Billionaire Omidyar’s “Intercept”: Government-Silicon Valley Nexus to Intercept & Censor Whistleblowers

Newsbud Founder and Editor Sibel Edmonds is joined by Investigative Journalist Whitney Webb to discuss Webb’s recent three-part investigative report exposing billionaire founder of the Intercept- Pierre Omidyar. Webb delves deep into Omidyar’s long-ongoing multi-billion dollar partnership with government agencies, including the CIA and NSA, questionable coincidences and ties between Omidyar-Snowden, Glenn Greenwald’s hushed contract and arrangements with Omidyar to privatize Snowden’s 500+K page leak, Freedom of Press Foundation’s betrayal of Wikileaks’ Julian Assange, and much more. Do not miss this explosive interview exposing the new trend in intercepting and neutralizing whistleblowers and their information.

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Show Notes

FBI Whistleblower on Pierre Omidyar and His Campaign to Neuter Wikileaks

Palantir: The PayPal-offshoot Becomes a Weapon in the War Against Whistleblowers & WikiLeaks

Omidyar’s PayPal Corporation Said To Be Implicated in Withheld NSA Documents

Glenn Greenwald Goes on Record: “I Don’t Doubt PayPal Cooperates with NSA!”

Keeping Secrets: Pierre Omidyar, Glenn Greenwald and the privatization of Snowden's leaks

Julian Assange chides Glenn Greenwald, slams Pierre Omidyar and "big power" First Look

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  1. Kevin Huckins says:

    Bravo, Sibel and Whitney. Hypothesis: the value of an expose _in_the_public_interest_ is proportional to the State sanctions borne by the expositor. Counter-example of Reality Winner aside, this hypothesis validates the efforts of Sibel Edmonds, Julian Assange, John Kiriakou, Chelsea Manning, James Risen, and James Rosen, among others.

  2. immortalist says:

    Great presentation. Now we know about Greenwald’s buy-in to the Snowden psyop. I had no idea he was a pornographer. So all of these billionaires are NOC (nonofficial cover) for CIA/the deep state. I already assumed as such. I would love to see a presentation just on Jeff Bezos. Just who is this guy? Also, we need an alternative to PayPal for sure, an encrypted people’s PayPal. Clearly this is how NSA is keeping track of our transactions. I would also like to know more about how CIA and the US deep state connects to the Rothschild banking cartel/Israel/Mossad.

  3. Control must be more addictive than heroin – one taste and you’re spying on everyone, because you can. Like adolscent boys with their first pair of binoculars.

    Of course, the psyops club think we’re stupid. We have bought a lot of their BS crazy lies. And like all drugs you gotta keep upping the ante to get a buzz. So yeah, they get their rocks off on hiding in plain sight of the ‘dumb herd’. Ha ha – great use of a life, guys.

    You can only play whack a mole with the truth for so long though. I know they aim for full spectrum dominance, but it brings down every empire, every time.

    Good to see Newsbud supporting other independants out there. And vice versa.

  4. Joseph Harrington says:

    Lol at the Greenwald info, a lot I haven’t heard before. The narrative with these people is truly bizarre. I been paying close attention to Chelsea Manning lately. It’s like wtf ?! Lol How are people even taking all of them seriously.

    I still skeptical about Julian Assange though. Didn’t he say something like “I’m constantly annoyed by people who are ddistracted by the false conspiracy of 911.” I mean this really sounds like gate keeper speak such as Noam Chomsky when he talks about 911.

    • joan marklund says:

      Excatly right on 9/11 and Assange. 9/11 researcher Ryan Dawson have been talking about Assange and his Israeli chicken-feed info. Truly a gatekeeper for 9/11 truth.

      • Peter Camacho says:

        Perhaps this is a naive comment but I’m going to put it out there anyways. So far I take Julian Assange at face value. The points about Assange and 911, Assange and Israel, how about a song and the UFO question

      • Peter Camacho says:

        * sorry I don’t know what happened there malfunction
        Perhaps this is a naive comment but I’m going to put it out there anyways. So far I take Julian Assange at face value. The points about Assange and 911, Assange and Israel, how about Assange and the UFO question. Perhaps he has not received any leaked information in which to put out to the public. Just a thought.

