How and When Will the Establishment Pull the Alchemical Plug on Deutsche Bank?

For several years now, on and off rumors about the general financial health of behemoth German-based Deutsche Bank have sent everything from a nagging unease to outright panic across international financial and political circles.  At times it would be described in mainstream corporate press as “the next Lehman Brothers” – meaning a major global bank imminently facing outright collapse, thereby threatening systemic risks across all banking & the wider global economy – due to its overall debt and risk exposure levels, while at other times the bank’s own executives, analysts and pundits would wave off such fears as exaggerated and unfounded.  How is one to ultimately know, then?  Whose statements on Europe’s 4th largest bank are authoritative?  Can or should the wider public even “handle the truth”, considering how confirmed rumors can potentially trigger panic, almost becoming self-fulfilling?

The cases of troubled banks Bear Stearns and Lehman Brothers from a decade ago are instructive to an extent, as are newer and older means of weighing such tectonic risks in general, away from prescribed yet antiquated models from within the financial, legal and consulting industries, as well as most certainly from government.  Who decides on necessary confidence placed in such massive institutions, which must take massive risks by design in order to compete, yet are then lambasted for being reckless often by the same parties which urge said risk taking?  Are the outright collapses of these financial concerns completely unpredictable?  Or are they sometimes assigned, for the sake of wider goals?

Could Deutsche Bank – and Germany itself - benefit much more from leaning further Eastward in their business dealings and general strategic and even cultural priorities?

In this episode of Money & Fear, and in the show’s ever-detailed Show Notes listed under the videos on our website, we’ll review Deutsche Bank’s past, present and possible future, weighing it against its large bulge-bracket banking peers as well as presumed political mandates discourtesy of banking-sponsored government actions.  History, data and critical questions will be posed, aimed at essential nuance for this bank and its industry, sure to supplement your knowledge base whether you’re an observer or sector insider.

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Show Notes

Leading banks in Europe as of June 2017, by total assets (in billion U.S. dollars)

The 25 biggest private banks in the world

Total assets of Deutsche Bank from 2006 to 2017 (in billion euros)

Deutsche Bank as Next Lehman Brothers: Far-Fetched but Not Unthinkable

Why Deutsche Bank won't become the next Lehman Brothers

Deutsche Bank urges patience after third annual loss

Deutsche Bank Plunges To 16-Month Lows, Bank Credit Risk Spikes

Deutsche Bank AG (USA) – Equities Performance

Deutsche Bank: a new fine and new losses

Deutsche Bank Should Scale Back U.S. Business, JPMorgan Says

Why Deutsche Bank Replaced CEO John Cryan After Less Than 3 Years

Deutsche Bank ‘Beyond Repair’ as Trading Drops, Autonomous Says

How Deutsche Bank’s high-stakes gamble went wrong

Deutsche Bank: A floundering titan

Deutsche Bank Proposes John Thain for Supervisory Board Seat

Deutsche Bank’s Deep Strategic Hole

How Deutsche's big bet on Wall Street turned toxic

Questions over spate of ‘suicides’ among Deutsche Bank executives

Deutsche Bank Flew and Fell. Some Paid a High Price

Deutsche Bank fined for misstating value of derivatives

JPMorgan’s Mystery Number in Derivatives

Quarterly Report on Bank Trading and Derivatives Activities:  Second Quarter 2016

Deutsche Bank fined for $10 billion Russian money-laundering scheme

Germany Repatriating Gold From NY, Paris 'In Case Of A Currency Crisis'

Deutsche Bank refuses clients' demand for physical gold

Gold still the standard for Germans

Why Germany Getting Its Gold Back Is A Bigger Deal Than You Think

U.S. Dollar Collapse: Where is Germany’s Gold?

The Truth About Bundesbank Repatriation of Gold From U.S.

The Real Colluder With Russia Isn't Trump -- It's Germany

He used to rule Germany. Now, he oversees Russian energy companies and lashes out at the U.S.

