No Evidence Required: Manufacturing Lies and Deception in the Quest for War

Ever since 9/11 and the invasion of Afghanistan and Iraq, the state has increasingly passed off falsification and lies as truth. Prior to that event, the state peddled lies—from the sinking of the Maine to the Gulf of Tonkin, to name but two—and over the last decade and a half it has used this tactic with increasing frequency. On March 4, a former Russian spy and double agent Sergei Skripal and his daughter were apparently poisoned and found catatonic on a bench in the British city of Salisbury. Prime Minister Theresa May accused Vladimir Putin and the Russians. She did this without sufficient evidence and before an investigation of the incident. United Nations ambassador Nikki Haley not only blamed Russia for the poisoning, she also linked it to alleged chemical attacks in Syria, again without evidence. The Russian blame game has now gone into overdrive and in the process moved the world closer to a war between nuclear super powers. The new standard is no evidence. None is offered and none required. The propaganda media reports false flags and fabricated events as fact and the people either believe or they don’t—it doesn’t matter to the state, it uses propaganda to justify sanctions and other acts of war. It no longer bothers to engineer believable false flag events.

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Show Notes

Are 'Novichok' Poisons Real? - May's Claims Fall Apart

Boris Johnson A Categorical Liar

British diplomats to be expelled from Moscow in retaliation, Russian ambassador says

The British Government's 'Novichok' Drama Was Written By Whom?

Russian election could get an unexpected boost from the UK’s response to nerve agent attack

Mueller Indictment - The "Russian Influence" Is A Commercial Marketing Scheme

Russian bots target FCC in attempt to get net neutrality repealed

Russia-linked hackers are infiltrating the US power grid: report

Russian hack almost brought the U.S. military to its knees

Saudi crown prince: If Iran develops nuclear bomb, so will we

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  1. bizantura says:

    Painful, but thank you.
    But why not! A full blast nuclear war is just what the neocons want because that surviving in bunkers might be hogwash for the masses. Who knows?

    • This may be why some think a Nuclear war is survivable,and why abortion based products should be totally illegal ! I am sure the Stowers Institute in KCMO has same radioactive antigen but wouldn’t dare advertise due to Midwest USA location .

  2. Stuart Deakin says:

    Broadcast in November 2017 on British television:

  3. Prof. Filip Kovacevic directly contradicts assertions made here about novacek being published. He says it was published and was therefore known by other governments well in advance of this alleged poisoning. Which is true?

    • Alisa Zapalova says:

      The main source of information about chemical weapons “Novichok” and the methods of its production were the memoirs of the Soviet scientist Vil Mirzayanov who had access to the development of chemical weapons in USSR before emigrating to the US in 1995. The US was working on it as well – back in 1998, the A-234 gas formula was listed in the Spectrum Library of the National Bureau of Standards of the USA and it was entered into the database by a member of the US Army Chemical Research and Development Center.
      The main production and test range of “Novichok” type gases in USSR were located in Uzbekistan (as of 1992 no longer part of Russia) . In the 2000s, under the control and funding of the United States, the lab was closed, and the remaining stocks of chemical weapons – destroyed under the supervision of the Americans.
      Besides the US and Mirzayanov admits to it as well, prototypes of this substance could be obtained in many countries due to his publications

  4. See Newsbud’s: The Skripal Incident: MI-6 Incompetence or Desperation?

  5. This is psyop. This is what psyop looks like and feels like. The inversion of all reason. Reason stolen, repackaged and rammed own our throats by harridan creeps like Johnston and May.. LeMesurier and Steele. An IIO -inform and influence operation. This is what spook services DO. So we study it as a designed and orchestrated event. Like 911. A ‘false flag’ casus belli. We study and understand this is how the deeper state functions. Through its media mouthpiece hacks. BBCNN etal: the ‘Wurlitzer’, the mighty Wurlitzer. All the markers are there. The indicators. The patterns. Lack of forensic evidence and the overriding of established Domestic and international Legal protocols. The rush to Judgement. Tub thumping..every news hour…after hour after hour. why, they even had the creepy Bill Browder as the Ehud Barak of the BBC moment on our radio, first up. Such fakery. A disaster of the evolutionary principle.
    Britprop now sledges toward Jeremy Corban. The swamp creatures are targeting Corban. He threatens them.

