Breaking: U.S. Backed Terrorists Shoot Down Russian Plane in Syria – Russia Retaliates

Breaking news coming out of Syria, as a Russian war plane was shot down in the Idlib province of northwest Syria. The Russian Defense Ministry confirmed the Su-25 was shot down and stated that the pilot ejected safely, but was killed fighting “terrorists”.

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8 Turkish Troops Die in Syria Operation; Russian Pilot Slain

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  1. bruinschuss says:

    This proxy war gets closer and closer to a conventional war every day. It makes it hard to plan more than a few years ahead.

  2. James Williamson says:

    WE are the terrorists. When will US Americans ever learn? Fox, McCain, the Pentagon and cabinet generals, the CEOs of the mil/ind complex, the CFR, even bullsxxxxxrs’ like Bernie Sanders (with his continuous dissemination of the Russia-gate propaganda) are begging for war. What’s wrong with these people?

    • John Floyd says:

      You have some good points. However I think we are better compared to incompetent bullies than terrorists.

      • James Williamson says:

        I would argue, John, that we are clownish, heartless, murderous, cynical and, yes, at times, incompetent, but mostly competent. By being the bullies we are, the liars we are known to be around the globe, in sync with the ruthlessness of our ever-expanding surveillance state and, along with our propaganda front, the MSM, in promoting the fraudulent “war on terror,” “we’ve” been extremely successful in moving toward “full spectrum dominance.” The numerous illegal and covert regime changes we’ve brought about since WWII, from Chile to Iran in the fifties to the Ukraine and Honduras and Libya most recently, were extremely competent and effective. I won’t even open that false flag can of worms from Cuba to Vietnam to 9/11 to Boston (and Vegas). The problem is that there is no way we can finish the job without causing major damage (probably irreparable) to the planet from our nuclear arrogance. The incompetence is still to come, I think. And it will. (But you’re right about one thing, when we need terrorists, we hire them.)

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