Newsbud Responds to James Corbett’s Smear Campaign

Newsbud’s official response to James Corbett’s weak attempt to smear Sibel Edmonds and Newsbud.

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Show Notes

Syria Under Seige: Gaurding Against Wolves in Sheep’s Clothing

Stop the Assault on Medical Neutrality, War-Time Humanitarian Relief & Freedom of the Press

Swedish Doctors Tweet & Report – Beeley’s Misinformation Tweet

Corbett Smear Campaign

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  1. Julian Swan says:

    I hate it when mom and dad fight.

    • William Field says:

      Yes & Mum & Dad and all the rest of us ought remember we can always be wrong…& to keep an open mind. And I still don’t “assume” what side B&B et al are on,…..there can be lot of deception tricks used in these matters! This is their trade. One think I think I do know is to be cautious about “belief” if anyone is getting a pay or a Meal ticket from any of our “Big Brother’s” or many various “profiteers” in the West or Israel. …& I think Mum & Dad ought kiss & drop it for now…the truth will probably come out soon enough.

    • Shane Hellmrich says:

      We are Change, Corbett Report & Newsbud, the best in the business. Let’s hope this mum and dad fight does not end in divorce.

  2. Robert Schanne says:

    You make a big deal out of James mentioning Sibel on Alex Jones – which was not a major part of his comments. And then use an episode of James talking to Alex from almost a decade ago? I expect better from the Newsbud community that I have followed. And the rest of your response is that he didn’t address this or that? He did a fact check on short notice – and something he obviously did not enjoy. I enjoy much of what I read and see on Newsbud, but this response is disappointing.

  3. William Field says:

    Seems to me one reason people go to Newsbud & Corbett Report et al is because there is no shortage of shills for the status quo, paid or biased, that are not telling the whole storey. Newsbud & others do not “know” always if info they get re Syria is 100% truth. All this “he said, she said” re this matter does not yet discredit anyone in my view. And, it is counter-productive to the cause I suspect we all support. I also think when anyone resorts to “playing the man & not the ball” it not only is an indication of “no good argument” it also only reflects on the one doing it. People on these sorts of sites are not stupid. Lastly, I always think “moderation” is or can be a form “political control of narrative” or censorship….& again bad comments only reflect on the poster,…. I also think, moderation hugely damaged, if not ruined ….& has a;so done so elsewhere. Scrap it please.

    • William, currently it is needed (it is a huge pain to tend to) because we have been getting 1000s of spam, including automated one (despite our fairly sophisticated measures). This started 5 days ago. As soon as it gets under control (Hopefully very soon) we’ll be the first to celebrate: Three people are taking turn to monitor spam attacks and comments moderation (I loath it). We also received reports from YouTube- That one we have not found a solution to. Thank you for your patience.

      • DjangoCat says:

        Too bad about James. Keep coming out.
        Conspirateers need to hang together.

      • Castillonis says:

        I can attest to the problem with anti spam solutions. This has become a huge widespread problem over the last few years.

        I stopped subscribing to James because of his certainty about climate data as well as the fact that he would speak for a long time without saying anything clear. I love his documentaries.

        I would not use the audio and video speed changes. You do not need that to make your point.

  4. William Field says:

    Moderation also creates the impression there is political control of narrative & thus discredits the organisation.

    • Ciaran H. says:

      its important to back up your claims with evidence, otherwise you are not making a point, just speculating. btw, every media outlet ‘controls’ it’s ‘narrative’.

