Top General Reveals Russian Intelligence Documents: Secret Technology, Antarctica & the “Escape” of Hitler

In the fourth episode of his monthly show Tales from the Russian Intelligence, Professor Filip Kovacevic discusses a new book written by Leonid Ivashov, one of the best-known geopolitical commentators in Russia. Ivashov is a former four-star general of the Soviet and Russian military and has filled high-level positions in the Russian military command. At this time, he is the president of the Russian Academy for the Study of Geopolitical Problems. Ivashov is the author of several books, including his autobiography entitled “I am proud to be a Russian general” and a book on the last Soviet defense minister, marshal Dmitry Yazov and the abortive putsch against the Soviet leader Mikhail Gorbachev in August 1991.

In this episode, Professor Kovacevic zeroes in on Ivashov’s latest and most mysterious and controversial book entitled “The Inverted World: The Secrets of the Past and the Enigmas of the Present” and subtitled “What is Hidden in the Secret Archives of the Soviet Ministry of Internal Affairs (NKVD), the [Nazi secret society] Ahnenerbe, and the Supreme Command of the Wehrmacht.” This book was published in early 2017 and is unknown in the English language media. This is the first time the book is being discussed in English. Do not miss this exclusive edition of Tales from the Russian Intelligence!

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Show Notes

Леонид Ивашов [Leonid Ivashov]. Опрокинутый мир: Тайны прошлого – загадки градущего – Что скривают архивы спецотдела НКВД, Аненербе и Верховного Командования Вермахта. [The Inverted World: The Secrets of the Past and the Enigmas of the Present – What is Hidden in the Secret Archives of the Soviet Ministry of Internal Affairs (NKVD), the (Nazi Secret Society) Ahnenerbe, and the Supreme Command of the Wehrmacht]. — Мoсква [Moscow]: Книжный мир, 2017.

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  1. Joseph Harrington says:

    Wow! This was great info. Thank you

  2. Brandon Yadon says:

    I live near Shambala. I really do! Check out Shambala and the 13th Crystal skull on YouTube. It seems like the best explanation for the Shambala legend. The center of Shambala is Chair Mountain in Colorado. If any of this interests you let me know there are many local and other legends that seem to correlate. Thank you for your report Prof. Kovacevic I always enjoy your work and especially enjoyed this article.

  3. April Sanchez says:

    A good story… It makes the mind search itself…

  4. Jez Dean says:

    Could there be a downloadable MP3 so I can listen in my car?

  5. Aaron Crowell says:

    Phillip acts like this information has never been discussed or evidence presented before. This is not new, this is only more corroborates info for what has been discussed and focused on by what it appears Phillip would otherwise dismiss as crazy conspiracy theory.

    This story is great and important, and is another notch in the belt of the the alternative history of the world. A history that is rapidly unveiling to any who dig for the info.

    I enjoy the Newsbud team but they need to open them self up to these possibilities that are becoming more and more a probability.

  6. Aaron Crowell says:

    Give this a shot and then keep digging.

  7. Doug White says:

    Hmm. Disclosure russian style sings a very different tune.
    After having watched 21st century wire’s Grey Wolf doc, Hitler escaping Berlin doesn’t shock so much as the rest of what you presented here.
    Thanks Professor Kovacevic, exciting times are ahead, maybe the Newsbud community will be united at last in tomorrows gulags. Til then, keep cool 🙂

  8. steven hobbs says:

    Hi Filip,
    Talk about a story within a story, conflating this way and that while ending underneath Antarctica. Love it. Well, we will soon sea more ice melting. It thrills to think about Tibetans enjoy playing with their guests, Western gangsters. And saying, “Oh, yes. These are the keys to the kingdom. Please take them. We’ve been waiting for you (greedy bandits) to receive this surreal global talisman of power. Now, be on your mystified way.

  9. Robert Diggins says:

    Way cool, Dr. Fil. Personally, I’m less interested in esoteric explanations of anything, but in the underlying form of knowledge that may produce esoteric and mythological stories.

