Pending Pensions Crisis: How, Why and High-Grade Tsunami Warning

Last year, the World Economic Forum referred to the growing pensions crisis as the financial equivalent of climate change.”  That’s because retirement nest eggs, whether in the public or private sectors, have been in dire circumstances since at least as far back as the 2008 Financial Crisis, and there are no credible signs of correcting them anywhere in sight. 

THIS factor – the ailing pensions platforms in the US and abroad – is therefore where the rubber meets the road in terms of viable economic performance, not how well the Dow Jones or S&P indices – or how cryptocurrencies, even – are doing.  In fact, despite record runs in securities markets over the past nine years – something routinely touted by governments and their corporate press tentacles as “proof” of an economic recovery from “The Great Recession” – equivalent percentage rises in allocated pension investment schemes haven’t matched.  A core dilemma facing many pension funds now is how to protect themselves from blowing up without in turn bankrupting the cities, municipalities and other entities that pay into them in order to provide for their workers’ retirement needs!!!

If you’re anywhere within the middle class – upper, middle, lower, whatever – or certainly lower than middle class and watching this, you’ll need to pay warranted, possibly vastly overdue attention to the biggest financial elephant in the room since easy mortgage lending Ponzi Schemes of over 12 years ago somehow also missed necessary emphasis in the financial broadcasts on NPR, CNBS, and other prescribed corporate economics news.  If you’re anywhere within the wealthy classes, including not only the so-called 1%, but more so in the 0.0000666% (yes, that’s essentially around 5,0000 people out of the global population who constitute the elite of the financial & governing elite…), then yes, turn off your mobile devices and occult seances and pull up a chair or three, as this involves your further catastrophic mismanagement of the wider public’s finances, possibly by design…

In this episode of Money & Fear, and in the show’s detailed Show Notes listed under the videos on our website, we’ll review public pensions – like CalPERS in California, which is the largest in the US – as well as private ones transatlantically to see how and why unravelling pension investments and entire organizations practically promise to underwrite the next financial crisis.  Take notes and get defensive, because as they say, “defense wins championships”…

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Show Notes

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*For additional footnotes and links refer to the Newsbud article link above

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  1. John Phillips says:

    Cut to the chase….the powers that be want our pensions! Remember when we had a automobile industry along with the associated pensions of millions of people. Then the head hunters, otherwise known as CPAs and Economists were hired to manage them….all of a sudden pensions were something they “hoped” to provide but was not “promised.” What? Then is all disappeared. Not…it went into the pockets of the 1%, as with any downturn in markets/

    In those days when you interviewed for a job you looked to the “pay package.” That included salary, vacation, medical, and retirement. It was expected…

    Calpers is being systematically being taken apart and left venerable to the next down turn. This is a plan…not a mistake. Remember when George W wanted to privative Social Security just before the 2008 meltdown?

    Everything is on the chopping block this go around.

    Any solutions or recommendations or are we just getting the word out?

    • Pye Ian says:

      Thanks John. Solutions are hinted at at the end, where I mention government military spending in the hundreds of billions while dissipating pensions & lack of general wage growth get ignored. In the wider sense, it involves mass attention being shifted toward alerting all aspects of the federal and state governments to get ahead of this approaching macro-fiscal train wreck, yet the majority of citizens prefer to remain distracted. The Teamsters & others in the private sector like UPS are trying to work with government to arrive at ‘soft landings’ for their members’ pensions & the wider system, yet everyone else considers it too obtuse to try and decipher, let alone potently deal with. The same patterns here as I saw directly 12 to 14 years ago in the mortgage, housing & wider credit markets. ‘Someone else will figure it out…’

      Acutely, and as far as what we here at Newsbud are concerned, the need for wider public awareness of the disconnected math – at the very least – referenced in said piece … is the critical first step, IMO. The public won’t care if they don’t know.

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