Newsbud Exclusive- U.S. Foreign Military Sales for January & February 2018 Exposed!!

DOD issued at least $2,216,367,000 worth of FMS contracts during January & February 2018

Foreign Military Sales (FMS) appear regularly on the Pentagon’s daily list of contracts. Through FMS, the U.S. government procures and transfers weaponry and matériel to allied nations and international organizations. The U.S. Department of Defense (DOD) issued at least $2,216,367,000 worth of FMS contracts during January and February 2018.

Boeing, AAR Aircraft Services, and StandardAero received a shared $268,724,729 for P-8A airframe & engine maintenance and repair for U.S. Navy, Australia, and unnamed FMS. The P-8 Poseidon is a brand new aircraft designed for anti-submarine operations and ship interdiction. It will be sold to all Five Eyes partners, some NATO members, and potentially South Korea.

DynCorp received $39,130,408 for USA and FMS (Sweden; Tunisia): aviation maintenance in Tunisia, Sweden, Egypt, Kuwait, Germany, and Iraq. DynCorp is one of the Pentagon’s favorite go-to contractors.

Harris Corp. received $44,859,296 to supply the Philippines with a command and control (C2) system. C2 systems enable militaries to coordinate tasking across various units and enable commanders to maintain a clear picture of the battlefield. Microwave communications systems and SATCOM devices will be installed to facilitate communications among AFP command centers. Under the guise of the so-called War on Terror, the U.S. military has been deployed in the southern Philippines continuously since 2001. Sonalysts, Inc., Systems Engineering Associates Corp., and Transtecs Corp. received a shared $49,403,766 to provide training systems, classrooms, and laboratories for the Waterfront Surface Trainers Program for U.S. Navy (99%); Philippines (1%).

Jacobs Technology received $17,505,371 for launch test engineering for USN ($15,754,833; 90%) and UK ($1,750,537; 10%) at NAWCWD China Lake.

Lockheed Martin received $148,745,565 for additional logistics on the F-35 for DOD (~87.42%); non-DOD ($25,322,239; 17.02%); FMS ($8,265,015; 5.56%). Lockheed Martin received $158,268,935 for program management, engineering, site support, and touch labor re: modification & retrofit on F-35 for DOD (85%); non-DOD ($16,959,383; 11%); unnamed FMS ($6,716,943; 4%). The F-35 is the greatest cash cow in the history of the U.S. war industry. The Manhattan Project cost around $26 billion in today’s dollars. The F-35 project is expected to cost nearly $1.5 trillion dollars, though that is a gross underestimate. The real figure is closer to $2.1 trillion dollars once maintenance, field service representatives, industry markups, and inflation are factored in.

M&M Manufacturing received $28,335,938 for FMS (Afghanistan): trousers for the Afghan National Police (ANP) and received $28,103,438 for coats for ANP. The cash-strapped Afghan government struggles to pay pensioners, but finds enough money to purchase overpriced clothing from the U.S. war industry. [READ MORE]

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