The Committee of 300 and The Fall of America

In 1997, Dr. John Coleman published the fourth edition of The Conspirators' Hierarchy: The Committee of 300. Coleman’s monograph lays out the objectives of the 300, many of which are today plainly obvious in the political and social realms. First and foremost, the establishment of a One World Government, commonly referred to as the New World Order. This can only be accomplished by the destruction of national identity and national pride. The establishment of a One World Government will only be possible by creating the ability to control each and every person through means of mind control and what Zbignew Brzezinski called technetronics. In his book, Between Two Ages: America's Role in the Technetronic Era, Brzezinski writes the technetronic era involves the gradual appearance of a more controlled society dominated by an elite not beholden to traditional values and morality. The final objective, according to Coleman, is the creation of human-like robots and a system of terror which would make Felix Dzerzhinsky’s Red Terror look like children at play. Coleman discusses the effort by the elite to destroy Christianity, subvert education and dumb down the population, and most importantly, manufacture economic crisis to destroy America, impoverish its people, and reduce them to the status of feudal serfs. It’s important we put all of this into perspective and actively work to educate ourselves about the agenda of the ruling elite. Failing to do so will ultimately result in the endgame—a one world dictatorship ruled by the financial elite, the hidden aristocracy, a world no longer able to determine its own destiny and facing extinction.

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Show Notes

Targets of the Illuminati and the Committee of 300

Zbigniew Brzezinski - Between Two Ages

America’s Addiction to Opioids: Heroin and Prescription Drug Abuse

1 in 6 unemployed are substance abusers

Generation Rx: The alarming rise in prescription drug abuse

How Big Is The Porn Industry?

Pornography's Impact on Marriage and the Family

The Rockefeller Plan

GMO Food for Dinner: What Has Nigeria Learned From the West?

Eugenics: Compulsory Sterilization in 50 American States

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  1. bruinschuss says:

    I went and read the HuffPo article about the world IQ dropping, and boy that was a mistake. It was some jerk-off claiming a problem where the only apparent *logical* solution would be eugenics. And even the main problem is ridiculous. World IQ dropping? Have we really taken an IQ sample that can represent 7 billion people? I still find it laughable that the IQ test can claim to comprehensively measure human intelligence. The author claims repeatedly that it’s probably because less intelligent women are having more babies than more intelligent women. But of course we’re not going to address a modern ecosystem so thoroughly laced with phthalates. And what about our education system and the death of humanities? We stopped treasuring intellectual sophistication as a virtue and wonder why more and more children are less swift?

    But no, it’s because the breeders are stupid. Obviously. Only gullible fools think the stock market will crash, as the author claims.
    The agenda is real.

  2. CuChulainn says:

    this report starts on the wrong foot by asserting that the opium trade in China was legalized in 1897.
    above re. Chinese legalization of opium in 1858; i assume Coleman is the source for the 1897 date.

  3. Many points as in ‘Brave New World’. Soma has a few faces, recreational sex of ‘Lenina’ is abundant, the soul of individuals and peoples have traded ‘God’ for their ego or pity and the few rich move consuming inside guarded corridors. Also Orwell is apparently still in the picture.
    On way to start the day with an espresso and Kurt on population reduction… These untimately turn around the availability of resources and food; planet earth would not be big enough to deliver to so many. As said, the money changers, Kissinger, Bill Gates and other gazers have vented their preferred solutions. To quantify the issue it would be illustrative to compare the resource burn rates of the richest 0.1% to the world’s total resource needs, in fact a comparison of environmental footprints. It is a simple figure that everyone understands though it needs references, listed assumptions etc..
    Because money&politics has turned a few into unlimited ego(t)ism and bourgeois consumerism, it could well be that severely curtailing the freedom of the 0.1% who have the easiest access to this fiduciary currency solves about 100% of the planet’s challenges. I realize that, although it would be interesting to figure out, it will probably remain an entirely theoretical exercise without the forces to impact on societal development. The much discussed ‘one world government’ will certainly not move itself towards a humble, responsible way of living.

  4. andrea Bloomfield says:

    You could argue that modern serfdom is already part of the experience of billions in 2018. The numbers of people who live on the edge of destitution in supposed wealthy countries, not able to afford health, shelter, educational opportunities, transport and nourishing food is constantly increasing along side the horrific poverty in much of the so called developing world. It seems that most people are still closing their eyes to what they can see around them everyday – rough sleepers, food banks and poverty and are all too willing to believe the mass media narrative that labels the poor as undeserving and to blame for their own situation. We need some way of overcoming the artificially created divisions – racial, gender, sexuality, political parties, nationalism – to see our common needs and humanity. We have alot more in common than what divides us. We need solidarity throughout the world to enable the oppressed to rise up against the 0.1%