    In any case, whether or not there exists a hidden city under Antarctica, I implore anyone trying to understand advanced technology, to watch some playlists on the Thunderbolts Project channel on YT. These multidisciplinary scientists can help us begin to discard General and Special Relativity, black holes, dark matter/energy (discarding these aspects is already underway in the academy and will soon be mainstream), and especially the ridiculous notion that time can be reified as a dimension, especially as part of the incredulous “space-time” dimension.

    Time is simply the observation of ratios between series of events.

    The idea of the Big Bang and an expanding universe with a fabric of space-time, usually cited as proven by the observation of a star behind our sun (during a total eclipse), is also esoteric. The underlying fact of this observational “proof”, seems to have been missed by the observer, who utilized a telescope that relies on refraction to operate. Light bends through atmospheres, as we all know, and there’s no reason to believe in inconceivable, irrational alternatives to the obvious.

    This was a fascinating episode and I feel lucky to have NB here to translate well sourced foreign language narratives and evidence. Keep up the good work!

  10. Max Havelaar says:

    Russian science fiction is best: Asimov ‘s classic Foundation trilogy.

    The Hitler escape to Argentina was real, also according to

  11. truthseeker20 says:

    I dont think the nazis needed to hide out in antartica when wall street, rockerfellers, and some members of the federal reserve (warburgs) financed him. Supposedly he was illegimate rothchild. Sutton wrote a book called wall street and rise of hitler. Wall street also financed communism in the ussr. Sutton wrote a book about that too.
    I do think he did escape. No body shown.
    Hitler served their purpose since wars are profitable, got the UN afterwards, got israel, their financial interest expanded through the marshall plan.

  12. I guess in 1945 the only place safe on Earth if your name is Hitler, would be a hole under the ground somewhere. The Nazis interest in the occult etc is well documented.

    Did the book mention Die Glocke? Or Operation Paperclip? An English version of the book would be useful.

    The alternative scholars and researchers of history have written extensively on topics of lost ancient sophisticated civilizations, Nazis and Antarctica. Interesting that now a Russian intelligence guy is writing about it. Question begs – why?

    Our history books are as reliable to the true origins of humans, as today’s MSM is as reliable regarding today’s events. The memory hole reaches back tens of thousands of years. More and more discoveries of ancient sites are pushing back sophisticated civilzation further and further. The deeper they dig, the more advanced the architecture aligned with a knowledge of astronomy our history books tell us they couldn’t have. Because apparently, we with our polluting, hostile, greedy, violent, ignorant, primitive ways are the pinnacle of human civilization.

    Filip, you have introduced the elephant in the room. 🙂

  13. Apples33d says:

    Thanks for this fascinating episode. Never thought that I ‘d see something like this on NB. I have followed some of Josep P. Farrell’s work on the same topic. Also there is a gentleman called Clif High on youtube who is mostly speaking about crypto currencies who brings up Antartica quite often in this interviews. His prediction is that a lot of mind blowing technological discoveries that will arrive in the next few years will be due to our ability to reverse engineer extra terrestial technologies that originate from Antartica. The recent unexplained mishaps of U.S. Navy ships (i.e. USS John S. McCain) could be sign of the application of these technologies in the real world. Not to mention Vladimir Putin latest State of the Union address where is is talking about the superiority of the Russian ‘Sonic’ weapons.

  14. Michael Naaden says:

    Mises pointed out that the centrally planned system has logical information errors built into it, but in to many of these theories they seem to espouse a civilization of a new, technological man/alien. Stories like the one in this episode, remind me of the ancient Gnostics, which the Catholic Tradition deemed heretical. Socialists were supposed to remake man in their image, as were the modernists. Post-modernists also have tried yet all have failed. Seems like a lot of gobbledegook to me…though it is fun to listen to.
    more plz.

