Psychopaths Rule

Psychopaths are busy at work transforming our world into a killing field. They’re building a prison, a panopticon of surveillance. They control and manipulate virtually every aspect of your life, from the money you spend, to the job you hold, the food you eat, the medicine you take, the clothes you wear, and the entertainment you consume. Their preferred form of government is pathocracy—absolute rule by psychopaths. They are masters of deceit. They say we live in a democracy, a government run by the people, for the people, when in fact it’s a Mafia operation of global organized crime. The elite have taken down the economy, the middle class is shrinking at a historically rapid rate, more and more Americans are dependent on the psychopaths to provide their subsistence, and society is breaking up into mutually antagonistic factions, something that is also part of the plan to destroy America. The psychopathic elite revel in your destitution, misery, and helplessness. It’s what they do best—subject humanity to humiliation, diminish it through poverty and war, and eventually reduce its numbers to what they consider a manageable level—500 million worldwide. Those who remain will serve as slaves and museum specimens of a lost past.

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The Plutocracy Cartel

The Octopus of Global Control

Global Financial Diplomacy and the Empire of Economics

Beyond the Media Matrix

The Rockefeller File

Did I say that? Prince Philip, the Queen's consort, 88

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  1. Ciaran H. says:

    This is an idea that has been floated around for at least a few years now, I know James Corbett was punting it quite frequently a few years ago and I had some serious reservations. I would say, power corrupts, people with power have less in the way to curtail their ambitions/compulsions. Those who seek power are more interested and motivated to achieve it, for what every needs/motives they have. One point is that labeling those who seek power and are corrupt as socio/psychopaths is misleading, because most people are capable of horrible things when their ambitions are not left in check. We are all capable of being horrible and abusive, believe it or not.. Lastly, the psychopath, as was advertised by Mr. Corbett, seemed to serve the function of a bogeyman, an evil doer, someone to be afraid of, and this narrative is very concerning, because I believe in the quest towards ‘enlightenment’ we must put away our lies and narratives, and understand what the truth is for ourselves. For many thousands of years, story tellers have been manipulating the ‘herd’/masses, controlling them with ideas and stories about how things are and who to hate. The function of the bogeyman has had a lot of success, especially in the way of destroying countries for financial gain, however, as a matter of principle, the bogeyman is a dead end, an end that uplifts someone looking to serve oppression and ignorance. So yes, there are horrible people out there, who have abused and are corrupted far beyond the means of most, HOWEVER, the real problem are the people who give those people power and their attitudes+behaviors, the problem lies in the masses, not those who naturally tend to want to abuse them. I will now watch the video and figure out how far off I am in my ‘commentary’.

    • Ciaran,
      ‘HOWEVER, the real problem are the people who give those people power and their attitudes+behaviors, the problem lies in the masses, not those who naturally tend to want to abuse them.”: This is very astute observation. I have to say I agree with it completely. And with that arises: the psychology of the masses. What gives birth to this trend? I have been struggling with these questions for the past 16 years. I am not anywhere close to the answer, or even partial answer.

      Thank you for sharing this and inducing critical thinking for all of us.

    • Kurt Nimmo says:

      This is addressed in the video with a reference to Wilhelm Reich and his critique of submission to rulers.

  2. Nathaniel Cusano says:

    There is an inherent contradiction I see in these videos. I love the analysis– It’s spot on. Yes were are going to experience a substantial decline in the standard of living and the middle class is indeed shrinking, competition is also being reduced as mergers & acquisitions of prominent companies continue to happen. However, I disagree about the depopulation agenda abroad. I believe America is an idiosyncratic country for their agenda. Only here would they like to exterminate us and put us into massive FEMA camps, whereas in other countries, the population will rise exponentially. Why? Because capitalism and democracy are intertwined with a large mass of slave wage workers that are needed to do the work that AI and robotics simply aren’t at the capacity to replace. Only here with our freedom of speech and the second amendment can we prevent the oligarchical powers from bringing us back into a pre- Protestant Reformation slave system. Once their total control of the internet occurs, and mandatory voting is in place, drones and robots to mercilessly exterminate you under NDAA for any reason, the whole world will be doomed but the battle can only be decided under the constitutional protections we have in America. Once America is out of the way, the whole world is doomed to be shaped in the image of our new Assyrian slavemasters.

  3. Mintaka says:

    Thanks Mr Nimmo, agreed, this is the Big Picture of what is happening.
    That picture of the ball & chain especially caught my attention.
    IMO, a metaphor is the suit & tie. The suit representing the enslaved human body, with the head representing the ball and the tie as the chain.
    Wear it, and it shows how you’re tied into The Matrix, owned and controlled by the elite(s).

    As I’ve stated before on this website, it is us, the people that are to blame for our current predicament. For it is us that have allowed it to happen.
    It is also up to us, the people to fix it. Replacing one head-of-state with another isn’t going to do it. Replacing one centralized financial system (i.e. the petro-yuan replacing the petro-dollar) with another isn’t going to do it. That’s just “Say hello to the new boss, same as the old boss”.
    It is up to us, the people. As you state, it could be done in a matter of weeks, months, years.

