New 2018 Pentagon Defense Strategy: From the War on Terror to Predatory Economics

In this edition of a Different View with F William Engdahl he goes into the real issues on the new Pentagon Defense Strategy document that was widely missed by mainstream media, namely how the Pentagon is now making economic rivals into its main "enemy image," and no longer focusing on the War on Terror. He discusses what in fact this means and how it represents a dangerous shift in US military priorities.

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Show Notes

2018 National Defense Strategy

Defense Strategy for the 1990’s

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  1. April Sanchez says:

    I’m reading through one of William’s books now… Information is tightly packed in the writing… I’m glad he’s here at Newsbud…

  2. Annie Venesky says:

    This is unfortunately a rather superficial level of analysis. Who is the real superpower? The US or the Rothschild/Israel/international (Jewish primarily) banking-business cartel? Why talk about this unjust and therefore FAKE debt? We don’t have to pay a thing. I bring to attention Anthony Sutton’s work on how the US STATE DEPT funded the Soviet Union and even made the cars for the North Vietnamese. He wrote several books on this big bipolar lie. So what are the real geopolitics? The US is used as a warhorse and will continue to be while its internal economy becomes (pretty much already is that) a third world shithole police state. China just signed on Erik Prince as you reported. That tells me they are going nowhere fast. Russia has some very interesting ties with Israel, whose residents are 1/3 Russian. While you may say this is honesty from Mad Dog, and on that superficial level it is, we need to go deeper to see the real geopolitics. And the “new” industries are the same old extractive, suicidal industries that the planet cannot perpetuate — what natural gas will save us? Please. Truly new industries based on Tesla tech/free energy; decentralized, socialized ie PUBLIC, or people’s currency and a permaculture society are truly new innovations that will save us. I encourage William to explore permaculture and the Public Banking Institute work on public banks, which I want people to realize can set us up for our own currencies, as long as we can get rid of the federal government through nullification as Sibel Edmonds as promoted very very wisely here. A lot of great things can align. But this New Silk Road version of an ‘advance’ is likely more of the same, with more totalitarian owners. I appreciate the report but people have been promoting this as some sort of nail in the US coffin but as long as Rothschild will fund the US/Israel and China is already hurting economically after destroying its own country for short-term gain, we will have the same old 19th century patriarch story. I still think William is great. I just want to see us get to the heart of the matter of the money control.

    • Mark Passehl says:

      19th century Euro patriarchy was quite a good thing ; la belle epoque, especially compared to today’s mess, because it was volk and family oriented and based upon good basic Christian morals. The primary focus of Bolshevik ideology (Judaic, or Talmudic, in origin and inspiration no doubt) has been to erode those key foundations of stable and prosperous community by attacking the church values system and promoting personal liberties, including feminism, or new and unstable moralities, together with internationalism, multiculturalism and so forth.
      Although the NSDAP monetary plan undoubtedly worked in the most spectacular fashion, it’s not particularly necessary to have public money. It’s necessary that the powers of money creation should cease to be the exclusive privilege of one private business and that new money should be issued without usury and indeed free of any debt encumbrance. So state or public issuance is one good and very traditional (even patriarchal) solution, although another is the extension of money creation rights as broadly as possible among the institutions and even individuals of a political community (nation). In this case the chief financial role of the state would be to monitor circulation and to retire money in its own coffers if and when there’s too much of it (i.e. inflationary levels).

      To be fair Engdahl has written extensively on the modern monetary problem and its history. This history makes it abundantly clear that the private bank money is a vehicle for war (originating in the British imperial fleet building programme and the war against Louis XIV), whereas traditional state issuance always struggled to produce enough to fund wars properly, because they are so expensive(!) Nonetheless even the banker fractional reserve system has sustainability limits, which is why a substantial amount of debt free government money was issued by the British during the world wars. So too the current financier cartels (there’s approx 10,000 people in this clique, Rothschilds are only a handful !) cannot sustain indefinite and unlimited money creation for the US war industries. It needs to be based on some tangible economic reality. This is why the British had to cede the role of political hegemon to the US after WW2, despite the origin of the whole system in the city of London square cesspit. Post WW2 this reality was US industrial might and gold reserves, both of which gave way to the petro dollar. The latter is a simplification for oil and energy trading (really for international trade as a whole) conducted primarily in US dollars and thus a heavy global demand for the currency. So what seems to interest Engdahl presently is the extent to which large scale international trade in non US currencies (especially as conducted by big economies like the Chinese, Russian, Iranian) could damage and potentially derail the entire western financial system ; especially since a very great deal of the world’s resource and agricultural wealth is inside the Chinese and Russian national boundaries serviced by the various Silk Road projects.

      Free energy really means electrical energy, which was Tesla’s focus. For an appreciation of the fundamentally bogus nature of modern cosmology in the service of a captive market for the generation and sale of electrical energy, see the works of the Electric Universe movement at
      They argue that the known universe consists fundamentally of electric energy and neutrinos in a constant flux. Its now an observed fact that stars and planetary bodies form inside enormous dust clouds along vastly large and energetic lightning bolts, like pearls on a string, and not as a result of dust collecting and collapsing upon itself under the (super weak) force of gravitation. You can drill down into this from the secure knowledge that our thoughts and consciousness are electrical in nature, and so too the structure of the atom. So too, probably, each galactic core, where the observed facts better accord with a plasma focus than the bizarre mathematical theory called a black hole.

      • If you have not already, you might enjoy the work of Dwardu Cardona.

      • John Phillips says:

        “19th century Euro patriarchy was quite a good thing ; la belle epoque, especially compared to today’s mess, because it was volk and family oriented and based upon good basic Christian morals.”

