John Bolton’s Cyber War

John Bolton, who will become President Trump’s national security advisor on April 9, is eager to start a cyber war with Russia and North Korea. Bolton’s point of reference is the Sony Pictures hack in 2014. It was reported the Sony attack was in response to the release of the satire film The Interview which portrays the assassination of North Korean leader Kim Jong-un by the CIA. Although the establishment media dutifully reported North Korea was the culprit, computer security experts believe it’s unlikely they’re responsible. Experts believe the likely perpetrators were disgruntled insiders or hacktivists. None of this matters if your intention is to build a narrative that North Korea, China, and Russia are engaged in nefarious plots to disrupt American computer networks, including networks connected to financial institutions and even the US power grid. A few weeks ago, federal prosecutors accused Russia-linked hackers of sabotaging the US electric grid, water processing plants, air transportation facilities and other targets. The Department of Homeland Security and the FBI say the Russians have also targeted critical manufacturing sectors and commercial facilities. Despite all the hoopla over invading Russians, Chinese, Iranian, and North Korean hackers and the danger they pose, the United States has the most powerful cyber warfare capability. Bolton’s belligerent character and past remarks—including his desire to militarily attack both North Korea and Iran—demonstrate a definite willingness to go on the offensive without solid evidence. The role he played in fomenting the invasion of Iraq proves he is not above telling lies, manufacturing bogus evidence, and arranging false flags to get wars going.

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