Fluoride: A Big Mistake?

What is fluoride? Is it safe to drink? Is it safe for your children? Should we be adding fluoride to our water supply?  What about fluoridated toothpaste? In this report we speak with two men from the Fluoride Action Network who are taking water fluoridation and the government head on, with science on their side as they are suing the EPA to end the deliberate fluoridation of water in the U.S.

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Show Notes 

Fluoride Action Network

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  1. Warren Schaich says:


  2. Robert James says:

    Flouride is not a mistake. It is one of the Deep State’s “soft kill” tactics that has been implemented for decades. Likewise the food with no nutrition, the enormous power supplied to cell towers, toxic vaccines, etc. They have many avenues of their plan to depopulate the planet.

    • spiro skouras says:

      Thank you for your input and your support. The possible reasoning, rational or motivations / incentives behind this effort will likely be debated for years to come. Thankfully, the science will be on trial so to speak very soon. As Dr. Paul Connett, and his son Michael made it very clear several times throughout the interview, water fluoridation does more harm than good and poses virtually zero benefit to those exposed, despite the correlated risks attributed to consumption. I have the Connett’s on speed dial and we will be sure to keep everyone aware of any future developments. Thanks again for your support!

  3. Lance Baker says:

    Great job my brother I have been trying to educate the people I come into contact with about fluoride for years thanks to you personally. Looking forward to news of a big win ! And to hear from you !

    • spiro skouras says:

      Thanks Lance,
      A favorable decision against the EPA and water fluoridation would be a big win indeed, and would have a positive effect on millions of people! But the fight is far from over, its up to all of us to continue to help inform people and create the dialog to initiate critical thinking. If history has taught us anything… Question everything! And never take what the establishment says as gospel on any subject. Thanks for your long time support!

      • Lance Baker says:

        Thanks for your reply and all your hard work . I have one question , the scrubs that the professor descused on where fluoride comes from is this done in the making of metals such as aluminum etc. ?

  4. Matthew Glasgow says:

    Conspiracy theories are always debatable can excite you all you want. The popular ones usually deny consensus or cannot be proven using the historical or scientific methods. Just purchase any of many simple water filtration and purifiers and remove fluoride and all the other potential toxins from the water you and your family drink! It’s that simple! As a dentist, I am totally confident that my profession and the ADA have no reason to really want to harm the public. I say if you believe there are conspiracies to harm you, just don’t drink the fluoridated water, don’t seal your kids teeth with BPA in sealants, and come have all your amalgams removed. Maybe even stay completely away from all dentists who certainly are trying to toxify your family. Whatever you want to get hyped about is just fine. You have choices, so use them how you see fit. I have NO problem knowing that I am totally comfortable providing safe dentistry for my own family, my extended family and for my patients who trust me. I also respect your right to believe whatever you believe, and make whatever choices you wish to make. There have been and always will be conspiracy theories and two sides to every one of them. Global warming, chem trails, vaccines to harm your kids, water fluoridation to harm you, alternative therapy suppression by the FDA and big pharma, HIV/AIDS plot caused by the CIA, false flag events, and the list goes on and on…Some truth and some hype from both sides always. A conspiratorial dentist who is entertained by all of this BS from both sides.

    • Mark Ribbit says:

      Hi Matthew, I don’t mean to put you on the spot but you seemed to be taking a shot at conspiracy theories en masse in your post.
      You mentioned a bunch of hot topics such as: “Global warming, chem trails, vaccines to harm your kids, water fluoridation to harm you, alternative therapy suppression by the FDA and big pharma, HIV/AIDS plot caused by the CIA, false flag events, etc.”

      You added that there is always some truth and some hype from both sides.
      Could you let us know which of the aforementioned conspiracies you believe has merit, if any?
      Or are they all BS to you?

      • Matthew Glasgow says:

        Some truth and some hype from both sides on conspiracy theories. I think for the most part Global Warming is a political agenda topic. So if you lean left and liberal, you probably subscribe to the theory. As with so much of the fake news today that we get from the MSM which pushes it’s agenda, Global Warming is part of it. Some merit, but I lean more with the many scientists who disputed it and have exposed the altering of the data.

        Chem trails Imo is simply BS! Pilots and local, state, and federal governments have not had a secret program compiling and administering chemicals into our atmosphere for many years! Stupid!

        As an educated and caring dentist for 30 years, I cannot accept the lead in 2nd most popular post displayed on NewsBud Promoting a video by two men who are denying any benefits of water fluoridation and fluoride “with science on their side. I said they may have some merit, but most of the evidence based science and data is NOT on their side.

        Home Publications ADA News ADA News Archive EPA denies petition to ban adding ‘fluoridation chemicals’ to water supplies e-mail Print Share
        ADA News Logo
        Current Issue
        EPA denies petition to ban adding ‘fluoridation chemicals’ to water supplies

        ADA president applauds decision ‘on the side of sound science’

        February 27, 2017
        By Michelle Manchir
        The health benefits of fluoride include “having fewer cavities, less severe cavities, less need for fillings and removing teeth and less pain and suffering due to tooth decay,” the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency said Feb. 17.

        In an EPA statement denying their request to ban water fluoridation, which came as part of a detailed, 50-page response to a petition from activist groups opposed to fluoridation, which sought a ban on what it called the “addition of fluoridation chemicals to water” because, among other listed reasons, “neurotoxicity is a hazard of fluoride exposure”, the facts and science and evidence, and data speak for themselves, and educated folks not drawn to conspiracy theories will get more clarity. The amount of science that is NOT on their side in this detailed article is astounding! Not only the EPA, but also the American Dental Association, the US Surgeon General, the Center for Disease Control, the Public Health Service, the National Research Council, the National Toxicology Report, including hundreds of professional experts in the field do not agree with their findings. To get the real science on the subject of water fluoridation, go to ADA.org/fluoride and EPA.gov and do a search.