German Business Ties With Russia Curb the Threat of EU Sanctions

Volkswagen agrees to record $14.7 billion settlement over emissions cheating

Deutsche Bank – Management Board

Deutsche Bank says derivatives exposure fears overblown: paper

Deutsche Bank Tells Investors Not To Worry About Its €46 Trillion In Derivatives

“We’re Not Dangerous”: Deutsche Bank’s Chief Risk Officer

Value At Risk – VaR - Definition

Chaos Theory and Financial Markets

What’s the use of “econo-physics”?  Why physics + economics = more than you think

US bank derivatives books larger since rescue of Bear Stearns - Total value of exposures at 5 of the biggest lenders up 12% over past decade

How big is the derivatives market?

The US$ 1.5 Quadrillion Derivatives Catastrophe

Deutsche Bank: There's no quick fix after decades of mismanagement, portfolio manager says

Deutsche Bank Shares Plunge to Crisis Level

Is Deutsche Bank Fixable?

Who’s in the most trouble? Barclays, or Deutsche Bank?

How Deutsche Bank’s high-stakes gamble went wrong

Why is Deutsche Bank now the biggest worry in the financial world?

Deutsche Bank, Banks And The USD: The Writing (Off) Is On The Wall (Street)

There’s no way back’ Fragile Deutsche Bank on the EDGE as emergency leader drafted in - DEUTSCHE Bank’s future is getting more uncertain with the passing of days as pressure mounts to see its boss sacked and an emergency leader is parachuted in

Santander & Deutsche Bank Fail Fed Stress Test

Deutsche Bank: The Fiat Money World May Be Coming to An End

US Govt, ex-Deutsche Bank trader disagree over altered documents

Deutsche Bank's 30 years of twists and turns

Deutsche Bank's new CEO faces familiar questions over strategy

Deutsche Bank Faces Possible $60 Million Derivative Loss

Deutsche Bank Tells Investors Not To Worry About Its €46 Trillion In Derivatives

US bank derivatives books larger since rescue of Bear Stearns - Total value of exposures at 5 of the biggest lenders up 12% over past decade

Deutsche Bank’s Deep Strategic Hole

Deutsche Bank fined for misstating value of derivatives - German group agrees to pay $55m to resolve SEC allegations

Unravelling ‘gap risk’ at Deutsche Bank


What if We Need a Secret Banking Elite to Rule Derivatives Trading?

Deutsche Bank Troubles Raise Fear of Global Shock


Alchemists of Loss: How modern finance and government intervention crashed the financial system by Kevin Dowd & Martin Hutchinson

Beyond Mainstream Explanations of the Financial Crisis

Currency Wars by James Rickards

The Death of Money – Ibid.

The Road to Ruin – Ibid.

The Lost Science of Money by Stephen A. Zarlenga

Theft of the American Dream: Understanding the Financial Crisis - And What You Can Do to Salvage Your Legacy by J.F. Swartz

Babylon's Banksters: The Alchemy of Deep Physics, High Finance and Ancient Religion by Joseph P. Farrell

Financial Vipers of Venice: Alchemical Money, Magical Physics, and Banking in the Middle Ages and Renaissance – Ibid.

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  1. Jeff Martin says:

    Great analogy using the Monopoly board game.

    The banking institution is one the the few institutions I can recall that pays bonuses for failure. The excuse for not paying bonuses is that those employees not getting bonuses will go work for a competitor seems specious. Who wants to give employment to a failure?

    Were those huge fines really paid? If so, to whom?

    Germany may have to wait quite a long time to get the rest of it’s gold back. In 1928 Reichsbank President Hjalmar Schact visited the New York Fed to see Germany’s gold. He was sheepishly told Germany’s gold could not be found. To which Schact replied, “Never mind: I believe you when you say the gold is there. Even if it weren’t you are good for its replacement.” And does anyone really believe the United States has a gold reserve anymore?

  2. Pye Ian says:

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