  5. Gerard Stannard says:

    There is right and wrong on both sides of this sad, sad, perso al, vindictive side show. Whether James is being duped or not, your response feels a lot more smeary than his. He included the part with Sibel on Infowars to make an important point and that is to show how easy it is to take things out of context. You either missed this point or chose to ignore it. I greatly appreciate and enjoy your work at Newsbud but I must say these personal attacks are, in my view, severely degrading what you have heretofore built up. Facts are facts and should speak for themselves. Why the crusade against individuals? (rhetorical) Personal accounts of what someone else said are not facts. We can only make judgements based on the credibility of the source. Sure, call them out if they are wrong but the venomous nature of the reporting is distasteful at best. If you all want to know what is happening in Syria, then go to Syria. Maybe James and Sibel should humble themselves, make up, and then find out for themselves what is really going on. You’re wasting precious time and resources tearing each other down. My, how the MSM oligarchic psychopaths must be relishing in the infighting and back stabbing of two of the few deep digging, truth telling journalists we thought we had left. 🙁

  6. This thread (down with James Corbett) is so weak it is making Newsbud look ridicules. If this is the best you have to persuade the community of Corbett’s ‘incorrectness’ and Newsbud’s ‘correctness’, then you are failing badly. Cheap tools like playing his voice at high speed to make him sound childish make Newsbud look bad. I understand Sibel’s personal connection to the ‘doctors as terrorists’ aspect of this, but it feels like it is clouding her judgement.

    Whoever has watched his whole video and watched your video will be able to assess the information and make their mind up on this issue. Nothing in life is black and white in the way you are portraying it in your responses to Corbett.

    Please STOP this self-defeating campaign. I will continue to watch & read both valuable sources (as I’m sure many in the community will). Finally, just so you hear it from someone with huge respect for Newsbud: Not all negative responses to Newsbud vs James Corbett are spam, many in the community just don’t agree with Newsbud’s position on this issue.

  7. John Phillips says:

    So sad….and we used to be such good friends.

    Please remember people come to this and Corbett Report for information and alternative news. No one should just take what either site produces without critical thought. It is rare I agree with all presented but find all useful in my analysis.

    Disagreement is expected…and should be encouraged.

  8. Stewart Shearer says:

    I think that both Corbet and Newsbud can hopefully learn from this issue, not everyone sees or agrees to everything that is stated in journalism, everyone should weigh the facts and as a reminder, Corbet always states not to rely on his commentary as being the final word. He challenges readers to do their own research and come to a conclusion based on their personal research, I call this critical thinking and the facts are what the person determines to be their truth. The lesson is no one should assume that everything they hear is golden, research the facts and then make the best decision based on where the facts take you. I will continue to support both Corbet and Newsbud until such a time that it becomes obvious that the information disclosed by either party is tainted, false or has misstated so many facts about so many things that there is no point in listening to the False / Fake news.

  9. Sibel, you are cutting off all ties to James Corbett because of his criticism of your report? Really? After all the VERY GOOD work you two have done together you are cutting ties because of your differences on this one report? Unacceptable!

    James, you are cutting off all ties to Sibel because of one report you disagree with? Really? After all the VERY GOOD work you two have done together you are cutting ties because of your differences on this one report? Unacceptable!

    As a subscriber to both of you, I urge you both to step back, take a deep breath, assess what is truthful and accurate in the relative criticisms of the other, adjust, make the appropriate corrections and apologies, if needed, and move forward TOGETHER. I love the work of both of you. This fray will not change that. I think the honest differences and passion expressed are refreshingly healthy.

    Now, Sibel, you said further reports would vindicate your positions? I’m waiting. Critical thinking cap firmly in place going forward…

    • Damani, Thank you for sharing this sentiment here (and doing so sincerely). In the last 7 weeks I have sent several e-mails to Corbett- asking him a few questions, and letting I’m know that we’d be more than happy to provide him with info/witnesses/documents. Same with our other team members- they all tried to contact him repeatedly to no avail. e did not respond to a single e-mail, and went on producing a video without interviewing/talking with anyone (including us), and without responding to many sources who contacted him and provided him with info. Further, a few weeks ago he and his supporters began contacting our team members and asking them to bash Newsbud and join their group. Other than Broc (one of our part-time editors) they were unsuccessful (we have a mature and professional list of partners and team members who have disdain for operations like this). How can we discuss and reason with this type of childish and belligerent behavior? He announced that he has ceased all relation/communication with Newsbud (and me). That’s why we decided to honor his decision, and accept it as such. In fact, today we sent him a polite e-mail and asked him to remove our material (including 100s of hours of exclusive interviews he did with me) from his website. We have our own path and approach and standards, he has his. No reason to continue this attention-diverting and pointless conflict. He does some great work on many topics/subjects- we wish him the best. And we continue as before. Again, I share your sadness, and wish this had not taken place- We not only stand by our report exposing the dangerous misinfo-disinfo by the duo, but we’ll continue with follow ups and updates (including the coming exposes/reports by other outlets investigating this case).