  5. I donated to the intercept and Greenwald before I realized that he,she, it was compromised , the identifier that I donated under is still receiving left wing solicitations to fund anti Trump propaganda, and other LGBTG? spam , petitions and such . Recently I read that the Freedom of The Press foundation also cut off WIKI and I am not sure what payment system they are currently using ?
    Everyone thinks the back door into encryption is about email but the real thing our government wants access to is payment and Cryptozoic currency to track and manipulate leaks of these information systems.

  6. Bryan Gray says:

    This was an interesting piece about trust in media and some of the who, what, when where, why, how and how much related to purchasing that public trust. Many factors work against an informed public such as division of labor (increased specialization allows for less time spent understanding subjects outside ones specialty), confirmation bias, and lack of basic science education to name a few. In a democracy an uninformed/misinformed public, not aware of and/or understanding facts, will vote according to their emotions. Emotions masterfully manipulated most famously by Edward Bernays who coined the term Public Relations and defined it as “The Engineering of Consent”. While that may be depressing, informed individuals are better able to make decisions for themselves and their families. Thank you to the entire newsbud team for providing media which is free of advertisement and funded like Consumer Reports.

    Interesting article on Reality Winner: “The World’s Biggest Terrorist has a Pikachu Bedspread” -Kerry Howley. 22 Dec 2017

  7. This was another great interview. Thank you for introducing me to this series of stories this great woman has written. I hadn’t even thought of the irony of the intercept’s name, it made me laugh because it is so true.

  8. Its called “Co-incidence theory” Sibel. )
    Thank you both.
    Mention of Edward Bernays in comments, seeded by ‘coincidental’ power associations and connections under discussion with Whitney Webb, reminded me of another co-incidence recently come upon: co-founder and first CEO of NETFLIX is Marc Bernays Randolph, who’s paternal great-granduncle was psychoanalysis pioneer Sigmund Freud and paternal great-uncle was Edward Bernays, pioneer in the field of public relations and propaganda.
    A cursory look at NETFLIX argues ‘perception management’ a key production value.
    Co-incidental question. Is Ms Webb related to Gary or George ? The Webb’s seem particularly good at truth reporting and dot-joining you’d have to say.

  9. Thanks, I’m wondering about Newsbud’s views on Assange; WHY is he accepted at face value? and WHY hasn’t INDEPENDENT MEDIA investigated him? He has a shady past and became a hero AFTER BEING ARRESTED.

  10. William Field says:

    Fantastic REALLY GREAT work Girls!….Yes I thought Intercepts credit was shot & their agenda was “dodgy” & withdrew my support long ago…This is an important storey….It indicates how effective the Empire is in co-opting &/or collaborating with not only Media barons but also many wealthy industrialists & they ASSIST & fund lying to the masses……..& how also The Empire infiltrates & destroys debate with “money” & fools that “sell out”! Go Whitney, a GREAT reporter!!

  11. i just posted this link to a comment i made in retweeting something from #BillOwen
    he said he’s a personal friend of #GlennGreenwald & wouldn’t listen to anything…
    it’s funny. i thought we would debate it, i’ve debated with him before. he’s a rude, sarcastic son of a gun (oops! i shouldn’t say that, he’s on the unarm Americans train right now over florida) anyway, we do agree of some things. so many times i wanted to unfollow him, but he beat me to the punch. bravo. thanks!
    i don’t know who he is. that’s been a mystery to me. some canadian, sharp wit, but very anti-Christ & opinionated. but it makes me remember the old adage, “it’s the hit dogs that howl.”

  12. Peter Camacho says:

    Thank you for the in-depth on Glenn Greenwald and your confirmation on Edward Snowden’s psyop. I had just recently heard a comment put out through Q Anon “… but who control Snowden?” I always did wonder why Snowden did not go through WikiLeaks I thought he just made a poor choice in Glenn Greenwald because of the fact that the documents were not coming out very fast at all and then when he’s teamed up with Pierre Omidyar it seems that Glenn Greenwald had fallen for the bait of millions of dollars and fame to keep quiet. And now it seems like that was the plan all along. It is so disheartening because I’ve heard Greenwald and Snowden speak on different occasions and they both speak so eloquently about constitutional rights and freedom of speech and the necessity of the division of the press and the government. We need Newsbud now more than ever. What do you think of Q Anon? And what about Karen Hudes, what do you make of her?

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