Justice Denied: The Government Is Not Going to Save Us

The U.S. Supreme Court will not save us. The Supreme Court was intended to be an institution established to intervene and protect “we the people” against the government and its agents when they overstep their bounds. Yet Americans can no longer rely on the courts to mete out justice. In the police state being erected around us, the police and other government agents can probe, poke, pinch, taser, search, seize, strip and generally manhandle anyone they see fit in almost any circumstance, all with the general blessing of the courts. Whether it’s police officers breaking through people’s front doors and shooting them dead in their homes or strip searching innocent motorists on the side of the road, these instances of abuse are continually validated by a judicial system that kowtows to virtually every police demand, no matter how unjust, no matter how in opposition to the Constitution. The bottom line is this: no one is coming to save us: not the courts, not the legislatures, and not the president.

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Show Notes

Young v. Borders

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Justice Denied: The Government Is Not Going to Save Us

Battlefield America: The War on the American People

Rutherford Institute

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  1. bruinschuss says:

    Unfortunately, the current dialogue in the country focuses on the police as a “black” problem, leveraging race and “privilege” politics to divide people. Not that the zombie media even bothers to address the issue in the first place.

    The police are a mortal threat to all of us.
    Only mass insurrection and marches in the streets could secure our rights, I agree. As long as individuals buy into the media-planted idea that their neighbor is their enemy, it won’t be possible. You don’t have to agree with another’s politics to join them in brotherhood to secure your rights, and the rights of your children.
    How many more bodybags filled with innocent citizens will it take?

  2. William Field says:

    How important and true…& brilliantly well made clear, thankyou so KN ..A heroic speech!…& I’ve never been more inspired to ACT….& now I am motivated too….I am never going to let my Member of Parliament get away with their BS again… .when more of us go see & have direct “discussions” with our Politicians & challenge their mad “towing of the line” things WILL change! How brilliant!….we don’t do it but we all ought do it!

  3. William Field says:

    Apologies, I meant above to say thankyou & Bravo to John Whitehead. Cheers.

  4. Peter Camacho says:

    Slightly off topic but not really how is it that the United States can continue be present in Syria illegally and yet the world, the UN does not take them to task for this flaunting of International agreements. Why does the UN not stage a protest against United States and shut them down. The United States abide by no law except when it is convenient like demanding other countries abide to such laws. When will all the cries of the Souls who have lost their lives unjustly at the hands of this world terrorist United States of America be heard? I cry.

    • David E Burden says:

      The UN is useless, in most cases. They pontificate and debate, but nothing good ever really comes from it.
      I believe part of the reason for this, (while there are numerous), is because of where the UN building is located. New York, USA. Then factor in who gave the land to the UN. Mr. Rockefeller, an American business man. Then look at who has veto power in all matters. The US.
      Finally, even when the UN tells the US not to do something, or TO do something, the US goes ahead and does whatever it wants anyway, with no repercussions other than possibly some more useless talk. The US refuses to even sign many of the international agreements and treaties. Their media lackeys never mention that fact though.
      The American public is largely ill and un informed about the true nature of things in the world, and even at home. The Mainstream Media is in total collaboration with the CIA and the criminals who are inhabiting our governmental offices, pretending to be our government. Therefore, since the majority of Americans get their news and information from that same government colluding media, they are ignorant of the problems.
      Then there are those of us who make it a point to be well informed. We do not approve of the terrorist actions taken by the criminals in Washington D.C., but they pay no more attention to us than they do to the UN. Many of us are doing all we can to wake up our fellow citizens to the realities, but we are hampered by the total control of the public airwaves by those same criminals in Washington D.C.
      Every alternative media that is telling the truth, is being attacked by the corporate stooges as I type. Further, there are not enough of them, and many do not have the outstanding staff that Sibel Edmonds has been able to assemble here at Newsbud. The ones who accept advertising are getting run out and/or shut down, one after another.
      The UN is in total collusion with the International Bankers and Corporations that desire their “New World Order”, making them a huge part of the problem, and therefore not a part of the solution.
      I understand why you cry, as do millions of my countrymen, and we are trying to help. Meanwhile, many of us cry with you, as we seek answers.

      I do wish I had better answers for you sir. Wherever you are, take care, spread the message, and watch your back.


  5. ruth slater says:


  6. Well said, John! I’ll tell you what Martin Luther King said, and did say, 51 years ago: “The greatest purveyor of violence in the world: My own government, I can not be silent.” Near as I can tell, it’s what they killed him for…

  7. Kathleen St. Clare says:

    American school children may not have a good idea of what MLK stood for, but French school children are required to memorize parts of his I Have a Dream speech.

  8. Thank you for this. These people are such scum, Sessions especially. I wonder if I will see the day that Donald allows them to point our tanks and our military back at us like in generations past, as we show up to eliminate their defective presence from our system. I have little if any reason thus far to doubt that things are improving with President Trump, to whom I remain grateful. Hopefully he keeps it going right because he is in a position to do so much good for the human race it is unbelievable…

    But focussing on that translucent, gelatinous, wolf in sheeps clothing, AG Sessions, he needs to be put in his place for his abuses and failures to meet the measure of the responsibility he has so feebly mishandled as AG. This miscondict has been done in the sight of God! And I know what the rewards for swine are motherf*****!!! He needs to get thrown out on his sorry ass!

    WE need to remain as one blood as we fight for our country and our future. We have the best of everything here and we squander it for the filth on TV. F*** these opporrunist wannabe good people. I know when the time comes where the ball will drop, and between their evil and our collective complacency it would be no surprise to see a well placed body hurling through the cosmos and into our atmosphere to set everything right again… because we were too DUMB. Because shit people like shit people. Well guess what? That’s what.

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