  5. Judith Williams says:

    Thank you Kurt & News Bud for this insightful video. I am reluctant to write my thoughts after reading the above people’s posts who appear more intelligent and informed than I. I have made it my occupation (I’m retired) to be knowledgeable about many of the programs around the new world order such as agenda 21, geoenineering, DEW weapons, depopulation agenda, vaccine & big pharma, etc. What to do about it all, however, escapes me especially when I see INTELLIGENT people enslaving themselves because they believe all the propaganda out there in MSM. Take the divide & conquer issue of immigration for example. I believe, and have from the beginning, that behind this issue is another globilization agenda through 1. dividing the population into those who believe that the sole purpose is to help these poor people who are refugees of western wars (some truth in this) and 2. those who believe mass immigration means ending national cultures, taking of national jobs, creating low-wage economies (serfdom). It is just one issue of so many being pushed by the elites and is already having it effect in US and certainly in Europe. All of these programs put together are overwhelming to say the least. It makes me wonder—have they already won? Besides being aware of all this, what are we to do to fight back and take back our humanity. Movements usually happen around the upper middle class and through youth. We are losing the middle class and our youth are becoming one with technocracy.

    • Andreas Hedqvist says:

      While it is important to expose the truth as Kurt does nicely in this piece, it is also important to provide solutions. As someone who has studied these topics for almost two decades now I see how many people feel a sense of despair and we need to address this. One thing that everyone should realize is that the reason all these truth bombs are surfacing right now is that we are on the precipice of deciding which way our common future will take and there are positive choices. Most people today do not understand their own potential and abilities and this is by design. We are being told that humanity is destroying the planet and therefore humanity is bad – this is false. It is much more efficient and economically profitable to work ‘with’ nature than against her, this is being rediscovered right now and I believe it is merely a question of time until corporations such as Monsanto and Syngenta implode and go bankrupt. Medical truths are starting to emerge showing how natural healing and sound nutrition can overcome the most serious of ailments and illnesses, a revolution in true healthcare will soon take off and create an entire new industry and replace the sickcare pharmaceutical tyranny that now reins. The most important area of human evolution however is not physical but spiritual, we will soon see the return of proper moral values and following, not because we are told to but because it is what is inherent in us and what we want. The system we live under right now is trying desperately to suppress this and turn us into robotic emotionless cogs in a huge machine but they will fail because this is not what we truly are. We are an expression of this wonderful planet and we are interlinked with her to evolve in symbiosis with all other forms of life. Once this simple truth becomes widely accepted we will find new ways of using especially energy and natural resources in proper ways and we will shed the old scarcity grounded mindset. Please do not buy into the present scare tactics of i.e. climate change and water shortage which are agenda driven.

      Lastly, please examine what is the nexus of our current paradigm of elite control – the monetary system. It is a hidden system of slavery which the vast majority of us have been indoctrinated into accepting as fact in its current form. Regardless of whether we sympathize with the far left who want to use this to create what they label as ‘equality’ or the far right who also want to use this to promote ‘free enterprise’ it is still all firmly anchored in the same system and this entire system is being controlled to steer us and keep us in servitude. If the monetary system can be changed to remove this control a whole list of problems can be peeled away but it requires first and foremost that people understand this and move away from the mindset of trying to game the system. We still need to unlearn the idea that cheating, conning and stealing others benefits us, it doesn’t and most people instinctively understand this yet at another level believe this is the way of the world and therefore act accordingly.

  6. Mark Passehl says:

    this quality news resource shouldn’t emphasize bogus sources like Coleman. The first guy to publish an expose of the Federal Reserve, Eustace Mullins, investigated Coleman after finding him causing trouble in beloved conservative circles. He denounced him as a globalist intelligence stooge and sophisticated agent provocateur, assigned to conservative movements (especially publication businesses) in the u.s. to sow discord and disrupt their effectiveness ;
    Coleman was apparently a Snowden type plant who never researched anything himself but had an expertise in padding out good material plagiarized from others and introducing tinctures of fake info and disinfo ; according to Mullins the good material in his books was stolen 30% from Mullins’ own publications and 70% from the LaRouche group magazine Executive Intelligence Review (certainly the original source of Coleman’s emphasis on Roman oligarchic and Venetian connections to the mod financial elite).
    Certainly his identity was faked ; he claimed to be a Sth African govt official and researcher, disillusioned and disgusted by what he was privy to (like deliberate release of AIDS and cholera epidemics in Africa). But his passport was British under the name John Clarke. According to Mullins he was a Russian Zhazar by origin and a Mossad trained asset whose real name was Joseph Pavlonsky.
    The 300 financiers running Europe *only* goes back to statements by Rathenau and by Jacob de Haas, the biographer of the US/Zionist lawyer Brandeis. If it really were the truth in the day, that day is about a century ago, so it’s dated and probably irrelevant now. More credence should go to the comments of Ronald Bernard, the current Dutch whistleblower on western financiers who mentions circa 8,000 people running the whole world.
    Anyhow since sources matter, “Coleman” shouldn’t be promoted above the really significant researchers from whom he plagiarized. The LaRouche group are virtually Stalinists while Mullins moved in the circles of the great right wing intellectual Ezra Pound ; an interesting diversity of outlooks.

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