Did Russia Just Win the War in Syria?

Major developments coming out of Syria, plus the hottest stories of the week.

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Show Notes

Russia Is Taking Over Syria’s Oil And Gas

Syrian war monitor says 465,000 killed in six years of fighting

US seeks to take control of Syria’s oil, gas fields

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  1. immortalist says:

    I contend that the main driving factor is not Syria’s oil and gas, which is definitely a factor, but the geostrategic mission of the Israelis. This should be acknowledged. Oil is an 19th century ‘technology’ with a limited future. Oil is at an all time low. Oil and gas are not driving the whole agenda. The drug/war/trafficking trade is driving it and of course the Great Israel project. I think the resource grab narrative, while true, is not THE main driving factor in any way. It’s just the spoils. George Webb says it’s generals’ buy in. Makes sense. What do others think?

    • spiro skouras says:

      Thank you for your input and feedback. While I am not an expert on Syria by any means, I have been following the events there (like many others) and it is a very complicated and convoluted environment to say the least. I would have to agree with you, Syria’s oil and gas are likely not the main driving factors for the for the current illegal incursions in Syria by many different factions. With many interests involved, there is undoubtably many different desired objectives. In my report I stated that two of those objectives are regime change, and securing the natural recourses, a modus operandi seen before in several other conflicts in the past. This report by no means claims to deconstruct the Syria conflict as a whole, rather it provides coverage of the current situation that is continually evolving, and unfortunately escalating. It is no major secret that U.S. policy, whether domestic or foreign, is heavily influenced by the Israel lobby and its interests. It is no major secret that the U.S. and its allies including Israel are ultimately behind, and responsible for the barbaric war that has ruined a sovereign nation. I would agree this is the continuation of a long standing campaign by the U.S. and its allies, including Israel, that has resulted in many innocent people loosing their lives. I think that it is important to remember, that all sides involved, ultimately have their own interests in mind, yes some of those interests may be shared between certain factions. Unfortunately I think that things will get worse in Syria before they get better, but the events in Syria as a whole, have been a game changer in the sense that for the first time we are seeing other nations step in to prevent the crusade of the west, this will no doubt have an effect on future military operations by the west. I in no way support the imperialistic actions of the west, but Its also important to remember that the other side is not comprised of angels and unicorns in a utopia. All sides have blood on their hands. We as a people have a lot of work to do to clean up this mess. Thank you for being a valued member of the Newsbud community.

      • victor friese says:

        Spiro, is Newsbud going to cover the Florida shooting? I would really like to know if that was false flag or not. I has some of the signatures of lase flag terror 1) FBI knew before hand and did nothing to stop it same as happens with terror in Europe and US 2) 2 witnesses claim there were multiple shooters. 1 witness claimed 3 shooters 3) It happened on a drill day apparently… why does this crap always happen during a drill? 4) Is the whole David Hogg thing a poisoning of the well?

        • victor friese says:

          Corrections: False flag terror, not lase flag terror
          It not I

        • spiro skouras says:

          Hi Victor, I can’t speak for everyone at Newsbud, but I’m not planning to cover the shooting. Nimmo might have something in the works. The news both alternative and mainstream is over saturated with coverage, most of which unfortunately seems agenda driven. Yes it seems a familiar story that we have seen too many times with some strange things and lots of confusion. I do plan to have ‘related’ coverage but currently we are working on several other projects that need to be completed before another project is taken on. Thank you for your question and for supporting Newsbud!

    • Hi Spiro,
      I am a new subscriber to Newsbud. I’m beginning to notice a small effort to heap Russia into the same basket as the US, Israel, Turkey, Europe, NATO etc. I don’t believe there are any Angels in this world and if you asked Putin himself, I believe he would tell you Russia has enough dirty laundry. But not on the scale of the western powers and NATO.
      Russia does not need Syria’s Oil and Gas. They have more than they know what to do with and it is much cheaper to extract. They don’t need Tar sands pipelines or overly tremendous amounts of fracking to get to their oil and gas. Their reworking Syrian oil and gas is a business deal between trusted partners. The same as if they were asked to build Nuclear reactors. It is not a grab for Syria’s resources. They’re not taking anything. When the Europeans were plundering Africa, setting up colonies all through out stealing the resources, The Russians had almost no part. When Europeans came to the Americas and plundered and murdered the native Americans, the Russians had no part in that. When the US and its coalition went into Viet Nam, Iraq, Libya etc. under the guise of bringing freedom and democracy at the cost of tens of millions of lives and leaving the places in ruins and chaos, the Russians were not part of that. Historically speaking they are a slightly different people. They will war on their borders but not in everyone else’s back yard. Hence their 5 or 6 military bases worldwide as opposed to the US and Europe’s 150. That is the one similarity that I see between Syria and Crimea as far as Russia is concerned, They both have Russian Naval bases.

      As far as the press is concerned, As long as they are made up of people, ALL OF THEM will try to sway and manipulate, no exceptions. I no longer look for the press to be fair and balanced. I look for each to give me their side of things and I will do my best to discern what I chose to believe is the truth.
      Thanks for allowing me to share my opinion with you. It is nothing more than that, an opinion.
      With Love,

  2. immortalist says:

    I meant to say Greater Israel.

  3. Dennis ONeill says:

    Putin is a better, more patient, and savvy strategist than anyone in U.S. political or military leadership. Trump is trying to change that but he is being fought by the warmongering war profiteers. The conflict in Syria is about pipeline construction, energy interests, and a prelude to toppling the regime in Iran. U.S. strategy in the Middle East on behalf of Israel is turning out to be an abysmal, costly failure. Russia, and China are seriously threatening the U.S. dollar as the world reserve currency. The U.S. empire is extremely fragile, and the U.S. is being looted in its descent by a very corrupt elite.

    • Andrew Taylor says:

      Thanks. This seems very insightful, and I appreciate your comment.

      I’m interested in what you think of this news piece. My impression is that it is strangely biased; only reporting the corruption and duplicity of the western powers (which I don’t dispute) but simply stating what Russia is doing with no judgements on its actions.

      • spiro skouras says:

        Hi Andrew,
        Are you referring to the above report here? If so, I apologize for not emphasizing enough that ALL sides, including Russia have blood on their hands. All sides have committed crimes against humanity by indiscriminately killing civilians. Not only that, they are all acting in accordance with their own special interests, while hundreds of thousands die and millions are displaced and forced to flee their homes. Meanwhile all sides are enjoying record profits from military sales. No doubt Russia is just as, if not more corrupt as the US or any other government. Did they step in and play a major role in preventing the US from toppling yet another sovereign nation? Yes, is that a good thing? I think so, but that does not mean that Putin, or Russia is ultimately good. Did you see the part in this video where is says stay tuned for a follow up? We just posted that follow up today, you should check it out. Thank you for contributing to the discussion and for being a member and supporting Newsbud!

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