Secret War: Vladimir Putin’s Ghost Army Inside Syria

In this Newsbud report, we will examine what has been referred to Russian President Vladimir Putin’s shadow army, or Putin’s ghost soldiers, who played a significant role in the Ukraine conflict. Downing a Ukrainian military plane full of paratroopers, carrying out combat operations and conducting assassinations. This shadow army is currently on the ground inside Syria, but the Russian government is denying any involvement. The full report is exclusively available for members at nonmembers can watch it now at Newsbud Vimeo on Demand.

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Show Notes

Russian mercenaries, a secretive weapon in Syria

Putin’s Shadow Army Suffers a Setback in Syria

Updated: What Is the Connection Between the Wagner Group and the Russian State?

US reportedly killed as many as 100 Russian fighters in Syria attack

Russia admits ‘several dozen’ of its citizens killed in Syria fighting

Russian troll farm financier also backs Russian mercenaries in Syria: Officials

Exclusive: Russia's Secret Soldiers Fighting In Syria

Russian Mercenaries In Syria And Around The World

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  1. steven hobbs says:

    Hi Spiro and Sibel,
    Excellent editing, informative, with well-contextualized content no less (to say nothing of clips captured for personal reference). Comparison of US & Russian media uses to persuade while suppressing information of covert or mercenary activity is particularly memorable. Show Notes are greatly appreciated too.

    • spiro skouras says:

      Hi Steven,
      Thank you, this is a very important and underreported topic. We plan to keep an eye on this story as no doubt there will be move developments, in fact we are already looking into new leads on this. Stay tuned for follow ups. Thanks for supporting Newsbud!

  2. Andrew Taylor says:

    Thanks for this balanced report. The comments at the end about the credibility of various sources are very accurate, and raises Newsbud’s credibility with me.

    • spiro skouras says:

      Hi Andrew,
      Thanks, I was just replying to your comment on the other post asking if you had seen this one yet lol, Again thanks for your support

  3. April Sanchez says:

    Great report, Spiro… This is incredibly brave, and I don’t envy you the possible fallout over those still arguing about the election… Better to tell the whole story and let the chips fall where they may than to avoid discussion altogether… I thought the explanation from RT about former Russian soldiers was too vague, but I was glad they were there… This explains a lot… Thank you…

  4. John Aldridge says:

    Excellent report. This is very convoluted, a lot of big players and interest in Syrian oil. That is what this is all about correct? Oil. Who controls it, I mean President Trump said it, take the oil. So the other issues in the country who the leader is, Assad or someone else don’t really matter as long as the US is controlling the oil correct? Turkey is playing its part as well attacking the Kurds . Maybe in another report you might look into why Turkey allows the US to launch attacks from its base in Turkey, while supporting its enemy the YPG. Thank you for the information, I don’t even look for MSM any more its just not there.

  5. Not sure why Turkey and Israel were not included in this. Of all the countries with some form of Proxy fighting in Syria, only one seems to not have, or have had, regime change of a duly elected, UN recognized, Govt. and division of a country on their mind. After Iraq and Libya, I wish the Syrians and their friends all the success in the world. BY ANY MEANS NECESSARY.

  6. Max Havelaar says:

    #USforeignpolicy = holocausting the 3-rd world for Wallstreet profits, since WWII 20-30 millions dead.

    Don’t do to others, what you not want yourselve.
    I am a moralist, like Socrates.

    People who do not follow International law, I compare to animals: Trump, Killary C., Adelson, Soros, Rockeveller…

  7. Bernard Harries says:

    Thanks Spiro – good journalism in a way – with some reservations.
    Of course to point out this possible technical breach of an apparent Russian domestic law is OK, but proper journalistic perspective is needed. There is “No Equivalency” here between the legitimate Syrian Government hiring outsiders to protect it’s sovereign integrity under international law and the Western-Supported Terrorists who are attempting to dismantle Syria on Washington’s behalf. Syria and its allies have every legal right to defend Syria’s peoples, its sovereignty and its territorial integrity. The terrorists, on the other hand, have no right to destroy the country, and to target civilians, as they have been doing, for the last 7 years.
    Lack of proper journalistic perspective when reporting issues such as this can have grave unintended political consequences – like playing right into the hands of the utterly insane Russia bashing madness that is currently gripping the western MSM …. obviously in preparation for WW3.

  8. john carper says:

    Is that all you have, the scandal that Putin might be violating Russian law by utilizing PMC’s? I have to agree with Bernard, that surely international law– what’s left of it — should count as something. Whatever Russians are in Syria, are there by the invitation of the Syrian Government. You can’t fault Syria or Russia for fighting back given the examples of Iraq and Libya.
    A interesting idea is the centrality of mimesis in warfare, how rivals imitate each other unconsciously.

    • john carper says:

      Each innovation is taken up by the opposing side and elaborated upon. What “the enemy” does is seen; “our side” imitates and adapts– takes from the other what is new and makes it their own. Mankind is locked in a seemingly endless version of Dueling Banjo of death. ( One can even argue, for example, that the Anglo-American Welfare/Warfare State grew out of Bismarck’s social insurance.) Private Military Contractors (PMC’s) need to be seen in this light, as innovation.
      A light went on when Spiro mentioned the deployment of Vagner Group out of Argentina. Where else have I seen the name, Argentina? I wonder how ISIS and the various incarnations of “Radical Islam” got to Syria in the first place, and how it generally, like mildew manages to spread, erupt, subside from one geopolitical hot spot to another. Is there some kind irresistible allure of religious ideologies that is to blame? Or, are there features in the global logistic network — of the One World David Rockefeller proudly stood guilty of– that today’s warriors and masterminds exploit.

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