Newsbud Exclusive- Trump’s Generals Prepare Final Plans to Take Out Syria.

While Obama fumbled and failed to take out the government of Bashar al-Assad, Donald Trump will soon pick up where his predecessor left off and declare mission accomplished.

The New York Times, as a trusted asset of Operation Mockingbird, is cheerleading the latest effort to contrive a pretext to go in and finish the job. On March 5, it ran with an article claiming—once again, without solid evidence—that al-Assad has engaged in yet another chlorine gas attack.

“President Trump requested options for punishing the Assad government after reported chlorine gas attacks—at least seven this year—and possibly other chemicals affecting civilians in opposition-controlled areas,” writes a team of four Times journos, that is to say Pentagon stenographers.

Trump met with his tripartite generals—Chief of Staff, John Kelly, national security adviser H.R. McMaster, and Defense Secretary Jim Mattis—to talk over “potential actions.”

Dana White, chief Pentagon spokeswoman, said “Mad Dog” Mattis didn’t participate in the war powwow, as claimed by an anonymous official, and added the “conversation did not happen.”

An unnamed senior administration official said Mattis was “adamantly” against bombing the heck out of Syria in response to recent chlorine attacks and that McMaster “was for it.”

The Times couldn’t resist pushing the now threadbare anti-Russia and Iran narrative. “The prospect of renewed military action, even if tabled for now, underscores the explosiveness of a conflict that has become a battlefield for rivalries between Russia and Iran on one side and the United States and its allies on the other.”

Bloomberg, meanwhile, offered a dubious historical analogy: “If the war in Syria is this century’s Spanish Civil War, then the carnage now occurring in Eastern Ghouta is a modern-day Guernica. Yet this may be a situation, unlike in 1937, where the world is in a position to do something about it.”

The Spanish Civil War comparison is naturally ridiculous. Bashar al-Assad’s no Franquista and the CIA and Saudi supported jihadi maniacs are nothing like the Loyalist faction (although they are loyal to the warped precepts of Wahhabi intolerance and head-chopping). War preparations, of course, need colorful rhetorical flourishes, never mind the average American does not know the difference between the Spanish Civil War and the Hundred Years' War.

Bloomberg’s stenographers are reading from the same script as their colleagues over at the Times and the White House. “The moral responsibility for Eastern Ghouta clearly belongs to the Syrian government and its primary sponsors, Iran and Russia. But the West has hardly covered itself in glory with its efforts to stop the atrocities.” [READ MORE]

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  1. edward weglowski says:

    they are testing the water
    it gonna be harder than wietnam
    to get to damascus they have to pass two biggest warriers in the world, russia and china, plus iran
    the paid isis in new uniforms and new flag are disposables

  2. Timur Aydin says:

    The USA establishment faces a huge dilemma. On one hand, it desperately needs war to positively affect it’s crumbling economy. But wherever it looks to start a war, the stakes are very high, and victory is not given. But the more it waits, the more the economy is going down. We might see social fractures, and even martial law in the USA.

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