather he is providing analysis from the US perspective that some major mistakes have been made that has put the US in a bad spot on the anti China / Asian front. I feel that Peter is a solid addition to the Newsbud team and I doubt he’s going anywhere anytime soon 🙂

      • Andreas Hedqvist says:

        Re: Min Chen

        Nonsense. Peter’s analysis and reporting is top notch. The sentiment you display with your comment is IMO typical of today’s media climate – if you don’t agree with the message, attack and ban the messenger. Do you not agree that this kind of discussion and analysis is valuable and something that we need more of? I personally do not want to silence any view or take on geopolitical events, on the contrary I want to hear more and from more points of view. As long as we believe there is always a good guy vs. a bad guy we are stuck in the old paradigm and are easy to influence and manipulate. Newsflash – there are no good guys ‘yet’.

  2. This is what MSM does not give us – context, big picture and objectivity. Thank you. Fascinating insights from the team.

  3. Great talk.
    Professor Kovacevic: Russia and China as a bulwark against neoliberal economic policies by way of ideologies based on social justice? Hope springs eternal.
    Mr. Lee: Skeptical at its prospects? We think so.

    • Shelly Dockery says:

      The prof never said it was going to happen. LOL. He said, that is what Russia and Putin needs to focus on instead of the wicked wars of the west. Will they? Hope springs eternal. Haha.

    • Andreas Hedqvist says:

      When discussing economic and social justice it is worth remembering that western so called capitalist countries are in reality nothing of the sort. They are disguised fascist oligarchies since a long time. All the highly praised free markets are not as free as we are led to believe, this is obvious when looking at the heavy metals markets, sovereign bond markets and now also stock markets. I hope people who think the west and US in particular is the most ‘capitalist’ nation and want to see change don’t buy into the socialist mantra because that is the same horse with different stripes. All the -isms of the world are little more than tools for control over people.

  4. Bernard Harries says:

    The world is obviously going through a great big shift. Who knows how it will turn out!
    Seems that since Baby Bush invented his ‘war on terror’ we are all living through the Global Nightmare that was always bound to follow on from the ludicrous American dream (always a nightmare for the ‘third world’ dark skinned people). We now seem either doomed to a painful drawn out extinction through these endless covert and overt wars – or we Westerners need to wake up in a hurry – to the utterly destructive impact that our inherited Colonialist attitude, including the Regan/Thatcher Economic Rationalist Ideology, has been having on country after country. I just can’t understand how patient ordinary folk are with the hideous behaviour of our ‘leaders’ – especially in the US, UK, Israel and Saudi Arabia. Seems that most people are feeling very lost and frightened – I suppose that means that the brainwashing is working.
    Professor Kovacevic is absolutely right that an ideological shift away from neo-conservative economics is desperately needed – we 15% need to move to an honest philosophy of helping provide an abundance that will include the historically neglected majority 85% of the people of the world. Fortunately there is an alternative to these stupid wars and China is showing the way with the Belt and Road program. From where I stand in Tasmania, all we westerners need to do is drop our pride and fear and force our politicians and media to get on board – rather than letting our military industrial complex leaders throw spanners into the works. What a worry Erik Price and his mob are!! Some of our business people here seem to be fairly aware of the need to connect to Asia generally, but I reckon that less than 1% of the ordinary folk have even heard of the Belt and Road program. That’s because here in Australia our airwaves are filled with total bullshit. And that includes a lot of scaremongering about China.
    So, in contrast to the MSM vacuum, this was a great discussion – Newsbud is doing a terrific job, along with a handful of other great outlets like Global Research, ICH, NEO, Greanville Post, Mint Press, 21st Cent Wire, Counterpunch, RT and CGTN.

  5. Ludovico Doebbeling says:

    Dear Sirs, thank you for your great work . I beg you to consider looking into the ongoing geoengineering activities, the most evident of which is the artificial cloud cover created by airplanes on a daily basis. I live in Argentina, as of beginning 2016 we are being subjected to massive weather modification activities. From pictures people post online, this seems to be going on in most countries. As it has probably come to your attention, earths climate is warming up, with an almost unanimity of scientists agreeing that unless we change our energy consumption habits, we are on a path to global meltdown. Some say in a couple of centuries, most talk about this century, and some talk of less than a decade. (please take a listen to Guy McPherson). If you have not heard of methane releases in the artic, please inform yourself on that, and its effect on the acceleration of global warming. Why do I mention this on an article on geopolitics? Because if temps increase just a couple of degrees more on average, we are going to start loosing habitats and harvests. No habitats, no humans, and with no humans we cant have geopolitics. This is a subject that will have to be addressed in the coming years (I suggest right now). Close to where Sibel lives is a man who I believe knows more than most on this matter, please consider interviewing him. Dane Wigington, he has a web page geoengineeringwatch.org. He has recently been interviewed by a reporter by the name of Lionel Nation (over 100k views in a couple of days). Thank you again for your great work, you are doing great.

  6. Luke Lanzon says:

    Just gave me a geopolitical high..

  7. Nathaniel Cusano says:

    Amen to what Philip said about the economy and neoliberalism. If I die in my 30s it’ll be because of lack of health care.

  8. Michael Fawell says:

    Thanks Sibel & co. Love these roundtable discussions. Shout out to southfront.org

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