Major Pentagon Contract Awarded for Guantanamo Expansion: Will American Citizens Be Detained?

The Pentagon has awarded a new $23 million contract to expand Guantánamo Bay, plus the hottest stories of the week. Newsbud does not take money from advertisers, foundations or NGO’s. We are 100% funded by you, the people. Support Newsbud for a stronger independent grassroots media by subscribing or making a donation today.

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  1. spiro skouras says:

    YouTube age restricted this video… Ridiculous!

    • Gregory Hofmann says:

      I guess this is the official pre-end of our youtube presence:
      “The following content has been identified by the YouTube community as inappropriate or offensive to some audiences”.
      We need to find a new spot(s).

  2. Andreas Hedqvist says:

    I am getting more suspicious about President Trump for each month of his presidency that passes. It all sounded good during his campaign but now I get the feeling that he is either surrounded by the wrong people or he was simply recruited to the job by a group that have yet to take action and he is stumbling around without any clear direction. I don’t know what to think anymore but one thing is for sure – there are layers of propaganda and games being played by all sides right now. While we watch the cryptic so called insider intel drops by Q-Anon and the ever more opaque acts of insane violence force fed through the mockingbird news I’m left with a queasy feeling of being deceived. The point about words and terms being scripted to serve some specific narrative like ‘the deep state’ is very true. Just look at the phrase ‘New World Order’ and how it has been completely captured. The new world was the term given to the new frontier world of America and initially it denoted a new free open and liberty oriented society. It was never intended to be synonymous with totalitarian oppression, world government or global fascism, that is how twisted things have become. The all seeing eye is also not a symbol of evil or invasive surveillance, it represents self and world knowledge and wisdom. How many people today equate pyramids or the all seeing eye symbols with the ‘illuminati’ or even satanism. It’s ridiculous. We are being played like fools in my opinion and mostly it’s because most of us lack even basic historical knowledge. Unless we stop and reverse this trend of allowing ourselves to be herded like emotional lemmings we may soon ourselves in outright civil war and mayhem.

    • Brandon Yadon says:

      Before being President Trump would sell his name. Putting it on a lot of businesses taking a cut and moving on. The most obvious answer is that is what is going on now. Trump just put his brand on the deep states agenda. I am not saying that is what is going on but its the most likely scenario. There are way to many unethical people in society prepare accordingly.

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