At the Olympics, South Korea Says “Enough” to a Century of Japanese and U.S. Betrayal

The split between the Republic of Korea on one side, and the United States and Japan on the other, has become glaringly apparent at the Winter Olympic Games in Pyeongchang.

ROK President Moon Jae in has broken with Donald Trump and Shinzo Abe in pursuing direct outreach to the DPRK—the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea, a.k.a. North Korea.

The US and Japan have responded with snubs, sitdowns, and calls for engagement to be abandoned after the Olympics and a return to an exclusive policy of harsh sanctions and coercion.

American pundits are mystified why South Korea isn’t lining up with the United States and Japan on North Korea policy.

Well, it’s because the U.S. strategic position in Asia is founded on backing Japan… to the detriment of Korea.  And that policy is in trouble.

American obliviousness was summed up by a comment on NBC’s Olympic coverage that aroused fury in South Korea.

As the Japanese team marched into the stadium, Joshua Cooper Ramo, NBC’s designated Asian know-it-all, declared:

“Japan, a country which occupied Korea from 1910 to 1945. But every Korean will tell you that Japan is a cultural and technological and economic example that has been so important to their own transformation."

Korea Times covered Ramo’s remarks under headline: NBC analyst under fire in Korea for ignorant comment .

Ramo by the way, is a big shot at Henry Kissinger’s consulting company, a protégé of Time Magazine (and Broadcasting Board of Governors jefe) Walter Isaacson, and a Mandarin speaker.

He ought to know better.  But apparently he doesn’t.

This isn’t just ancient history.  It’s white-hot current politics, and a Korean craving for justice for the suffering they endured at the hands of Japan…and America’s continuing collusion with Japan in denying it.

South Korea’s estrangement from the United States as collateral damage of America’s fatal and persistent tilt toward Japan.

And it’s getting worse.

And US-Japanese collusion has deepened with the administration of Shinzo Abe, a conservative and historical revisionist determined who wants to celebrate Japan’s imperial achievements in the 20th century, not apologize for them…and has positioned himself as America’s indispensable ally as the U.S. struggles with its declining clout in Asia.

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The following extended audio report - open to all - delves deep into the specifics

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  1. Thanks for putting it in simple terms, Peter.

    The Divine Nation suffers from the same warped view of reality as the Nazis and cults and other assorted crazies.

    Japan has also lost its way. There is no self-respect in allowing the monsters that dropped nukes on you, to occupy your nation forever more. They are not even protecting the Okinawan women, TODAY.

    Enjoyed the handshake between Moon Jae In and Kim Yo Jong at the Olympics. ‘My brother says we should do lunch.’ ‘Yes, let’s do lunch.’

    Could have done without Pence’s humourless visage. It’s being so cheerful that keeps him going, I guess.

    • Mark Passehl says:

      The nukes were dropped on the Christian centres in Japan, a point not to be overlooked.

      The “Nazi” view of reality was pretty accurate. Nazi is a NY Jew’s slang term for the NSDAP, the only organization which ever took on the western financier clique head on. Hence the bad press, since said financiers control the press ; as Newsbud would probably acknowledge. Suggest you look deeper into real WW2 issues and stop regurging warped NY Jew view on reality. A good place to start is the Bolshevik, US, Brit, Polish conspiracy to murder German nationals in Polish territory in order to provoke Hitler into war. Many thousands were massacred and up to a million refugees fled into the reich borderlands before Hitler invaded Poland. If this isn’t part of your historical reality then you’re being duped

  2. steven hobbs says:

    Hi Peter,
    A succinct primer on the San Francisco System. And, a domestic violence metaphor too?
    Thank you.

  3. It’s more complicate than that and as a Veteran of Military Intelligence I can see that we have a President who is a Novice at Politics and has allowed himself to be surrounded by Deep State Globalists and Hussein O’ holdovers who will lie to POTUS at every chance they have and while that does not excuse Trump from judiciously having reliable sources of integrity to give honest Intel to him, he is also surrounded by wolves feigning as Patriots and Sheep who would kill him if given the Clear Opportunity without repercussion.

