The Russian Deep State: Putin & the Assassination of Journalists

In this special report Newsbud’s founder and editor Sibel Edmonds and Spiro discuss the recent and suspicious death of a Russian journalist who was best known for exposing corruption as well as the Russian private military contractor The Wagner Group. We also take a look at the recent history of journalists who have been targeted with the ultimate form of censorship, assassination. Newsbud is 100% independent and people funded. Sign up today and receive instant access to 100’s of exclusive articles and video reports only at

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Show Notes 

CPJ - Anna Politkovskaya

Assassins stalking Russian newspaper

Russian independent newspaper says it will arm its staff to guard against further attacks

CPJ - Igor Domnikov

Russian Journalist Investigating Syria Mercenaries Dies After Falling From Apartment Window

Russian Reporter Maxim Borodin Dies After Mysterious Balcony Fall

Russian journalist mysteriously dies in 'balcony fall' after masked men reportedly visit apartment building

Russian journalist who wrote about mercenaries’ deaths in Syria is found dead

Interview with reporter who blew the lid on Russian mercenaries fighting in Syria

Secret War: Vladimir Putin’s Ghost Army Inside Syria

Updated: What Is the Connection Between the Wagner Group and the Russian State?

Who really did kill Russian journalist Anna Politkovskaya?

The Silencing of Anna Politkovskaya

Why Anna Politkovskaya Still Inspires

Justice for Anna Politkovskaya

Igor Domnikov Wiki

List of journalists killed in Russia

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  1. catherine ladd says:

    The US takes a more refined and less obvious approach when assassinating our investigative reporters, and the Russians should take note and learn a thing or two. First always leave room that it could be a potential suicide. Danny Casolaro, Phillip Marshall. Gary Webb; these could be seen as suicides. Then with Michael Hastings, it could be a auto malfunction. Never anything so obvious as a shooting,poisoning or hammer attack.

  2. Robert Germano says:

    very interesting conversation. well worth the time to listen to it

  3. Robert Barricklow says:


  4. As a member of Newsbud since early Boiling Frog… I just feel need to add my 2 cents on something… where I am mostly just an observer in this community… forgive me for being off topic.

    Misogyny is such a part of our current day lingo that we aren’t even conscious often when it shows its ugly face. I have never heard Sibel bring this up at all. I can tell you, Sibel doesn’t need to say a word for me to know she deals with it all the time, as woman myself.

    For Corbett to throw Sibel under the bus that like that is quiet the example, (whatever his personal gripe may be) I did watch his full report. It was Sibels story that people were attracted to– not the interviewer- when he had his major breakthru as a reporter. He, as a man, once again, couldn’t hold back from viciously attacking a woman. I have many ideas of what happened behind the sceens, because as women we see Patterns in the Paternal consciousness of when men try to “break” a woman. It becomes a clear pattern, archetypal behavior, when you see it play out enough. I, like all of us, don;t need the details.

    Corbetts report did no good service to the story, to the news, or to his character to join the order of condescending male voices. That he did not even give the respect to communicate directly with Sibel is proff of this. Corbett once did a great report on cognitive dissonance., I wish for him to continue the reserach internally and then have a good long communication with Sibel with possibly some mediation. It may seem unimportant or cliche what I am saying, but honestly it is the real healing that we are all needing. These cultural illnesses are what tears apart the community. It is not the people in the white house… it is when our own communities become unable to negotiate safty, including basic safe communication, that society will be unable to mend.

    i want to thank you Sibel and newsbud again for your hardwork and the integrity you show in your work. I support you 100%, and don’t mind at all to know about your human flaws, as they may be. Your work is no less than on point.

    Please forgive spelling errors, as my keyboard seems to be messing up.

    • I Man, I greatly appreciate this comment. I did not want to bring it up because I thought people would consider it ‘gender-baiting,’ however, I would like to provide this link where Corbett has asked his fund-ers to post 1000 comment bashing me and Newsbud. All comments posted here are by ‘members’, and every comment is checked and moderated personally by Corbett. If anyone goes through these (very painful, I know) They’ll see repeated references to female species being ‘bit..’, that Newsbud is direct by ‘Menopause’, etc. One look at the comments section makes it clear who the site caters to, and Corbett’s true stand. I also have to add: This was not the case with Corbett until about a year or so ago. The man I worked and partnered with for … 8+ years was not this, or at least I did not see any signs. Then came very questionable partnerships and ‘sponsors,’ and with that there was this ‘out of nowhere’ sudden change. We believed (or wanted to believe) it was temporary- but again, we were proved wrong. Of course we are moving on, but nonetheless it still feels sad (And it makes me question myself ‘How in the world I failed with my judgment of characters.’ On the positive side: We at Newsbud are about to add medical/healthcare related shows and coverage, thanks to our community members’ support and backing. After all that with Corbett, and him dialing some of our members/fund-ers and giving them orders, we canceled 27 members, but we also gained 62 net members this month. Our comments section is no longer being bombarded by 100s of spam comments from these individuals with name callings I’d never seen before (some of those I had to check ‘Google’ for, for example: MILF. I had no idea what it stood for but thanks to Corbett I now know;-).

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