        My wife is a cancer research scientist with Merck, who are heavily involved with vaccines research. Many dedicated scientists, MDs and PhDs working to find ways to fight and prevent cancers and diseases caused by harmful bacteria and viruses. There is no conspiracy with the government and Big Pharma to produce vaccines to harm your kids! Does financial profit play a role in research and development of vaccines and alternative therapy suppression? Absolutely! Big corporations and Big government are corrupt and greedy!

        The actual origin and spread of HIV/AIDS is well documented. Could the CIA have been involved in developing chemical and biological weapons including HIV? Maybe, maybe not. It’s possible, and not shocking if they had a role.

        False flag events are definitely being exposed and covered by many of the alternative news sites now growing with the increasing realization of the fake news MSM puts out. I have not watched any cable news on TV networks since the election. I get real news from real journalists on sites like NewBud, Drudge Report, SGT Report, Zero Hedge, Peak Prosperity, Dollar Collapse, USA Watchdog, Charles Hugh Smith, Paul Craig Roberts, Traderschoice Greg Mannarino, and others who are not spewing the MSM scripted propaganda.

        I hope Newsbud lives up to my expectations. The two anti-water fluoridation enthusiasts do not have all the science on their side. Their battle is their passion, and I wish them well, but many, many expert scientists, dentists, and all of the agencies I listed above are not on their side! I think it is probably “politically correct” to be against water fluoridation, amalgams, BPA, X-RAYS, greedy doctors and dentists that just want to over charge the public, and I get that, so I smile, and tell my patients that I am comfortable having my kids drink the fluoridated water, that their are benefits, but it’s totally OK if they don’t want it. I recommend to go purchase a good water filtration system if they don’t want fluoridation like these two passionate guys trying to sue the EPA. Many of the alternative news sites I recommend actually promote water filtration products on their websites. Big Berkey Water Filter

  5. Matthew Glasgow says:

    Actually, I had not even watched your anti fluoride video. Practicing dentistry for thirty years, led me to just give my knee jerk reaction as a dentist who has heard the popular accusations of the harm of amalgams, fluoride in water, BPA in sealants, over prescribing of antibiotics and opiod medication, and even an occasional media hit job about dentists overcharging and providing unnecessary treatments for greedy profit. So when I see another media blitz like the anti fluoride platform here on Newsbud, I admit that as a dentist, I am biased and more open to believing their are some positive merits to fluoride use and water fluoridation, not all bad and toxic. Your video actually has some merit, but it is very biased and clearly not open to all points of view on the subject. Good luck with your lawsuit.

    • Dear Mr. Glasgow: Thank you for this comment. Please watch the video and let us know if you are willing to either provide us with an interview and or an article (editorial response) on this topic. You are right, and we would love to present the other side/aspects on this topic. With many topics, such as this one, it is extremely important to provide multi sides. I for one sit in the middle: the water we consume (Oregon) is fluoride-free, on the other hand, we use toothpaste with fluoride.

      You can e-mail us via Newsbud contact form and mention this communication. Again, thank you for your input.

      • David Garretson says:

        Dr Glasgow

        Climate change as a result of human activity is solid science. The level of certainty is comparable to the level of certainty that smoking causes ling cancer. I would encourage you to look into that. What we do about it is a political question. Using your classification you’d say I was a ‘liberal’, yet politically speaking my opinion about what we should do about it is very much ‘conservative’.

    • spiro skouras says:

      Mr. Glasgow, Thank you for your input and feedback, we encourage a healthy debate where we can all share our points of view without having to worry about being attacked or ridiculed like so many comment sections found elsewhere. As a dentist I appreciate your point of view and if you have not yet watched the video I encourage you to do so. I do respect the fact that you made your bias very clear, and you also clarified that your initial comment was made without having watched the video. The statement you made about corruption in the government and in corporations running rampant, is a very good point, and is one of the main reason why I believe we must always be the watchdogs. As history shows we cannot simply entrust the government or a company to always do the right thing, especially when there is power and profit involved. Thank you for providing some additional sources of information for those who wish to see what the regulatory agencies have to say on the matter. I would also encourage you to look at some of the studies Dr. Paul Connett referenced in this interview. Dr. Connett has a PHD in chemistry and specializes in environmental chemistry and toxicology. One of the studies Dr. Connett referenced was actually funded by NIH and the EPA and supports their argument. In addition to that, there are dozens of studies that show negative health correlations with the consumption of fluoride and a correlation between Fluoride consumption and lowered IQ’s. Dr. Connett did not dismiss the potential benefits of fluoride, but he says the science shows fluoride is most beneficial when applied topically, not ingested. Again, I believe this issue leads back to informed consent, and the peoples right to choose, this is not about banning fluoride 100% if people choose to use fluoride that should be their decision, but no one should be forced, and mass medication of this kind is, in my own opinion immoral. As for conspiracy theories, Dr. Connett said at the beginning of the interview, they do not get into the conspiracy angle, and we did not go into that at all in the interview. We will see how the lawsuit turns out and I will be sure to keep Newsbud members up to speed. Thanks for your support!

  6. The facts and only the facts please. Let us sort this out quickly.

  7. Michelle Cotterman says:

    Thank you for this honest report. I’m lucky enough to live in a municipality that does not add fluoride to our water.

    • spiro skouras says:

      Hi Michelle,
      Welcome to the Newsbud community, glad to see you joining in on the discussion. Thank you for being our guest, your interview on House Bill 193 is now posted.

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