    President Trump KNOWS this, has been warned and has private security, special security measures and FREQUENTS Del Margo because that is the ONLY place that he is SECURE to have Intel Briefings (under the guise of time off) as we ALL in the Intel Community KNOW that Trump Tower, The White House, Air Force One are ALL compromised with agents of DEEP STATE as well as advanced Spyware technologies that can also alter Brain Waves, Cognition and perception, audio and video remote viewing and microwave frequencies (NEXRAD Doppler) that are electronic toxins and I will leave the rest to your imagination without saying too much.

    Think what you want about him but from what Intel that I am privy to (not much in real time) he is apparently pulling off the greatest Counter-Intelligence Operation in the History of the world. IF he is successful WITH the Patriots who RECRUITED him and ASKED him to run (he first turned them down), he will be in Fact, Not Rhetoric, the Greatest President that the United States has ever had and possibly WILL ever have.

    That being said, he has done a fantastic job in so many ways while having quite a few fantastic screw ups like bombing the Syrian Airport (At least he warned the Syrians and Russians beforehand) to firing General Flynn (who was FRAMED by the FBI) to keeping McMaster the Disaster, Kelly Jelly spine and Mad Max Mattis who is a war criminal at his side – but that is where the BIG “Q” comes in – Is he Trolling the Deep State by keeping his enemies extremely close, while feigning to be a victim – all the while, “Acting” like a bit of a Bully Which is EXACTLY what the Deep State Operatives NEED to happen to the DAILY and MULTIPLE TIMES!!

    He continues to be unpredictable which is EXACTLY what and WHO we need right now.

    ~ We DON”T need a smooth talking head to regurgitate the Old World Odor’s BS genocidal agenda
    ~ We DON’T need a President that allows the Global Political Heads to “Relax” and think that the Deep State is in Total Control
    ~ We DON’T need a politician who has never or recently made millions by lining their pockets with unethical back door deals
    ~ We MUST have a President who can PLAY the Psy-Op Deep State game on THEIR TERMS and THEIR TURF while constantly attacking them, throwing them off guard and trolling them incessantly WHICH IS WHAT THESE CRIMINALS MUST HAVE
    ~ They NEED to be TENSE – OFF GUARD – AT WITS END – Attacked – Trolled – Investigated – Insinuated – Belittled and Humiliated
    ~ EVERY person that Trump has attacked EVERY LAST ONE OF THEM whether or not it is publicly known ABSOLUTELY DESERVES that attack because they are Deep State Operatives, Handled By or COMPLICIT WITH the Deep State – EVERY one of them including Rosie O-Donnell, Gold Star Muslim Brotherhood Member, Khazir Khan – NOT ONE did not deserve to be attacked.

    I think if Trump spoke like Tony Soprano people would understand him much better and people would even respect him more. He IS a Queens Boy and like Dan Bongino said, (He is also from Queens)” We Boys from Queens have a lifetime chip on our shoulder because we’ve been told we’re not as smart as the guys from Manhatten – not as Tough as the guys from the Bronx. We always exaggerate our claims because it’s understand that everyone else in our neighborhood knows that we’re not lying – we’re one-upping everyone else. If we made $50,000 – we say we made $250,000 – but everyone else knows that we’re exaggerating. Trump is from Queens so we all understand that some of the things that he brags about is just that, exaggerating not to deceive, but to defend and On-Up the other guys”

    South Korea is ABSOLUTELY RIGHT to assert themselves and even Call Out Trump for getting lazy and being stupid for buying into Deep State lies, The difference with Trump is, if you attack HIM with facts – he doesn’t take it personally and in fact welcomes it and has said before – “They were right to call me out” THAT’S what we need in a President for now – Not a CIA Clown that was chosen from jr high by CIA operatives like Clinton, (his shaking JFK’s hand on the WhiteHouse lawn was NOT a coincidence) Liddle Bush and Barry Hussein Soetero

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