      • Sanjin Dedic says:

        Sibel, I am a subscriber of 3 or 4 months and this is my first message, and I intend to remain so because you assembled a hell of a team which genuinely helps me understand this world better. However you have not conducted yourself very well throughout all this. Corbett has proved that at least some of your criticisms were false and unfair, like the claims about deleted tweets, calling Patrick Heningsen a junkie and misrepresenting the opinions of Paul Larudee.

        I do not know enough about the whole situation to tell you what to do, I do know however that bickering with fellow alt media outlets is a very bad use of your time!! If however you feel it is absolutely necessary, please no twitter. . . talk to people face to face and at least try to come to some kind of a clarification if not understanding.

  10. Plenty of mud being flung around and points being missed on all fronts. I think the language used by Newsbud to argue its case has been too personal and adjective-laden. This can only damage Newsbud’s integrity. It is at best, an unsound strategy.

    It was perhaps unwise to launch into Twitter comments before making the Newsbud video public. I thought Newsbud was about critical analysis. Not name-calling.

    I am yet to be convinced this is a worthy use of Newsbud resources. Perhaps all will become clear in the second report.

    Being right isn’t always the most important thing.

  11. First, for clarification as to who I am. I sometimes serve as Admin here, and usually prefer to just work in the background, but with the vicious attacks going on against Sibel and Newsbud I cannot in good conscience just sit back and do nothing. I’m Matthew Edmonds, and of course I’m Sibel’s husband. My response here is not to any one particular comment, but to everyone in the Newsbud community, and even beyond if anyone wants to take it and share it.

    I have been stewing in the background with my blood boiling for days now, ever since Corbett’s vicious, malicious and unwarranted attack on Sibel. You’re going to immediately say “of course he’s going to defend her, he’s her husband”. And while that is of course true, it does not change the validity of what I’m about to say. Sibel doesn’t really need my defense, she’s more than capable of defending herself, as she’s shown over the years, so this is for me & Newsbud.

    First, let’s get Beeley and Bartlett out of the way, because even though they are the perceived reason for Corbett’s attack, they are minor players here and will shortly disappear from view.

    Sibel of course knew of them and had received requests to interview them, and she even responded that she would like to do that. Then, as she should, she proceeded to do due diligence ahead of any interview. During that process she started looking at their record of tweets and ran across tweets in which they accused doctors of working with terrorists. This raised red flags, which is an understatement. Why? You can watch the video and listen to Sibel and read her comments, which explain better than I can, but I will condense it here for you anyway – because it is very important that you understand Sibel’s perspective.

    Most of you know that Sibel lived part of her youth in Iran. What you may not know is that during this period Saddam’s bombs rained down on Tehran, with Sibel spending time with her family in underground bomb shelters, listening to the bombs exploding above her, perhaps wondering if the next one would penetrate the shelter. During this time Sibel’s father, a doctor(surgeon), was sent to the frontlines, multiple times, to treat the wounded in Iran’s forces. During one of those periods he was taken, kidnapped if you prefer, by some Kurdish forces, terrorists in the government’s eyes, and asked to treat their wounded, which he did. He was out of communication during this time and the government, not knowing what had happened to him, notified the family that perhaps he was dead. Fortunately, he wasn’t, but it’s something that no one could ever forget. And the greater point, he performed as a doctor for both sides, not caring about ideology or nationality or ethnicity, just did his work as a doctor – and this, this lesson, has stayed with Sibel for her entire life. So perhaps you begin to understand the red flags that were raised when Sibel read those tweets. When she read accusations of doctors and “terrorists”. But Corbett, with no life experience to draw on that could begin to help him really understand the danger and horror of what Beeley and Bartlett were and are doing, sat in front of his computer and pontificated – he didn’t get it, and from the comments I see here and at Corbett Report, others don’t get it either.