        Huh. I stopped reading right there!

        You assume 19th century Euro was a good thing for the masses. It was not. Christian values….death, destruction, hatred for Islam and anything other than “christian”; a means of mind control and disempowerment of the individual. There is little good in “Christian”….sorry. Evangelical “anything” is a threat to personal freedoms.

      • Robert Diggins says:

        I totally concur with the comments about electricity and, in particular, the Thunderbolts Project channel on YT. It took me a few years of watching the multiple series of videos there to be very confident that these band aids for relativity, were simply that. Hmm… how could gravity only hold a galaxy together? Well, sir, we’d need something infinitely dense at the middle, LOL. Yeah, go ahead with that, if you can describe it in math, people will be ok with it, because they can’t read math and instantly start believing in smart people. Are you serious? Yes, now get to work!

        I hope many of you are aware that dark energy and dark matter are dying in academia, while mathematicians desperately scramble to rewrite gravity only theories trhat “don’t need them.”

        Mathematicians should get out of the lead in cosmology and hand it back to the natural sciences.

        FYI, there are 3 dimensions, no more, no less. And time is not a dimension or part of a dimension. It is a METHOD for finding frequencies, when comparing the ratio of one series of events to another. No events, nothing to time. No time. It’s not a thing or place or something that can be travelled. It’s how we refine our observations of patterns and reoccurring events, starting with the human heartbeat, which is similar to the Second standard.

        Also, this group of multidisciplinary scientists is making correct predictions about comets and plasma experiments in the laboratory. Actual science.

        99.9 percent of the observable universe is in the plasma state of matter. The ether is not esoteric. El3ctric currents do travel great distances through space, through plasma, in Berkelund currents named after a Norwegian scientist who figured out the Northern lights were plasma and coming from the Sun, which is more of a lightbulb than a campfire.

        I know this will be hard for some. But, if you want to look into electric universe, please get info from the Thunderbolts Project. There are a lot of cultish, non-scientific, Know-It-All types out there, who are only partially informed and mostly cool sounding and esoteric speculation. This is a really important topic, BTW. Thanks for bringing them up!

    • Eugene Guilfoyle says:

      Excellent insight Annie..

  3. Nathaniel Cusano says:

    the audio quality is really bad. Can he get a better microphone or something?

  4. Mark Johns says:

    The heart of capitalism has moved elsewhere. The neoliberal notion that the US political establishment, along with its allies, could somehow maintain hegemony while selling out the internal US economy is unfeasible. The threat and use of brute military force is now the primary US power source. As the scenario actually plays out and war crimes mount, the flaws in the plan become more obvious, resulting in the corporate looting that the US calls an economy. The US is in a far deeper crisis than its citizenry yet realizes.
    Unfortunately, with that said, capitalism is still the dominant economic system worldwide. . .an adaptable virus that is rapacious, requiring compounded growth as its fuel. I seriously doubt that “greening” it will actually save the species from extinction or near extinction.

  5. William Field says:

    Excellent & spot on FWE, thankyou!..My guess is; 45 Yrs ago there were 3 Billion folks on earth..1Billion in the developed world and 2 Billion in Underdeveloped world….now there is about 7.6 Billion folks on earth…& how many Underdeveloped?….I’m not sure, but say possibly 5 Billion….The Empire, Western Banking Elites & IMF & WB & MIC et al have excelled in keeping these Underdevelpoed Billions poor, or VERY poor, weak & uneducated for past 100 yrs ..& often underneath Western Bombs dropped by various players……….The Model has been to keep Nations poor & controlled by our puppets & steal their resources,…set them to war against whoever …loan them money & sell them arms …all creating huge suffering & destruction & oppression & enrich not “Western Nations” but a very few folks there who do not need any more money in a million yrs… However, it’s obsolete thinking…because there is a massive amount of Wealth that can & will be made developing these nations & a market of 5 Billion who will need most everything we in West enjoy today….& we CAN do that & still retain Military control with verification..China is going for this MASSIVE market & strategy & I have no doubt they will get it…we can’t stop it….they are leaving us behind in the dust already….Lastly US has the Technology, true…but how many Scientists & Engineers are graduation every year in China vis a vis USA/UK/EU…..In times gone by Nations that were a rising that got zonked…but today we have this insanely huge possible Military adversary & a “Mexican Standoff” so… lets hope nobody is stupid enough to risk it. The lie has always been Econ. 101 School/Uni propaganda i.e. “There is Limited Resources”…The truth is there is masses of Energy & resources….& partic so if we start to address overpopulation & waste….partic War Waste!

  6. John Phillips says:

    Excellent Job William!
    May I suggest that “international Politics” is the veneer under which “International Business” is conducted.

    Very few actually know what is going on with the few that control the many. Often, when one gets too close…they suffer an untimely departure from the here and now.

    They (those that control us) are unlikely to destroy themselves thru war and such; however, there is nothing stopping them from wiping most of us out!

    When will we come to understand we are a coyote in a cage and it’s getting f’ing deadly!

    I prefer peace, but the war us upon us.

  7. William Field says:

    Fantastic report….& I suspect quite right …. & it will push Russia & China closer together …AND they are NOT stupid and they are NOT weak or “backward” ..I also suspect India does not have a lot of love for West…..So??….At’s all so totally dangerous & unnecessary in this day & age when technology can easily & cheaply provide plenty of “all” for all,…so how long before something massively destructive goes wrong?….puts a new meaning to “Russian Roulette” or what?…….When a new report please William?

  8. William Field says:

    When a new report please William?

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