Anti-gun Activists Ignore the Biggest Purveyor of Violence–the State

The school shooting in Florida appears to be the event that will ultimately tip the scale in the war against the Second Amendment and firearm ownership. Politicians who defend the Second Amendment and argue the issue of mass shootings in America is a complex issue that doesn’t have easy answers are being told they will be voted out of office if they don’t back demands to outlaw firearms. However, since the Obama administration, there has been an almost complete disconnect on the part of liberals when it comes to violence and mass murder committed by the government. A resurgent anti-war movement following the invasion of Afghanistan and Iraq evaporated overnight after Obama was elected. Obama continued and expanded the war crimes of his predecessor, George Bush, and liberals and so-called progressives, entranced by the media invented magnetism of America’s first black Democrat president, soon adopted the neocon wars as their own. The number of people killed in US wars, interventions, and proxy conflicts make Pol Pot, Kim Il-Sung, Saddam Hussein, Sukarno, Mussolini, and various African dictators look like rank amateurs by way of comparison. The government’s objective in putting an end to gun violence is not about saving the lives of innocent children. It’s about control. A disarmed, dumbed down, and propagandized public is incapable of resisting the tyranny of the state.

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Show Notes

Florida students want to create ‘badge of shame’ for NRA backers

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Democrats Love A War, As Long As It's Not Trump's Idea

Poll: Democrats Love Maverick McCain

Democrats Flock to War

Deaths In Other Nations Since WW II Due To Us Interventions

Democide: Murder by Government

List of wars by death toll

From Stalin to Hitler, the most murderous regimes in the world

Governments Don’t Kill, People Do

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  1. Robert Diggins says:

    I think there is a silent majority emerging that sees both guns and states as tools. States don’t kill people too, which might be hard to swallow. That statement puts some in the mindset that we complain about, wishing people would recognize that guns don’t kill people.

    As we fight the psyops, the false paradigms, and the logical fallacies, I think it is worthwhile to refer to

    By Lysander Spooner (1858)

    (Specifically, I want to draw attention to the fact that Spooner saw governments as useful tools. As you can see from the URL itself, a certain “faction” have put Spooner on a pedestal as an historical intellectual, leading the way to all versions of voluntary anarcho-capitalism, etc., while seemingly blocking out the words in front of their faces, if they mention any call for the creation of governments to give entire populations access to civil courts, and into the future as well. In other words, each and all of us have challenges to face, when it comes to validating convictions, whether acquired by tradition or awakening.)

    Here is an excerpt that contains the 11 steps proposed:

    “1. The formation of associations, throughout the country, of all persons who are willing to pledge themselves publicly to favor the enterprise, and render assistance and support, of any kind, to it.

    2. Establishing or sustaining papers to advocate the enterprise.

    3. Refusing to vote for any person for any civil or military office whatever, who is not publicly committed to the enterprise.

    4. Raising money and military equipments.

    5. Forming and disciplining such military companies as may volunteer for actual service.

    6. Detaching the non-slaveholders of the South from all alliance with the Slaveholders, and inducing them to co-operate with us, by appeals to their safety, interest, honor, justice, and humanity.

    7. Informing the Slaves (by emissaries to be sent among them, or through the non-slaveholders of the South) of the plan of emancipation, that they may be prepared to co-operate at the proper time.

    8. To encourage emigration to the South, of persons favoring the movement.

    9. When the preceding preliminaries shall have sufficiently prepared the way, then to land military forces (at numerous points at the same time) in the South, who shall raise the standard of freedom, and call to it the slaves, and such free persons as may be willing to join it.

    10. If emancipation shall be accomplished only by actual hostilities, then, as all the laws of war, of nature, and of justice, will require that the emancipated Slaves shall be compensated for their previous wrongs, we avow it our purpose to make such compensation, so far as the property of the Slaveholders and their abettors can compensate them. And we avow our intention to make known this determination to the Slaves beforehand, with a view to give them courage and self-respect, to nerve them to look boldly into the eyes of their tyrants, and to give them true ideas of the relations of justice existing between themselves and their oppressors.

    11. To remain in the South, after emancipation, until we shall have established, or have seen established, such governments as will secure the future freedom of the persons emancipated.”

    As we can see, both individualism and collectivism are tools in our belt(s). Just as are guns, knives, and basketballs (in a pinch) used as tools for a variety of situations.

    While I agree with the motivation of this well done piece by Mr. Nimmo, I wanted to focus attention to some of the false paradigms that appear in the language and attempt to request that each and all of us realize that convictions are emergent and part of our eternal vigilance is continual validation of our own ideas.

    Thank you for your consideration.

  2. Dudley Dacosta says:

    Another Well Put Together Documentary Kurt – Thanks

  3. Agree that there is blind eye turned to violence committed by US hardware overseas. The problem is not gun ownership, as the culture that makes people feel they need to be armed against their own government – just in case. The biggest military nation on the planet has had a seige mentality for over 200 years. A war economy can only create an acceptance of violence as the norm. It is founded on keeping paranoia alive. It’s the only economy that actually trickles down to the people.

    To accept distrust of your fellow man as inevitable or a natural part of life is a sad state of affairs.

    While I understand this a time when distrust is deservedly high, US citizens are no more protected from their State than all the other nations where gun ownership is not a part of the culture. Given the hardware the State has, citizen pea shooters, automatic or not is not a contest.

    The answer is not clinging to guns. The State that is causing the distrust needs a major replacement into something created by a new perspective. One of peace as normality.

    A genuine turning point would be the cops also turning in their guns, all o/seas military bases shut down. All weapons exports halted.

  4. John Hesse-Moline says:

    Great points. In your list of violent atrocities committed by the state, you could also have included the apparent state role in perpetuating the mass shootings themselves.

  5. victor friese says:

    Nimmo, could you cover the Ross Adey and Michael Persinger stuff? I found this discovery vid on the issue with Michael Persinger. You don’t have to post this message. But please let me know if you will cover the issue.!/v/a0917/8czfreqf

  6. victor friese says:

    I mean, can you cover the Persinger and Adey stuff in relation to the school shooting stuff. It is hard to find anything remotely credible on this issue.

  7. William Field says:

    Brilliant work! Cheers

  8. victor friese says:

    I just watched this. Please Please Please cover the issue of false flag school shootings! Is that what is really happening?

    • truthseeker20 says:

      Many of these shootings are fake. They use crisis actors like david hogg of florida shooting. Know the only book banned by amazon is called No One died in Sandy Hook writeen by a professor. Yet they sell the Communist Manifesto and Hitlers Mein Kampf.
      The petrodollar is dying and our economy will get worse so they need to get rid of guns and move us to the NWO under the UN.

  9. Judith Williams says:

    Thank you for another informative video.
    It is sad to see these young people marching (most likely propaganda funded by elites) about an issue they know so little about. They are too busy on face book and twitter to know what is going on all around them. They do not know that many of these shootings are fake. They listen to someone like Ophra Winfrey who belongs to the council on foreign relations. They do not know about all the lives lost in our wars since 9/ll OR they believe it is ok for the US to kill women and children and take over other people’s countries. They apparently don’t see the US police state that is getting more and more militarized. Actually they no longer even look like police but like a military group and with military equipment (machine guns and tank-like vehicles). It is sad because these young people believe they are working towards a good goal.

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