Full Force Tyranny: China To Become The Most Powerful Dictatorship Ever?

This week on China Watch, the world cries “tyranny” as PRC moves to abolish term limits for Xi Jinping.  China Watch says, Hmm.  Term limits.  Interesting.  We look at how succession issues are handled in China.  And point out that term limits have brought the United States to the brink of disaster.  How ‘bout that?

We also look at the deadly dance of the regional powers, India and the People’s Republic of China, over Pakistan.

The United States, India, and Afghanistan have pretty much declared open season on Pakistan and there’s all sorts of public economic and diplomatic pressure and covert destabilization operations going on against Pakistan

China’s trying to stay out of the middle of the Pakistan mess.  And that means great power deal cutting between the PRC and India and, maybe, the Chinese playing some footsie with some anti-Pakistan separatist groups.

Matters came out into the open last week over an obscure international organization, the FATF.  You’ll learn what those initials mean, and why they’re important to China’s strategy for South Asia.

And we talk drones.  So pretty…and so deadly.  At the Olympics today, on the battlefield tomorrow.

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Show notes

‘Dictator for Life’: Xi Jinping’s power grab condemned as step toward tyranny

Retirement rule for CCP leaders “pure folklore”

China censors Winnie-the-Pooh after President Xi Jinping is compared to the lovable bear

Bush’s former Iraq ambassador to seek Afghan presidency

Alone at FATF

India congratulates China on being elected FATF Vice President

Confusion over Chinese talks with Baluch separatists in Pakistan

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  1. Dudley Dacosta says:

    I Love to listen to Peter Lee. who makes each episode so much more Entertaining with his humorous comments

  2. CuChulainn says:

    one never knows what to make of TM, but this is interesting

    This is not just the traditional conflict between the Anglo-Saxon maritime Empire on one side and the land-based Chinese project on the other. It also concerns the potential threat that Chinese industry represents for the whole of the developed world. To put it simply, while in Antiquity, Europeans were eager to obtain Chinese silks, today, all the Western powers fear having to the compete with Chinese cars.

    Since Beijing has abandoned the project of re-opening the Silk Road along its historic route through Mosul and Palmyra, the United States have nothing to gain by sponsoring jihadists to create a Caliphate straddling Iraq and Syria.

  3. Ludovico Doebbeling says:

    Thank you Peter. A bit of humor in the news makes them far more palatable.

  4. Andreas Hedqvist says:

    China understands the Anglo-American game and is not engaging in it. Instead they seek to partner with a long list of nations to forge their one belt one road initiative (new silk road) and they are obviously making headway. As a European I welcome this and think it has the potential to change (for the better) the lives of many billions of people. Private citizen freedoms do not emerge out of poverty and despair as we are often led to believe but out of prosperity. Once enough people in China reach a high enough material security they will organically change China from within and introduce social equality and at least regional political plurality. This will happen because it is the most logical evolution, if China does not go in this direction they risk creating larger internal eruptions which doesn’t serve the country in the long run. I see it is as a natural evolution. Right now the one belt one road project is viewed as a huge threat by the US and to some extent also the UK which is unfortunate because the world is moving in this direction and would benefit everyone to cooperate and work together on this instead. I don’t see China’s engagement with Pakistan as anything other than wanting to ensure there is no more western meddling to escalate further war and mayhem. By now it should be obviously clear to everyone that western interference in the region is never about stifling conflict but rather the opposite. It would be nice if our western leaders could at least try to alter their world view away from their ingrained 19th century one which should be thrown on the historical dung heap by now.

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