BREAKING: Insider Exposes Rogue CIA-State Dept. Blocking Release of American Pastor-Turkish Prison.

Inside sources expose a small group of high-level bureaucrats within the State Department and the CIA that have been sabotaging the Trump-Pence White House directive on efforts for the release of Pastor Andrew Brunson, who has been jailed in Turkey due to his alleged connection to Gulen Network's failed coup attempt in Turkey in 2016.

*Read the full breaking report here.

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  1. janiece turner says:

    Is Gülen so important to the CIA that the USG will hardly even acknowledge Turkey’s request for extradition? Are they worried there’s so many Gülen goons in the U.S. that if they extradite him there will be some sort of wide-spread retaliation? Are they getting things from Turkey by holding him as a bargaining chip? Seriously, what is the deal with the USG and that man?

    And Trump and Pence want the Pastor released enough to make an international ordeal about it, but not enough to give up Gülen? Or any of his goons in America who have people from Congress, law enforcement, the media, judges, and schools in their pockets? Is that insider sure Trump and Pence are even trying to help the Pastor? With everything their Generals have going on in Syria, it just seems like the Admin would benefit as much from crying human rights foul on Erdogan as the CIA.

    I don’t think there’s a single situation involving the U.S. and Gülen that has made any sense to me yet. The layers never seem to end.

  2. CuChulainn says:

    Turkey govt defended this ship apparently carrying drugs; Turkish govt role in drug trade has evidently not ended with the marginalization of the Gülen movement in Turkey.
    The Greek Coast Guard on Monday fired warning shots against a Turkish-flag ship which was suspected of carrying drugs near Rhodes.

  3. roger sylvester says:

    Erdogan can instruct his Pilots to drop bombs MISSING THERE TARGETS PLEASE.
    I’ll instruct the P K K to shoot high and Miss there targets.

    Every one is then Happy. THE PRESS and DEFENSE ESTABLISHMENT and No one gets hurt. Savvy?

    Lots of good press and Lots of MONEY spent on BOMBS and Bullets no what i mean????

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