The War: Mega Corporations-Federal Government vs. Independent Ranchers-Farmers

In this episode of Probable Cause Newsbud’s founder and editor Sibel Edmonds is joined by attorney and rancher Todd Macfarlane. Edmonds and Macfarlane discuss the current war that is being waged against small, independent ranchers and farmers by the U.S. government and the mega corporations, with specific focus on the case of Dwight and Steven Hammond, who were imprisoned on trumped up charges, and the current petition to get them released from prison.

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Show Notes

Sign the Petition to Free the Hammonds 

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  1. Judith Williams says:

    Thank you for shedding light on this most important issue. It angers me so that these people are still in prison. I thought they were out but I guess that was because the Bundy issue has been in the news so much recently that I mixed the two up (although they are very much related). I hope this helps generate many new signatures on the petition. I think this is both an issue where they want the resources and agenda 21 at play out west. They seem to be targeting both CA, CO, and other western states. Your relatively new program NEWS BUD rocks Sibel. Thanks to all your staff & guests.

  2. At the beginning of the US involvement in WWII, the other sides knew it would only take about 6 weeks for the US military industrial complex to gear up for war and the end result would be a complete overwhelming of all adversaries in the long run. From food production, to the tools of war, there was no doubt the US could do this. The US arrived at this place over the years on the backs of small businesses protected by the Constitution. So where are we today?
    Most of our large production is offshore. Our small farmers and ranchers, and other small businesses are being systematically eradicated since the 1950’s. We have become a nation of consumers. To those who think that is a great place to be, perhaps they should ask themselves what will happen when we in the US no longer can sustain ourselves and totally depend on other countries to clothe and feed us. Do they really think our military might will guarantee their livelihood? Are they thinking at all? Just askin’…

    • David E Burden says:

      That’s the problem Dennis, too few people think in this country anymore. They are too numb from trying to keep the buzzards off their backs, and from watching sports and TV.
      Most believe the political theater that is shoved in their faces 24/7/365 is real. It is indeed a sad commentary on our once proud and productive society, but there it is.

  3. Thank you for clearing up a great deal of confusion created by Psuedo Alternative & MSM.

  4. As a multi generation farm family we appreciate the attention , but so little so late may not save small farmer and ranchers from the ongoing assault by our government corporate system .
    Agriculture is now big business driven by Agenda 21 now 30 , wile the partial withdraw of the lands of the US condemnation of millions of acres of land may return some value and usage to non BLM farmers and ranchers across the US , the new law requiring tracking chips on livestock to transport and sell animals is going to destroy many small independent livestock operations when implemented , sale barns will not accept livestock without tracking devises changing market and eliminating small operators , just as they have in row crops, eliminating these family farms .
    As to reforming the BLM , the simple plan would be to return mineral, and grazing rights to states , shut down new Renewable energy division that is currently given more money and power over grazing .
    As I sit here looking at my poor dumb cows I sometimes wonder if they aren’t looking at me thinking the same thing ! I do in fact need to go water my critters , like some sort of service animal from their perspective !

  5. Shannon Boswell says:

    This is one of those cases (like the Monsanto Canada Inc v Schmeiser) that the “powers that shouldn’t be” are joining try to pull off at the wrong time and there’s going to hell to pay when the masses revolt.

  6. David Creighton says:

    I live in rural PA. I am so sick & tired of the Federal Government & the people in cities leeching off of us that i want to get rid of EVERY SINGLE BENEFIT PROGRAM. Starve them in the cities. I don’t care. The municipalities can take care of them, It is not my business anymore.


    We are self sustaining. The zombies will die. The talking heads will starve. Fuck em.

    • I live in the city and would love to be self-sufficient. Isn’t going to happen. That said: I am an archaeologist by trade, stay-at-home mum on a daily basis. When studying archaeology, it becomes painfully clear, that the emergence of towns and cities is basically a parasitic phenomenon governed by the trade in luxuries under the patronage of a self-serving elite. Basically, the peasants are the drudges for the ‘professionals’, i.e. the patron’s favored clients and their wild parties.
      And you are correct: every time a system collapse occurs, the cities starve and desintegrate. It has happened many times before and will certainly happen again. When and why is the big unknown.

  7. Sandy Onks says:

    Sibel and Todd,
    Contrast the sentencing of the Hammonds to that of of Scooter Libby who was convicted of obstruction of justice, two counts of perjury , and making false statements to federal investigators about Plame. He was only sentenced to 30 months in prison and fined $250,000!! AND, Bush commuted the 30 months in prison.

  8. John Phillips says:

    Ummmm. So much more complicated than what is presented here. Lots of detail left out in the discussion from Mr. Macfarland. I have thirty years of direct experience with regard to ranching and grazing livestock on public lands; both in assessment of the forage; soil and water resources, and planning and environmental analysis. This is a topic that Sibel and I should discuss in a round table. This IS my field of expertise!.

    There are two very different issues discussed here. The role of corporations in business and the economics of ranching, and the effects of livestock grazing on public lands and the role of ranchers and their responsibility.

    Sibel indicates Macfarland is welcome to come back for more interviews. I would like to part of that discussion.

    Looking forward to this discussion.

  9. catherine ladd says:

    We all saw the lengths to which governmental misconduct was perpetrated during the Bundy trial, and the MSM’s portrayal of this hard working American family as gun crazed redneck right wing radicals. This is just the warm up to the soon to come governmental war on the people put in place by Obama’s NDAA laws signed into place in 2013 which states Americans can be imprisoned without trial and can be legally droned without due process.

  10. To serve the “word of the law” instead of humanity is to serve a false god.

  11. Although certainly not as bad as intensive agriculture, ranching DOES degrade the ecosystem. Otherwise I agree with the argument put forward here: that the sentence passed is ridiculous and evil and that big corporations do get a free pass etc, whereas small ranchers are unfairly persecuted.

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