    Sibel and other researchers continued and she did hours and hours of interviews, coming up with what she chose to present in her report. What she presented is true, whether or not you like the way she presented it, whether or not you want to believe it, whether or not you allow Corbett to manipulate your thinking. I guess you either get it or you don’t.

    And now to Corbett, who is the real reason I’m here writing this. I’ve known James for years – since the early days when Sibel gave him financial support by putting his work –“The Eyeopener Report” – on Boiling Frogs Post and paying him for it, vouching for his character, his work. Sharing her knowledge with him, knowledge that he could not have gotten anywhere else. Giving him interviews, expanding his knowledge, his resources – think “Gladio” if you will. I posted his work, shared emails when there were technical issues or just any day to day communication that needed to be done – processed payments to him, had what I thought was a good relationship and respected his work.

    So of course, when the Beeley/Bartlett issue came up, and before he posted his attack, I sent him an email asking him whether he had vetted them, because the James I thought I knew would have done his due diligence, would have discovered what Sibel discovered, and would not have touched them with a 10-foot pole! He didn’t respond to my email – after all these years he didn’t even show me the courtesy of a reply. Sibel emailed him – he didn’t reply to her either.

    James could have handled this much differently, he could have communicated with Sibel privately, as they have done many times over the years. He could have joined her for a discussion/debate on either his site, Corbett Report, or her site, Newsbud, as they’ve done many times over the years. He could have joined Sibel in a roundtable discussion with others, as they’ve done many times over the years. But, no, he did none of those – he just came out with his unwarranted, disrespectful, vicious, misleading attack. And make no mistake, it was and is a direct attack on Sibel. Beeley/Bartlett is only a pretext he used. I could point to example after example in his attack – but you’ve seen it, and you either get it or you don’t. But why? That’s a question I keep asking myself, with no clear answer. Why did he do it? Did I just misjudge him all these years, is this who he’s always been? I don’t want to think I’m that poor a judge of character, and I don’t actually think I am. So, something else is going on. Something different, or perhaps someone, is driving him now. Regardless, he is no longer the James I respected, no longer the James whose work I respected. And that saddens me.

  12. Randle Caire says:

    No matter what, I greatly admire and love you Sibel and all the folks at Newsbud, and James Corbett. You work wonderfully, using your incredible talents to try and right the wrong that you see in our world. Your efforts bring about so much good. It takes an extra compassionate heart to carry on as you do and that extra special heart when wounded, seems to rule our emotions too much. Great Saints have had this problem as well. May one of the world’s favorite’s, St. Francis, help us pray:

    Lord, make me an instrument of Your peace.
    Where there is hatred, let me sow love.
    Where there is injury, pardon.
    Where there is doubt, faith.
    Where there is despair, hope.
    Where there is darkness, light, and where there is sadness, joy.
    O Divine Master, grant that I may not so much seek to be consoled, as to console;
    To be understood, as to understand;
    To be loved, as to love;
    For it is in giving that we receive
    It is in pardoning that we are pardoned;
    And it is in dying that we are born to eternal life.

    • Dear Randle: Thank you for this kind and sincere note. My priority has always been for ‘truth’ rather than being ‘liked or popular.’ The beginning stage of my whistleblowing journey was marked by certain groups accusing me of being a ‘closet Democrat/Liberal’ out there to get George Bush. Then came Obama Era, and then it went 180 degree the other way: my criticism and investigative reports (Especially those on Obama the first President actually jailing whistleblowers) caused a major backlash from ‘JUNK’ sites such as DU & Daily Kos, etc. I became the ‘Closet Republican.’ Our expose on the phony site ‘Young Turks’ brought attacks from Clinton-backers. Later, our expose on PayPal’s Omidyar’s Intercept brought the wave of attacks from another side.

