The Murder of Alternative Media

On this edition of The Geopolitical Report, we examine the concerted effort by the establishment to demonize and eventually eliminate alternative media. Since the election and the debunked hysterical claim Russia meddled in the election and helped Trump defeat Clinton, the government has leaned heavily on social media platforms to put an end to supposed fake news generated by phantom Russian operatives and bots. The real target is not Russia, but non-establishment media in general. It’s a full frontal assault by the ruling elite to gain control of the narrative and marginalize if not eradicate opposition to its agenda. There are some big players behind this effort. For instance, the Alliance for Securing Democracy. This organization describes itself as a bipartisan transatlantic effort by policymakers, like-minded institutions, and technical experts to address the urgent need to secure democracy from what it describes as a nefarious Russian influence operation. The ultimate goal is to manipulate societal trends and challenge nongovernmental actors who may attempt to replicate the supposed Russian tactics. In other words, it will attack those of us outside the propaganda matrix, those who criticize policies of the state, especially in regard to foreign policy.

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Show Notes

Schiff, Feinstein blame Russian bots for #ReleaseTheMemo hashtag, demand investigation

Our Russia Fixation Is Devolving Into an Assault on Political Discourse

Theresa May is setting up a 'fake news' unit to fight Russian propaganda

CIA presence in Ukraine gives the wrong impression, senator warns

McCarthyism Inc.: Terror Cranks Sold America the Russia Panic

Alliance for Securing Democracy

PropOrNot Unmasked

Soros-funded think tank attempts to silence critical journalists

Russian Bots Might Be Behind Controversial #ReleaseTheMemo Campaign, Democrats Say

Media Lies About Fake News

German Marshall Fund

Congress Relying On Debunked 'Guilt By Association' Online Tool To Track 'Russian Influence'

GMF: Our Partners

After years of 'fake news attacks' across Europe—EU responds

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  1. bruinschuss says:

    Excellent report as always. It’s hard to think of the average American as swallowing mainstream tripe when it’s so outrageous, contradictory, and makes the reality of geopolitical events confusing as hell. When the evening news, newspapers, or NPR are your only source, international politics are a deep deep mystery. My parents were supposedly “woke” and vocal about politics in this country, but they watch Rachel Maddow religiously and swallowed Russiagate hook, line, and sinker.

    Americans are stuck in the Red vs. Blue trap. Although now it’s framed in the more extreme liberal vs. NAZI. Supporting the establishment is now the liberal leaning American’s moral imperative or else the Trump-NAZI boogeyman is taking over. I think the NAZI imperative is specifically targeted at millennials, the generation that should be out in the street the most, in order to browbeat them into attacking their “opposition” and disregarding citizens with conservative anti-government views as being white supremacists and not potential allies. It reminds me of the 1990’s psyop to take down the militia movements springing up in response to state overreach.

    Then, conveniently, the discomfort of a security state emerging in everyday life can be written off as the work of Trump NAZIs, and its actual origins ignored.

    As a side note, Google has stopped working for me. Has anybody else noticed this? I type in keywords that should pull up articles, and I just get crap. Unrelated articles with no keyword hits. Pages of them. I like to check search engine results against each other, and it seems like in the past 5 months Google’s results have become more and more off-topic. Now it’s essentially useless. If anybody knows about an alternative, I’d love to hear it. I’ve been using Ecosia for a while, but I don’t like it or trust it.

    • Kurt Nimmo says:

      I no longer use Google for research or even simple searches. It will now only bring up Corporate Borg Hive results. I use Duck Duck Go, it’s much better. This is how they are scrubbing the internet, piece by piece, under the direction of the state. I dumped Facebook, considering only using Twitter to post announcement of videos and articles posted here. Twitter is increasingly useless–an empire of trolls, foul-mouthed idiots, and people who lack the ability to grasp the most simple of political issues. I have moved over to Steemit where I will post short blogs. Unfortunately, there isn’t a lot of activist folks there–yet.

  2. Max Havelaar says:

    The fun part is: networking technology can make anything Alternative: IP adressing, DNS names, VPN’s, bitcoins.

    So a vast Alternative – Underground – encrypted Internet VPN traffic is possible, and can hardly be stopped.

    Unless, the Billionaires send us to Auschwitz as slave labour, again!

  3. Gregory Hofmann says:

    Why do all those British Parliament Members have that girly boy accent that rank and file Brits don’t?

  4. Great and insightful presentation! When they use the phrase “Free World” I would assume they are referring to the western countries including America. The same countries that caused both the 1st and 2nd world wars, and are now looking for ways to start the 3rd world war, the same nation that created and funds the like of ISIS, the same countries that spy on all it’s citizen, and frisk them down as common criminals when ever they’re boarding a flight from the airport, the same people that subject their citizen to heavy taxation, while they exempt themselves from same taxation. Is this freedom. There is nothing free about the so call free world.
    These are vipers, psychopaths, pretending to be humans, they take pleasure only in the suffering they inflict on the human race.

  5. Christian says:

    Well done, Kurt. Your reports are always clear, direct, and accurate. Thank you.

  6. Jeff Martin says:

    It’s ironic that these Communists call our side Russians or Russian influenced. They purport to be champions of democracy and free speech when they are the ones overthrowing democratically elected governments and want to censor everybody’s speech but their own. I can’t make up my mind if these people really believe what they say or are just extremely good liars. For me anyway, it’s getting easier to detect these NWO phonies. Thanks to the Newsbud crew for sorting the wheat from the BS.

    I, too, have stopped using Google ANYTHING. For a search engine, I use Start Page (based in the Netherlands. It’s Katherine Albrecht’s creation) or Duck Duck Go. Neither one tracks or saves your browse history on their servers. For sensitive searches I use the TOR browser. It’s also free to use.

  7. William Field says:

    The Russia “influence” storey is so utterly ridiculous one wonders how anyone can even say it or imagine it without laughing out loud?…Talk about “Fake News”…& when one considers the influence of “Israel & their shills in US Media & Public life & on the US elections It can only be a smokescreen & to accuse others of what they are themselves are guilty of…..We are living in the “Goebbles World” today….no lie is to big if repeated enough for the some gullible ones to swallow…It’s a good little earner for these creeps profiting from all this but I say THEY HAVE LOST THE NARRATIVE & can’t get it now…KEEP POSTING & TELL EVERYONE YOU Can! ….Newsbud ought consider realiser some reports to Public so we can share and recommend more subscribe to it. Cheers Kurt, Just GREAT GREAT GREAT again!

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