Sibel Edmonds: The Fog of War – Syria & More

In this edition of Probable Cause Sibel Edmonds breaks down the fog of war and exposes the information warfare campaigns being waged by all sides, in light of the recent military strikes against Syria for their alleged use of chemical weapons. Edmonds also explains what sets Newsbud apart from the rest as she examines the big picture. The full video is available now for members at Join today for full access.

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Show Notes 

Syria fired 40 missiles 'at nothing' after allied air strikes destroyed three Assad chemical sites

Russia claims it intercepted 71 out the 105 cruise missiles over Syria — the US says none were shot down


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  1. Thanks Sibel! I think you cut through the fog very sharply and clearly. Awesome!! Go Newsbud!

  2. Mark Johnson says:

    Thanks for being what may be a lone voice of sanity in the media right now

  3. Mark Johnson says:

    Honest truth seeking Americans confront a hurricane of propaganda and disinformation; which spews forth from virtually every possible direction, including our own government. We are left to little more than pure conjecture as to what may really be happening. It’s plausible that there is a cold civil war going on between factions of our own government, but who are the good guys and who the bad? If there are any good or honorable actors in the government, do they stand a chance against the evil doers? We have no way to know.

  4. I think many can play their part in providing information. No single news outlet or journalist/commentator/blogger is a silver bullet or infallible. You have to pick your niche, contribute in whatever way you can and let the public join the dots. That is the job of journalism – present the cold facts as you find them. It is up to the people what they do with that information. It is not journalism’s job to think for us, only to provide something for us to practice our critical thinking on. If that takes too much time – then, something to practice our common sense on. If even that’s too hard, then maybe self-preservation. War bad. Peace good.

    We also need to remember that opinion is not fact.

    I think we’ve forgotten the art of civil debate as well.

  5. Petri Vuorijärvi says:

    Thank you for your independent and courageous orientation.

    As a new subscriber I want to tell you that your recent output and decisions concerning reporting about Syria were a key factor to contribute to your work financially. It’s not much but it is a statement.

    • spiro skouras says:

      On behalf of the entire team at Newsbud, I would like to welcome you! As described in our about section, we are 100% independent and people funded, and everyones support is greatly appreciated. We take our jobs here at Newsbud very seriously and we are dedicated to providing our members with a reliable and trustworthy news source while providing analysis from top experts. Thank you for your support, looking forward to seeing you join the discussion.

  6. dave michalets says:

    I have been a newsbud subscriber a long time, even back to bfp. My favorite podcast at newsbud has always been the series by Kovacevic. Though I cannot read Russian I can listen to his interpretations and in light of my own understanding of the world his interpretations make sense to me. I make a personal judgment on whether he is trustworthy. After watching this podcast about the fog of war I felt the need to offer an opinion. There was too much vitriol about idiots and pimping bloggers. I had expected talk about the fog of war but got the fog of the internet instead. I know to be suspicious about internet material. Over time I trust certain journalists/bloggers/writers more than others. I actually get Time magazine and I used to get the Economist; I need to read how different sides spin the same events. I even visit HuffPost sometimes for that bias. Most of the time Newsbud is concise in its news and perspectives. I feel this time it was not. I decided to post this comment to suggest a way newsbud can remain a reliable news source. Maybe this is too much comment for one post but I prefer a little less emotion with my news, as it can distract.

    • Dave, thank you for sharing your personal stand. This site is not a one-man or one-woman show. This site does not subscribe to one style or another. This information and analyses site is not broadcasting for rating (That is for outlets that run advertisement, thus, in need of ‘rating.’ We have viewers how subscribe solely for the great RNM show with Prof. Kovacevic, others who are only interested in everything China-Korea and tune in to Peter Lee (and love his sense of humor as I do). We have a large group who are avid readers and viewers of Kurt Nimmo, and his no nonsense approach tackling all sides, and others with narrower minds who can’t stand his NON-PARTISAN targeting of ‘REAL’ issues. There are many others who want ‘Debate & Passionate Discussions’ on ‘current’ issues/cases. What I am trying to say is unlike One-Man or One-Woman bloggers/sites, this is an amazing community of multi voices, multi styles, multi perspectives. Personally I love each expert/analyst and do not promote one over another: they are ‘MY’ team, and ‘I’ am proud of and respect each one of them. I will never pander to ‘rating’ or a particular side. Some of our passion-loving viewers have been bombarding me with e-mails requesting for more ‘spontaneous and passionate/heated’ shows, and less canned and formal video settings. We have both types, and we will continue to have both styles. As for you, my suggestion: view all our great producers’ work and decide what interests you the most. After all, this is why “I” structured Newsbud as a Team and multi-dimensional site. And this does not only go for you but every community member here at Newsbud. Unlike narcissistic ‘IDIOTS’ who want to showcase their ‘EGO-RIDDEN’ one-man/one-woman persona, “I” am providing a site for a multiple voices, views, perspectives and “Styles.” I have been doing this for over a decade, and I will NOT change a single thing when it comes to multitude of styles and voices. Period. Those who cannot handle it can go elsewhere.

      • spiro skouras says:

        Well said Sibel, I was going to respond but I think you nailed it and covered everything. Thanks for your support David and for engaging in the conversation, I hope to see more from you.

  7. Jeff Martin says:

    Thanks Sibel for the great and passionate video. You and the Newsbud crew are indeed the “Gurus” of common sense.

    It’s refreshing to hear about current events without it being couched in some nefarious agenda. Thanks to you and all your contributors.

  8. Sarah Seth-Smith says:

    What’s happened with William Engdahl? There has been no commentary from him of late.

    • Hi Sarah, Engdahl has a new book (I am not sure when the English version will be out here in the States), and due to his schedule (book tours/speaking arrangements) is not able to produce videos/analyses at least until the next fall. His book exposes Soros, and from what I understand there are some amazing facts on Hungary.

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