Stop the Assault on Medical Neutrality, War-Time Humanitarian Relief & Freedom of The Press!

This is an important follow up to our Syria Under Siege report.  It is up to the people to stop this assault on human decency.

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Syria Under Siege: Guarding Against Wolves in Sheep’s Clothing

Renowned Whistleblower Lt. Coloel Tim Ferner (Ret) Issues a Call to Bring Back ‘Human Decency’ & ‘Ethical Journalism’ to Ron Paul institute

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  1. Carlos Alfaro says:

    Has Corbett lost his mind? Wierd .

    • Hi Carlos, I think he has. This started last September (2017) during and after our 9/11 Roundtable (at Newsbud). He declared that it was waste of time for people to research/push/talk about 9/11 after 16 years- and that it was time to move on to ‘current’ topics. While in some ways it made sense (to a certain degree), in other ways it did not: 9/11 set the stage and tone for all these wars of aggression we have been witnessing since. This is one of many reasons I loath seeing people calling so many sides ‘Terrorists.’ This trend (pretext) was started with 9/11, and has continued: to dehumanize targets by calling them terrorists.

      Anyhow, after that 9/11 incident we were pretty much out of touch with each other. Then of course, this case came along. And he was/is very upset because some of these false info was presented during his interviews with these women, and he took that as an assault on the integrity of his work (which is very silly- all he had to do: put some disclaimer). In contrast, some radio host named Richi Allen came out publicly, went on record on this duo (despite past promos and interviews he’d done on them), and elegantly moved on.

      Not only it is weird, but it is also sad. There will be several other reports by other outlets on this duo (both alternative & MSM) in the next 2-to-3 weeks. With each expose, each report, he’s going to find it that much harder to clean up. And that ultimately (in the long run) will hurt his credibility- and I am truly saddened by that. He used to be very thorough, serious, and cautious. Sigh.

      • maybe he needs to get out more. i lived in japan a couple of years & you can feel very isolated over there. it”s a whole world to itself. i’ve usually enjoyed his take on things. too bad. sad.

        • Dear John: Thank you- possible. Maybe it is a combination of several factors. I just looked at his website where he posted this very uncharacteristically vile video, and if you look at the comments section: there are 220+ comments posted only by 5 group think people, and if you read the comments you’ll see who/what he is surrounded with. I too agree: he was/is a brilliant man with many talents- and it is so sad to see someone I partnered with and supported for 8 years to get to this point. I hope he’ll get back on the right track and produce the work he used to up until a year ago: sound, solid, in-depth exposes and analyses that are so rare to find elsewhere.

      • steven hobbs says:

        Hey Sibel & All,

        Being a little behind the curve, I’m catching up with what’s been going down here regarding James. I had a very positive impression previously of James as being beyond his erudite bourgeois trappings. Alas, he’s now trapped himself.

  2. Are there any links or videos to the 9/11 Rountable discussion?

    I would like to know what was said.

  3. Julian Swan says:

    Isn’t it a little hypocritical to be up in arms about doctors being called terrorists and then in the same report to falsely accuse Tim Anderson of being a terrorist. .?

    • spiro skouras says:

      What is hypocritical is running around calling everyone terrorists, despite the fact that they are the ones who have been terrorizing people not to mention Anderson, a member of their group has actually been arrested and convicted for his alleged involvement in bomb plots, one that killed multiple people. Yes it is true Anderson was acquitted twice after serving several years in prison. It is concerning to me how quickly the actions of these people are so easily dismissed. So you condone calling these doctors terrorists? You condone calling for the imprisonment of journalists under terror laws? Im confused Julian, You my be in the wrong place.

      • Julian Swan says:

        I think you can guess that I don’t condone that kind of nonsense. I love the work yall do here, especially professors Kovacevic and Engdahl. Literally every story yall produce is 1000 times better than the equivalent story on mainstream outlets (if they even bother to cover it). However, you keep glossing over the fact that the Sydeny hotel bombing was a false flag, which is strange because yall have a realistic take on most other false flag events. It’s like you decided not to look deeper into the Sydney hotel bombing because the official narrative suited your hit piece so well, even though anyone with a good knowledge of Australian history would tell you that it’s absolute rubbish. I’m sure you could’ve asked Peter Lee or Brock about it if you were intending bona-fide honesty rather than looking for one more negative sentence to throw on the Beeley dogpile. Spiro don’t take this the wrong way–I absolutely consider some of the things Beeley and Bartlett have said to be extremely detrimental to the cause of alt media. But how many people had even heard of them before Sibel called her bannermen to war? It does far more damage to the cause for yall’s chief editor to be involved in this highly visible twitter beef, to be seen mocking Vanessa and basically calling her an old spinster. Many people are being treated to this unseemly drama as their first taste of alternative media. That is obviously bad. Instead of cannabalizing other alt media names there are far more important stories dying on the vine. Practically no one had heard of Vanessa and Eva before yall made them a couple of underdogs.