      I have never let popularity get in the way of ‘The Truth.’ And as you know “In times of universal deceit, telling the truth is a revolutionary act”.

      On the positive side: With each one of these experiences, with each case, we get closer to the truth. Sometimes, with certain blindly-following narrow-minded people it takes years to see beyond the smoke and mirrors. And that is fine. While part of me was saddened greatly last Summer (2017) by Corbett’s switch (after years of honest and agenda-free reporting) thus parting ways with him and his site, the other part, the optimistic part, is glad to have cleared the path. I have had similar experiences with a few couragous Gov whistleblowers as well: Even though they started their truth-seeking path couragously and selflessly, they eventually succombed to ‘partisan’ coopting and manipulation: a few became a poster boy/girl for Clinton, a few were pocketed by Soros-Funded NGOs … But that’s life- much gray in between black and white. Thank you for all your support.

  13. David Walton says:

    When I first saw this I thought it was an April fools joke, but posted two days late.
    Stop it children.
    There are more important thing to expend your energies on rather than fighting each other.

    • Robert Diggins says:

      I bet you’d agree that condescending remarks are more likely to generate more conescending remarks and defensive postures than obedience.

      Something real has happened and denial is a stage of grieving, so I can empathize. That said, I haven’t observed a pattern of willy nilly infighting from Sibel or Corbett, though I know Sibel and her public work better. That’s why this circumstance is especially prone to the denial stage of grief. And it’s also why I strongly believe that something is missing from the narrative, which might help everyone understand what really happened and why. There are some usual suspects, when it comes to missing pieces…

      I imagine your intentions are good and you don’t want to be misunderstood. (That reminds me, I saw Eric Burden perform live in a small club in the 90’s – one of the best live performances in that genre I’ve ever seen.)

      • Robert Diggins says:

        Let me add that I’m not perfect either and am trying to temper my responses. I think you’ll see that I’ve toned down the insults and stopped calling Corbett a d***, mostly on YT and Twitter.. This wasn’t out of denial, but anger and frustration. I will continue to try to take my own advice the best I can. Trying not to be a hypocrite and I do empathize.

        P.S. At that show, they even played ‘Spill the Wine’ and the story narrated in it was greatly expanded and pretty funny I’m going to to search for some other live performances of that song on YT and see if they include the expanded story, which I think included the belief that a woman he was camping out with smoked his last joint, but then he found it, just as the sunrise broke. The one I saw was about 28 years ago, I think, so it’s a little cloudy. And I spelled his name wrong, it’s Burdon.

  14. Stewart Shearer says:

    .It is up to us the readers to verify the content from all parties and to come to our conclusion. Looking with an open mind that as new facts arise we will have to rethink the new information. Seems like Newsbud’s negative comments to Corbets reported story is an over-reaction or more plainly put a childish response.

    For the overall good of all concerned, we need to reconsider our position and work towards a positive resolution. Throwing insults is not a constructive way of solving any problems.

    • Robert Diggins says:

      It seems that some people commenting on this are in denial that some things really happened. These comments seem to consistently advise Sibel/NB to stop acting “childish” and that we should have a neutral stance on any disagreements. The rationale for this advice and assumptions/opinions also seem to focus, with what seems like tunnel vision, on style over substance.

      Style: superficial, emotional, defensive, aggressive, pleading for cooperation, instead of infighting.

      Substance: Newsbud created a report that showed the video testimony of journalists being coerced to change and omit information. Threats made to these journalists and even their families. Corbett created an attempt at debunking NB’s expose, called it a fact check, even though he omitted the substance of the expose. Corbett refused to reply to pre-publication requests for feedback and discussion. Corbett called for the cutting of all ties to Sibel and Newsbud. Corbett did not give Newsbud an opportunity for comment pre-publication.

      You see, some things really happened. This isn’t a willy nilly pissing contest. If you think it is, you are focused on style over substance and are denying or omitting that there is any substance.

