America’s Beginning to Look a Lot Like China

This week on China Watch, from managed trade and market access to media and propaganda to oligarch-inflected national policy, America’s beginning to look a lot like China.  We look at that weird and revealing Jeff Bezos/Jack Ma doppelganger phenomenon.  Two rich guys.  Two e-commerce giants.  They both own newspapers.  They both do a lot of work for their governments.  And it looks like they’re both working hard to mess with each other.

Also, citizens of Hawaii learn that nuclear deterrence against North Korea and hosting US Pacific Command headquarters are not boring.

The war of words between the US and the PRC up over telephones, hotels, and Tibet.

And the pieces on the Central Asian chessboard are in motion, and it looks like the US is moving its pieces backwards..or sideways.  In a Newsbud exclusive, the CIA’s alleged magic weapon, Fetullah Gulen looks to be making a China move.

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Show notes

False Missile Alert Interrupts Basketball Game

Collapse of Huawei deal with ATT ‘will threaten China-US trade ties”

Can the Chinese government now get access to your Grindr profile?

Josh Rogin Twitter Thread

Amazon is struggling to find its place in China

The details of the CIA’s deal with Amazon

China to fund construction of counter-terrorism base in northern Afghanistan

Large numbers of foreign jihadists take part in Idlib battle against Syrian government

U.S. suspends at least $900 million in security aid to Pakistan

South Korea to unveil decision over ‘comfort women’ deal with Japan

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  1. bruinschuss says:

    Another great edition Peter. It’s hard to see the Hawaii alert incident as an accident, especially considering the current international climate. It seems like a psyop aimed at terrifying the citizenry, testing citizen responses, and perhaps to create support for recent calls to federalize (and eventually privatize) the state-managed emergency warning systems. Hard to tell. But something really stinks.

  2. Safe to say the Chinese are faster learners than the Americans. Taking on Russia and China and Iran and Syria at the same time….wow – good luck with that. See WWII Hitler vs. Rest of the World and Russia. Empire does as Empire is.

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