  4. Hatsumi Shimohira says:

    Dear Sibel, Spiro, thank you for the insight and the courage.
    I don’t know who is behind those people and what is the purpose, but I have to say, whoever planned this knows well the mass psychology. People love so much having heroes and they could become completely blind for their holly heros, as you see many still believe in Assange and Snowden, and many more.
    As you say in the previous video, it’s obvious that they look for something different from MSM to control people and they’ve been quite successful with it, unfortunately.
    Eva Bartlett admitted that she and her colleague received government fund. It means they are not independent activists or bloggers (I’m afraid to say they were never really journalists, weren’t they?) Why did they lie?
    She didn’t say which government and how much they received but their fans don’t seem to care now. Nobody asks them. Their followers are blind, they don’t want to hear anything bad about their heros, I see this sad phenomenon very often on the internet.
    I look forward very much to your further research. It is yes, so important to learn how not to be deceived by so-called alternative media, although, it’s really a tough work.

  5. Hatsumi Shimohira says:

    I’ve seen a Fact Checking Newsbud’s “Syria Under Siege” Video of James Corbett.
    I wonder why he kept talking about twitter for 99minites. And why he only attacked Sibel? As there are many commentators in this video. I’m afraid to say that James took an effort to change the impression of the video, sort of hypnotism or mind control. After watching his video, people forget about other contents of news bud’ video and remember only about twitter exchanges! If James’ fan could see there are many more important things to check than talking about twitters;
    1. People don’t talk to the camera in Syria, you need to write down, why Eva and Vanessa could make interview film?
    2. You can’t walk alone without protection by security forces in Syria, how Eva and Vanessa managed?
    3. Why Vanessa forced Dr. Makengie to remove all the references of Hezbollah in her report?
    4. Why do many Sylien activists complain about Eva and Vanessa?
    5. What is the secret that Vanessa talked about the Sylien government; “ I don’t have a liberty to tell you..”
    6. Many write letters to stop 2 bloggers to ruin Syrian reputation, why?
    7. Eva said that she and Vanessa received government fund, which government and how much they received? Why don’t they tell that to people? Since when do they receive fund or since when do they work for the government? People believe that they went to Syria many times with their money, what is the reality?
    8. James talked for a long time about f*** and only showed “f***” version, but there are many more f*** versions too. And I don’t think Sibel was talking about only this word, what she says violent, profanities, terrorizing is about whole the conversation on Twitter.

    • Dear Hatsumi:
      That is a pretty objective assessment. James Corbett, intentionally, glossed over the three most important issues presented in our video report: 1- As you can see in our recent short video report this duo has been calling any journalists with differing stand/opinion ‘Terrorist.’ Not once, not twice, but dozens of times over the last year or so. Not only that, they actually provide a link to UK security agency, and demand that people report these journalists to the government there, and demand that they be jailed as ‘terrorists.’ Now, James Corbett, who openly (and proudly) presents himself as anti gov and anarchist, now says that- This is no big deal, and that he condones and supports this duo’s action on this. This is not the Corbett I used to know. 2- Calling majority of the volunteer doctors (not only WH, but every single international aid and medical orgs)’terrorists.’ Again, Corbett used to tear apart the MSM and Gov statements that contained constant accusation of ‘Terrorists/terrorism.’ I invite every one to listen to this duo’s interviews, their social media posts, and they’ll see that every single writing/statement includes the word ‘terrorist’ multiple times, and it is directed to the 6+ million refugees, doctors, analysts, journalists, researchers, Syrian expat communities … and the list goes on. Well, that same Corbett who rightfully criticized and condemn this ‘terrorist’ characterization, is now condoning/supporting it. 3- Plagiarism Cases- There are so many documented cases of plagiarism by tis duo, including some of the materials they presented during his show. All this reeks with hypocrisy (that’s putting it mildly) and a very sharp 180 degree turn. Why?
      As for your questions:
      1-Because they are always accompanied by 2 to 3 Syrian government military/intel forces (That is mandatory in gov held areas) and those are the ones who select who gets to be interviewed, and who is not. What is allowed to be said, and what is not.
      2-They never did. Over 76% of their time (we have their hotel bills, and travel log obtained from people who used to be with them on the ground) in Beirut (Lebanon) and Damascus. They stay in the most expansive 5-Star hotels with a very few short day trips to safe zones, and always accompanied by Syrian gov reps.
      3-I am not sure. She is the right person to answer that question. The general reason: Beeley-Bartlett believed that including that fact would negatively affect Syrian gov position in the eyes of international audience.
      4- Because as Syrians in Syria, or expats with family/friends in Syria, they have seen many false reports and lies, and they believe this is an operation, and paired up with B-B attacking all other independent voices from this community (many of them Pres. Assad supporters).

      5- This was from an actual e-mail communication (we showed that) betweebn Beeley and Scott Gaulke. She alleged that: Assad secretly confided in me and told me that he and his gov did engage in torture. He gave me details, but I cannot violate the secrecy. Pretty preposterous. Just ludicrous.