      Maybe, instead of calling people childish and virtually saying there’s nothing to see here – move along, you and all readers can try to show some interest in what happened. If you choose to do so, it might seem like something is missing from the story. It seems like Sibel even said so at the end of NB ‘s response to Corbett’s “fact check”. She gave Corbett the opportunity to be forthcoming, on his own behalf.

      This has been repeated in several threads here, but ignored by some. Even Matthew, who does a lot of behind the scenes work on the technical business processes and tedious account issues or website troubleshooting, etc, commented. I can count on one hand, maybe two, the number of times Matthew has commented at BFP or Newsbud, over the last decade.

      This was not superficial, childish, egotistical infighting. There is substance, for those who choose to and are able to discern it. At least that’s what it seems like to me.

      Thanks for your consideration.

    • spiro skouras says:

      We are not randomly throwing out insults as your comment suggests, we responded firmly to an attack on us and pointed out how Corbett’s entire video was distracting away from the initial concerns raised in our first report, in addition to pointing out his hypocrisy about going on Alex Jones’ show and supporting a state sponsored narrative of the B’s while claiming to be an ‘anarchist’. Some people may view this as an attack on Corbett, but it was not. It was calling him out on his attempt to spin the situation, I think a lot of people fell for it, without even watching or comprehending both videos, ours and his. This is evident from the band wagon, mindless comments that lack any critical thinking, such as ‘Corbett debunked your whole video’ no he didn’t, he trolled Sibel’s twitter account for almost an hour and a half, while completely omitting most of the content presented in our report and spinning it. Thanks for your input and support.

  15. Natsuha says:

    Before talking about the problem with Corbett report, we shouldn’t forget that the Vanessa and Eva were funded by a government (Eva, herself admits it) so they are not independent journalists at all. Why did they lie? Why does nobody talk about that? Please be logic. Discern what those two women are doing.
    In the video of Corbett report, I found James really overacted. And why he had to make a video so long, only for the fact-checking of few twitter messages? And this video has 99 minutes and 22 seconds. 9+9+2+2=22 Is this just a joke? Though I’ve never seen James interested in numbers. Strong numbers, aren’ they? 99, 22, 9+9+2+2=22
    Majority of Japanese people still believe in MSM. But for some who are tired of MSM, there are a massive amount of so-called alternative media in Japan. Lots of free-lance/independent writers/journalists, don’t know how they are making living. I’ll tell you that they are all frauds!! Many Japanese people foolishly believe them. Japanese media, both mainstream and alternative are extremely boring, full of lies, completely controlled. Before the US presidential election (sorry to talk about the past), everybody in MSM supported Hilary, and every single person in alternative media supported Trump, many of them even wrote books to say how Trump will save the world… Too stupid and I cried.
    We see quite a few foreign people who speak Japanese in MSM and alternative media. They are obviously secret agents of the same group of people who control MSM.
    Japan is that kind of world now. James might have had a hard time getting along with controlling forces.
    Thank you news bud members for your courage to seek the reality. Majority of people are unfortunately easily deceived, easily controlled and those forces know exactly what to do. Please be confident of your precious work.

  16. Shannon Boswell says:

    I follow & support both sites and will continue to do so
    Below is my post on Corbett it applies to Newsbud also


    • Robert Diggins says:

      Shannon Boserll.

      Did anything substantial happen?

      Should we move along – nothing to see here?

      What substance, not style, are you willing and/or able to discern?

      Is denial just a river in Africa?

      Did you read my comment above about style vs substance?

      Do you think calling people childish is addressing style or substance?


      P.S. I “abhor” repeating myself. I mean I really “abhor it”. “Abhor”. “Really”. “Abhor”. “It”. Know what I mean?

      P.P.S. I “abhor” repeating myself. I mean I really “abhor it”. “Abhor”. “Really”. “Abhor”. “It”. Know what I mean?

  17. I’d rather see Corbett and Newsbud make a peace treaty. Very early on it seemed liked he was going to be a Newsbud contributor. Corbett’s audience is contingent on him being a contrarian. Perhaps he was losing his audience?

  18. Rose Ferreri says:

    His somebody you can’t trust when they do something like he did.

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