Newsbud Exclusive – Divide & Conquer: UN Unleashes Global Mass Migration Plan!!

A new draft for managing mass migration was introduced by the United Nations about a month ago and is expected to be adopted by most of its member states later this year. The draft is called ''global compact for migration'', and if you think it's about restricting the phenomenon, you are wrong. Quite the opposite.

In fact, the global compact for migration seeks to expand even more mass migration and actually legitimize it by blurring the legal status between refugees and migrants, or in the words of UN secretary general Antonio Guterres himself, ''put in place more legal pathways for migration, removing the incentives for individuals to break the rules'' and find ''more credible pathways for migrants who do not qualify for international refugee protection''.

In other words, instead of implementing the existing international laws, let's create new ones to bypass them. No restrictions, no rules to break, no one is illegal, no problem. Genius.

This is a tactic that Kelly Greenhill described in her book entitled ''Weapons of Mass Migration'', where she writes that ''when German Jews were interned on the Isle of Man, British newspapers blurred the distinctions between refugee, alien and enemy, so today, according to Alasdair Mackenzie, coordinator of [UK] Asylum Aid, ‘There’s general confusion in many newspapers between an asylum seeker and someone from abroad—everyone gets tarred with the same brush.'''

Greenhill defines ''coercive engineered migration'' as ''those cross-border population movements that are deliberately created or manipulated in order to induce political, military and/or economic concessions from a target state or states''. The difference with the new draft from the UN is that it transforms Greenhill's ''target states'' into something much bigger: the whole planet.

This is a giant practical step towards globalisation, and of course it's not happening for the sake of ''humanity''.

In an astonishing admission, a spokesman from the International Organisation for Migration told the Guardian: ''We have a youthful south and an ageing north, a big economy in the north and growing economy in the south – are you going to have the planning in place to bring up low-cost labour to take care of your elderly? You will learn to love those people that are willing to do that work, so let’s plan for that day instead of focusing on the fact they speak a different language.''

This is a very nice excuse to justify modern day slavery brought to you by the United Nations and becoming a reality with a mass coordinated movement of people from third world countries. Ironically, Antonio Guterres says that this is ''an urgent task'' because ''the world was shocked by a recent video of migrants being sold as slaves'' in Libya, but fails to see not only that his own proposal is essentially the same thing with different wrapping, but also that this wouldn’t have happened without the US-NATO military involvement. It also answers why the UN did absolutely nothing to solve demographic problems of Western countries by protecting and giving motives for the creation of new families.

In fact, this is an old plan. In 2000 the UN published a report entitled "Replacement Migration: Is it a solution to declining and ageing populations?", in which it proposes massive population movements from other continents in order to solve the demographic problem of ageing Europe. Why does no one mention its existence?

When this report was published, the war in the Middle East as we know it today had not yet broken out, nor did we have any idea of the refugee crisis that would follow. So where exactly were these replacement migrants based 18 years ago when the United Nations proposed massive population movements? In what way would it succeed? We do not know. However, we assume that the enormous migrant and refugee flows over the last two years have been extremely successful in achieving their goal.

Or did they actually know something more?

In 2006, long before the outbreak of the refugee crisis with the Syrian war, the UN High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) created a game called "Against All Odds", an experimental game for what it means to be a refugee. The game was aimed at 12-15 year olds preparing them psychologically to accept those who left their countries, experiencing emotional states in an interactive environment. Under a more military terminology, this is also called "psychological programming". [READ MORE]

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  1. Andreas Hedqvist says:

    There is one good thing with this development and that is how apparent their actions are becoming. People are finally starting to see what is going on and how these UN communist aristocrats are working in unison to destroy western nations and societies. These mini emperors are quickly losing their pants. I think they did not count on how resilient European nations actually are, it is only now that their intended conflict and strife is starting to emerge as can be witnessed in countries like Germany, Austria and Sweden. The level of abuse that the UN has shown to exude will soon burst into the general mainstream and spark the end of this trojan horse organization. Good Riddance.

    • Judith Williams says:

      Wow, I did not see this article when it came out. It vindicates my thoughts from the beginning of this “refugee” migration. I always believed that something was rotten in this and that it had to do with globalization. I sure hope your right Andreas because from what I hear from people in US they have bought this and they get angry at the suggestion that there is an underlying evil going on. Are you from Europe?

  2. truthseeker20 says:

    Globalists want this mass migration to destroy countries. The illegals from mexico will never be fixed in the usa since it is part of their plan to create a north american union with mexico and canada. They are using nafta to create this plan. Europe out of the eu, usa out of nafta and the UN.

  3. Janus Bifrons says:

    I have no doubt the ideals behind mass immigration, multiculturalism, or cultural pluralism, as it was originally referred to, were, and are, altruistic in intent.

    The precurser of the United Nations, the League of Nations, adopted and promoted the concept of Cultural Pluralism from Trancedentalist Horace Kallen, who was a member of League of Nations council. Horace Kallen is the father of modern day multiculturalism, and his influence is seen in the United Nations promotion of mass migration.

    It is astounding to me that so many conspiracy theories exist regarding shadow groups endeavouring to form a ‘one world government’, while such little focus is placed upon the simple reality that a one world government IS the agenda of the United Nations. Also interesting to note is how appealing the concept was to the ‘people of reason’ who lived through the horrors of the last world war.

    We all know empires rise and fall, more often than not heralding a ‘dark age’ while the vacuum is filled, and the process of empire building starts again. It has been argued to me before that it is this process the United Nations endeavours to head off, while steering the future of the world towards its Globalist Agenda.

    Consider popular culture influences – as one example, few science fiction utopias, or even distopias, ever present a world that has not united under central leadership. Such is the reach of popular culture/media promoting this agenda that I know otherwise conservative people who argue AGAINST the rule of law in accepting unfettered third world immigration.

    I for one am against Cultural Plurification, and mass immigration. But I believe the ship has sailed, and little can be done to turn around what I see as a betrayal of the western nations peoples. I would of course argue against the agenda of the United Nations, but I see the indoctrination from infancy to the work place, I see the pendulum swing ever favouring the left, I see the destruction of the foundations of my culture, and I fear the war is lost.

    Yet I recognise that for so many that came before me, the course the world is headed upon IS what they desired as the solution to the horrors of nation pitted against nation. The same idiots who celebrated Eugenics… true.

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