Government Accidentally Sends ‘Mind Control’ Documents in FOIA Request

This week some unusual but interesting news took place as a journalist received documents from a FOIA request from a Washington state fusion center. The journalist had asked for documents about Antifa and neo Nazis, which he received, but he also received a folder that was called EM effects on human body. In case you’re wondering EM stands for electromagnetic. We examine the documents as well as the military’s testing of electromagnetic warfare technology. Plus, the hottest stories of the week. Newsbud does not take money from advertisers, foundations or NGO’s. We are 100% funded by you, the people. Support Newsbud for a stronger independent grassroots media by subscribing or making a donation today.

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Show Notes 

Washington State Fusion Center accidentally releases records on remote mind control

Washington State Fusion Center

Navy Secretly Conducting Electromagnetic Warfare Training on Washington Roads

Documents Show Navy's Electromagnetic Warfare Training Would Harm Humans and Wildlife

NAVY Study on Electromagnetic Radiation

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  1. spiro skouras says:

    I find this topic very fascinating, there is a lot more information about this available. I was thinking about possibly delving deeper into this topic for a members exclusive. Thanks for everyone’s support! Lots more to come soon.

    • Amber Sayman says:

      I had to look back and find this video when I was reading about Havana Syndrome today. So interesting! I remember this being a mystery. Maybe the fusion centers were researching this phenomenon and/or conducting tests. That may explain the eclectic collection of documentation pertaining to EM warfare. Anything is possible. 🙂 I’m sure y’all don’t have time to chase this rabbit, but I would love to see Newsbud cover Havana Syndrome if you had any special insight. I can think of several reasons any particular entity would want all U.S. intelligence personnel to vacate Havana, but I don’t want to speculate too much. 😛

  2. Thomas Wonsetler says:

    It’s not “fantastical”! It’s real! They’ve been working on these technologies since the 1950s if not before, but especially since the 50s! MUCH has been developed,such as the Directed Energy weapons that turned the World Trade Center (most of it) to DUST! Nikola Tesla developed the “Death Ray” way back in,I think the 1930s & of course it’s been way more developed since then! Theyve had anti gravity technology for decades! They can induce fear,anger or whatever in individuals and crowds! These psychopaths are sooooo dangerous! Luckily there are also good people in positions of power & wealth who often keep this insanity & evil in check or we would be even more f*cked !I hope you do a comprehensive in depth report on this,Spiro! Dr. Steven Greer is a GREAT & reliable source for this kind of knowledge,for one , though his is usually about Zero Point Free Energy & ETs & Deep State, Empire coverups about that! Dr. Judy Wood does a very good job of showing that the World Trade Center was “dustified” by DEWs (directed energy weapons)! I’m looking forward to gteat report from Newsbud on this topic! Thx Spiro ! Great videos from Newsbud!

    • steven hobbs says:

      Hi Thomas,
      “Directed Energy weapons that turned the World Trade Center (most of it) to DUST! Nikola Tesla developed the “Death Ray.”
      Is there not a simplier explantion?

      Spiro & Sibel,
      Bravo! Great aggrigation of material, auditory, static visual, and videos. Who would think?

  3. Robert Barricklow says:

    Check out author Elana Freeland 5G[duckduckgo]

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