  4. Every single presentation by Kurt Nimmo gets the wheels turning in my head- I call his work ‘Elixir for Critical Thinking.’ Solid research and topics selection presented through his unique lens and delivered with that calm clear delivery. In the age of soundbite and sensational shallow journalism a breath of fresh air!

  5. kenneth wagner says:

    Kurt, I’ve always really liked your work. I am happy for you to have left Alex Jones. The ONE THING you still need to understand, is that the ELITESMOST ENORMOUS LIES are about the one who knew what they were doing LONG BEFORE any of us knew. Please do yourself a favor. AFter a lifetie of lies it only takes less than an 30 minutes to really understand why the Elites have LIED more about Hitler and Germany, than anything anyone or thing in history. The German war against Globalism – Part 1/2 – – German war against Globalism Part 2 (Final Part) –

    • Ciaran H. says:

      The German ‘group think’ was right to have been put down. Unfortunately, group think doesn’t respect borders, and it’s a great way to turn human beings in to cogs in a machine. John Taylor Gatto talks adequately enough about Prussia’s contribution towards learning and ‘teaching’ people how to behave. The great war was pretty bad, and it still is being waged today, but that doesn’t excuse what the Germans did, or what they stood for. And I have to say, the Nazi regime was pretty “progressive”.

      • kenneth wagner says:

        The German people LOVED Hitler because he dramatically improved their lives in what is still, the most amazing financial turnaround of any country ever. And, he did not want war as is easily proven by the many offers of peace he made . He acted save German people from being mass murdered in Poland (in an area that was formerly Germany). This, after repeated attempts to have the killing and brutalization of Germans stopped.

        Germany only bombed London after many, many air raids on German cities. The Germans NEVER bombed civilians, which the “Allie” cowards made their focal point, until he had to retaliate. We’ve all been fed a lifetime of lies, from the same people that are still lying to us. As you should know, the victors of war, write the history. That doesn’t mean that ANY OF IT IS TRUE.

        If you truly care to know the other side of the story, watch the videos above that I posted. You can also watch the “Greatest Story Never Told”. The best and easiest read on the subject is “The Bad War” The Truth NEVER Taught about WWII” by M.S. King. It has many, many newspaper articles that tell the real story,not the BS crap we’ve been force fed since the end of WWII.

        The truth is that the Germans fought the last great stand against the “New World Order” and it’s Socialists/Communist hordes. And the monsters that “won” WWII, have never forgotten. This is why the relentless LIES for over 70 years.

    • Kurt Nimmo says:

      I’ll have to disagree. If you take a look at the research of Antony Sutton and others, you’ll see that Wall Street in fact funded the Nazi movement. I’ll add to that it was betrayed after the war started because that was the final objective–to get a big war going, to militarize America and its industrial base, kick off Bretton Woods and the globalist plan, which is now falling apart, or at least digressing into something else.

      • kenneth wagner says:

        SO what, Kurt? Germany was NOT viewed as “evil” except by international Jewry, who declared war on Germany in 1933 and the international Banking cartel, who Hitler bypassed, which is the prime reason they came back financially so quickly.

        Other than these self interested groups, everyone else was amazed at the German miracle and gladly did business with them. And they didn’t “fund” Germany, Kurt, they did business with Germany. It’s no different than doing business with the US, today Kurt. And the facts are clear, the US is the biggest war mongers on earth. The Germans desperately tried to prevent war. But, this is something that you apparently are unaware of.

        Kurt, I know you’re a good guy. I know you don’t want to regurgitate propaganda type misinformation, whether it’s are from Anthony Sutton or anyone else. You really, really need to watch the videos I posted and the read “the Bad War”. I guarantee it will change the way you view WWII, Hitler and Germany. THEY were the “Good Guys”. They made the last great stand against the NWO psychopaths.

  6. Gary Carlson says:

    Hi Kurt: What you don’t understand is most of these Psychopaths, have Reptilian souls. They have Human bodies with a Reptilian soul. A Reptilian soul, does not have empathy for others. Checking souls is my work at There are about 1,010,000 people with Reptilian souls or about 1 in 7,500 people. The deep state is almost all them. They are the leaders & owners of industry, entertainment and media. There are a lot of them in the police and in power in about 70% of all countries. If a woman has that soul, so will her children and they are given special education. There are negative ETs in underground military bases making clones that have the Reptilian soul as well. They call themselves “of nobility” which is just a lie as all it means is they aren’t Human and don’t have empathy for others and prone to evil as they are raised that way. Humanity needs to somehow rise up and take these scum out of power. There are 2 kinds of Reptilians souls, one is the Illuminati and they are the most evil and the other is a little less evil, Trump is one of the other and is trying to get the most evil (Illuminati) out of power and put his kind in power. Every person Trump has appointed has a Reptilian soul, he thinks Reptilians should rule Humanity, he thinks we won’t figure it out, but I and others have and now they must be taken out of power.

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