Russian Nerve Agent: World Leaders Unite Pinning Blame on Russia for Assassination Attempted in U.K.

President Donald Trump joined world leaders from the U.K. France and Germany in blaming Russia for the attempted nerve agent assassination in the U.K. Plus the hottest stories of the week. Newsbud does not take money from advertisers, foundations or NGO’s. We are 100% funded by you, the people. Support Newsbud for a stronger independent grassroots media by subscribing or making a donation today.

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Show Notes  

Trump joins world leaders in blaming Russia for nerve agent attack on ex-spy in England

Russian politician suggests US or UK could have obtained nerve toxin used to poison ex-spy

U.S. and Uzbeks Agree on Chemical Arms Plant Cleanup

Only Russia could be behind U.K. poison attack: toxin's co-developer

Porton Down laboratory to get £48m boost after Skripal attack

Dark past of Porton Down: The secret nerve agent tests that led to the death of a serviceman 

novichok fomulas are not terrorist weapons

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  1. Karl Hahn says:
  2. Keyser_Soze says:

    Its beyond absurd as this point.

  3. Beyond pathetic. It’s not normal to create a world when you think war is a part of life. That it’s normal to spy, to surveil, to threaten, to spend your day thinking of new ways to kill living beings. It’s nor normal to want to dominate, to have power over. You are disconnected from the living Universe if you want to harm.

    What kind of sick b*stards make chemical weapons?

  4. First Recorded Successful Novichok Synthesis was in 2016 – By Iran, in Cooperation with the OPCW

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