    • Doug White says:

      Are you speaking of the Cathar heresy? There are stories of Nazi interest in their ‘secret treasure,’ purportedly hidden in a cave at Ornholac, near Languedoc. Lots of fun theories about what that treasure was, along the lines of Dan Brown’s take on the Holy Grail. The cathars believed in a material/ immaterial dualism that is manichean, and aimed to reach a state of perfection of the soul. Maurice Magre traces their origins to the Bogomils, but hints at a Buddhist influence.

  15. Very interesting. Always good value Prof. Kovacevic.

  16. Ciaran H. says:

    reminds me of Stargate SG1. Interesting show. Don’t know how accurate this particular episode is, but Stargate SG1 uses quite a lot of the kinds of information presented in this and other like commentaries about ‘advanced’ beings, atlantis, the antarctic, ancient egypt, etc… Interesting set of lore. One thing for sure though, Stargate SG1 does a good job illustrating the ‘false god paradigm’ and people who pray to them. Great show, good acting/chemistry.

  17. smalpatatas says:

    Interesting if the US attacks Syria on 15 March – the Ides of March – Cesar in for trouble?

  18. Padraig O'Hara says:

    “The Inverted World: The Secrets of the Past and the Enigmas of the Present” where is the book sold?

  19. Susan M Lee says:

    Filip, did you happen to see the most recent ‘Wonder Woman” movie? (it was in theatres around Nov 2017).
    It totally alludes to these themes that the Russian general is talking about.
    Outside of their own white papers, the establishment always ‘truth leaks” the most via fluff fiction formats (examples: comic books, giallo films, cartoons, B movies and horror movies, tv series like Chris Carter’s Millenium, True Detective, Mr. Robot, etc., )
    Filip, do you think this book will eventually be released / made available in an English translation?? Any idea about that??
    This episode was my favorite of all your episodes so far on Newsbud. Thanks for putting it together for us!

  20. Susan M Lee says:

    One more thing, if anyone’s interested and hasn’t found it already after Filip’s episode.
    Here’s a link to an excerpt with English subtitles of this Russian General’s (the one who filip is talking about who wrote the book) interview about this book. It was a good companion watch to Filip’s episode. Here’s the link:

  21. Susan M Lee says:

    Padraig O’Hara: It’s available on Amazon for sale, but it’s only in Russian language for now.
    Here’s the link to amazon for it:

  22. Susan M Lee says:

    Sorry if I’m posting too much, but if anyone’s interested, this is a really good complementary presentation too, by the Truthstream Media investigative team regarding the whole Antarctica scenario mentioned by the Russian general guy:

  23. Alexandra Struijk says:

    So, Philip Corso has a counterpart that wrote a book. Sadly it is in Russian. Needs a researcher versed in history and old documents already known and published to connect interesting dots.
    It would be far more profitable to have Russian and Chinese as second/third languages at school but that will stay a pipedream.

  24. michael garafano says:

    Funny thing is, if this is true, there kinda is proof, its just we been attributing it to “visitors”… Ive always said, we either had help, or there was a lost civilization that was far more advanced then we ever gave them credit for.

  25. michael garafano says:

    I really wish you guys would make the full version of this free, cause seriously, how does one even go about explaining this without it? I mean, with out looking like you need serious medication? lol I personally don’t believe anything was said that could be outright disproven, and it would not be just published in Russian if he was trolling the world…

  26. I tend to be skeptical of the “At the end of the War, Hitler escaped to…” theories because of the observation that by these late times Hitler was a well established junkie… and his sole junk dealer was his Dr Morell. If Morell had disappeared at the end of the War… I’d more readily allow for the possibility that he and Hitler escaped together. The fact that Morell was among the hordes of defeated Germans after the War (soon captured by the US forces) strongly suggests that Hitler was no more by that time. Hitler & Morell were inseparable… till death do them part… and I think it did. Whether or not the cremains speculated as Hitler’s and Eva Brown’s are their’s, I don’t believe that junkie Hitler could survive the grueling brutally uncomfortable 30 day trip from Germany to Antarctica on a hot sweaty crapped war-rigged u-boat without his dope dealer Dr Morell by his side.

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