      6- Because they are Syrians who care about Syria. They believe their gov has been dupped into giving this two access, and that the duo actually is damaging truthful reports on Syria … among other reasons.

      7- We don’t know the amount of money/funding they receive from the Syrian gov. We sent requests and have not received any response (so far). However, it is my understanding that the majority of their funding (in high 5 figures) come through some twisted channels connected to the large NGO umbrella directing the US chapter of Syria Solidarity Movement. All I have been told by them (SSM): it is in large 5 figures and it comes from an NGO in California with several sub smaller NGOs.

      8- We did not want to spend hours showing 100s of facebook/Twitter posts by this duo threatening the Syrian antiwar activist community members. I believe there are several facebook pages where they have documented (screen shots) these exchanges as well.

      Thank you for your critical thinking and observations, and also for posing the ‘pertinent’ questions rather than trivial spins/twists some people seem to be lost in. While under pressure financially (years ago) we supported Corbett (when he was new with not many viewers) with monthly payments in the range of $1500 per month so that he could quit his day time job (Teaching English) and persue journalism/reporting. I personally rounnded up donors and supporters for him when he had none. I am not listing this to gloat, but to express my utter shock and disdain on what started taking place with him about a year ago, escalating to these very vile public attacks. And sadly, I know he will be losing credibility in the long run (Several other outlets have been investigating Beeley-Bartlett operations- one report will be out in about 10 days)- every expose/report coming out on this two will be also about James Corbett now that he has publicly put himself in this position. Truly sad.

      • “Not only that, they actually provide a link to UK security agency, and demand that people report these journalists to the government there, and demand that they be jailed as ‘terrorists.’ -SE

        I’m not on Twitter, never have been, never will be, but from a still screen shot from your video this just appears to be satire.
        If you look at who are are calling to be reported, it’s all large mainstream organizations, BBC, Channel 4, The Guardian etc.

        I’ll explain the humor. They are playing on the irony that the UK government is asking for people to dob in a terrorist, yet the UK government are the biggest terrorists out there – so it is humorous idea to dob the government (BBC) into themselves.

        Besides, it does not make any logical sense if this duo are puppets of the Syrian government why they would be calling for people to reported to the UK Government? wouldn’t they be giving out the contact details for the Syrian government instead?

        • Octium, If this is a satire, a joke, no one is laughing. The same exact ‘satire’ is being waged by the governments and their mega corporations such as YouTube, FB, etc. Just reverse this fact: let’s say MSM outlets such as CNN or NY Times posts and disseminates a vile like this? Would you have considered it ‘oh, only a joke’ and laughed? I don’t think so.

          Here is another doctors organization, in fact one that Beeley-Bartlett have promoted (yet falsified their quotes and comments), who are begging to stop this tabloid sensationalism and dangerous false info:

          Painting all differing sides as ‘Terrorists,’ and resorting to misinfo campaign for one’s own biases, especially in this case (Syria already under siege) is ‘wrong.’ Two wrongs don’t make it right. We have been exposing MSM outlets for years (From NBC to NY Times). Same with pseudo alternatives such as Intercept and Democracy Now.

  6. Joanie Detlefsen says:

    You sound like the Deep State Shadow Govt propaganda.
    There are no images nor specific examples given as such.
    Not on Twitter, but every Vanessa Beeley report I’ve watched her give in interviews is always documented attributed and explained.
    Yours is not. Although it is very hoi pol oi and holee ier than thou. wow.
    Thanks for the exposé. Mirror.

    • Joanie:

      So you are telling us that you are OK with: 1) Beeley urging the social media community to report other reporters as terrorists to the UK government under terrorism laws, even providing a link for them to do so. This is clear and irrefutable. 2) Beeley stating “#MSF(Doctors without Borders) were eventually refused permission because they were working with terrorists”. And Beeley stating “…bearing in mind a huge number of “aid workers”, ie SAMs, MSF have been demonstrated to be working with terrorists orgs in Syria”.

      You are OK with this? Reporting journalists as “terrorists” under terrorists laws is OK with you? Publicly denouncing doctors as working with “terrorists”, putting doctors (and their patients) in harms way, in clear violation of International Laws and norms is OK with you? Then just where would you drawn a line? Nowhere? Any behavior is acceptable?

    • spiro skouras says:

      Sometimes it is difficult for people to see things as they really are, through the thick veil of bias, well placed propaganda or rose colored glasses, it is easy for people to believe something, or believe in someone, simply because they say certain things you sympathize with. All the while ignoring everything else. No one can deny the groups, and gang mentalities, inshrining the ‘us against them’ mindset that continues to divide. Your catch phrase statement of ‘You sound like the Deep State Shadow Govt propaganda.’ Tells me you have not really spent much time reviewing the countless reports here at Newsbud, exposing many deep state elements and operations for years. Or perhaps, you are just jumping on the bandwagon. Thanks for the support and feedback.

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