  6. Good piece Mr Nimmo.
    I agree with your assessment that the west is provoking Russia into war, hoping they will strike first.
    And if Russia doesn’t, then a western-engineered false-flag will be used instead.
    This is why in my opinion Russian weapons systems are so exaggerated as to their sophistication and destructive power. I simply don’t think this is true.
    But what a perfect stage-setting it is to execute a false-flag and then to blame it on these allegedly sophisticated weapons. They will say “it was this advanced Russian weapon that we have no way of tracking”.
    And of course it is done to extract more money for the industrial/military complex, having to combat these (non-existent) weapons.
    Cold War 2.0, indeed.

    OR, and now a whole different take…once again, just my opinion.
    All this is the ultimate Divide & Conquer game by the Global Elite (Zionist) families that run this planet. Not bound to a specific country, but global.
    This elite controls the financial system and therefore everything else. They engineer wars to further their agenda and gain control over everything in, on and above this planet. WWI & WWII were engineered for that reason. Hitler was the bogey man then, just as Putin is made the bogeyman now.

    They ALWAYS fund both sides of the conflict.

    In this case, The West (US/EU) versus East (Russia, Iran, North Korea, etc).
    How do they fund both sides?
    Via a subverted China. This already happened back in the eighties and is the reason for the meteoric economic rise of that country.
    We know China effectively funds both the US/EU and Russia. So here we have the same thing as what happened prior to WWI & WWII. The banksters funding both sides, one way or the other.
    I believe this Global Elite is now centered somewhere in Asia (having moved from their US base, and prior to that London, Amsterdam, Venice, Rome, Babylon, who knows how much further back). They are like parasites, sucking their host dry and then move on to another.

    The ultimate goal?
    As stated above, full-spectrum control over everything in, on and above this planet. The “on” includes us, human beings. We can see this taking place all around us. Transhumanism technocracy turning us humans slowly into controlled, obedient androids. While all the while selling this to the populace as “progress”.
    A planet without the concept of a nation-state (nation states are nothing but an obstacle for them),, one big glob controlled by this elite.
    So if The West & East destroy each other in WWIII, that is just fine by them, just what they wanted (again, it was fine by them during WWI & WWII).
    Out of WWI & WWII rose global (Zionazi) fascism, out of WWIII will rise their global New World Order.
    All existing debt will be wiped off the table (which is why they don’t care at the moment to what levels current debt balloons, it doesn’t matter).

    There will be other ways in which current events could be interpreted, but these are mine, based on what has happened before in our history.
    If the same parasitic families remain in power (which they have been for a long time), then history will just continue to repeat itself, with endless wars and a great divide between rich and poor.

  7. As usual, very well presented. The Russiagate election nonsense has truly ushered in a new specter of Mikey Mouse “the frauds that cried Putin” political theatrics that has the public either mindlessly running to the field waving the rifles and pitchforks or tacitly approving the rationale that the threat posed by the wolf (or perhaps “the bear” is more appropriate) requires a next generation set of bear deterrent technology that costs trillions of dollars and only runs the partial risk of provoking a passive bear into attack mode and/or triggering the automatic lockdown feature which leaves us trapped in our homes under federal supervision… of course for our own protection.

    I truly find myself at a loss for articulating my response to the pathetic and troubling state of affairs on these matters, but having clear presentations like this which lay out the absurd and fraudulent nature of the current iteration of this nonsense at the very least feels proactive, so thank you, Kurt, specifically here and Newsbud as a whole.

  8. A great report, till the last sentence. It is inappropriate predictive programming to suggest all out nuclear war is only a matter of time. There is more going on here. And some of the ‘players’ are not well known to the MSM or perhaps even some in the alt media.

    • Kurt Nimmo says:

      If we keep down the current path, nuclear war is the logical outcome. I can’t see a “shooting war” between Russia, China, and the US going in any other direction.

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