Pentagon Prepares for Invasion of North Korea

In February, Army installations across the United States will organize mobilization centers for rapid overseas deployment. The move will resemble the activity of similar task forces in Syria and Iraq. On this edition of The Geopolitical Report, we examine Trump’s rhetoric on North Korea that underscores the move for war we are now witnessing with military exercises and preparation for mobilization. The president and the leader of North Korea, Kim Jung-un, have exchanged increasingly bellicose barbs that move the two nations closer to war—a conflict Trump’s Secretary of State, James “Mad Dog” Mattis has admitted would be catastrophic. Meanwhile, North and South Korea have engaged in talks about reunification and joint participation in the upcoming Olympics—a move that has drawn the ire of UN ambassador Nikki Haley. Demonstrating the policy schizophrenia of the Trump administration, the State Department disagreed with Haley and said the delegation wasn’t driving a wedge between the US and South Korea. There are two reasons for North Korea’s intransigence in regard to its nuclear program. First and foremost, the near total destruction of the country by the United States during the Korean War and secondarily the fact possessing nukes will make the United States think twice about invading the country and disposing of the Kim Jung-un regime.

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Show Notes

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North and South Korea agree to talk with goal to 'relieve military tensions'

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  1. We shouldn’t forget that, like Islam and Christianity, the ultimate goal of (North Korean) communism is world ‘domination’. Violent uprising and revolution is the predicted end game of communism.

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    How long will be before I share this presentation on facebook?

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