Slow Burn: Trump’s Syrian Attack and Endless War

On Friday the 13th, as the first bombs went off in Damascus and blow by blow accounts jammed social media, some of us thought it was the first step in the final war, a giant show down between two thermonuclear behemoths. However, the Pentagon is not interested in a huge war fought on multiple fronts and theaters. It prefers smaller, more manageable wars, and endless military occupations like the one in Afghanistan. The idea is not to defeat enemies who hate us for our freedom, as George W. Bush put it, but rather keeping those enemies alive and engaged. Endless brush fire wars against a morphing array of enemies—Saddam Hussein, Osama bin Laden, Kim Jung-un—keep the Pentagon system cruising along and justify its gargantuan presence and massive budget. It also grows the military industrial complex, now more accurately described as a military-industrial-surveillance-police state complex as the national security state has merged and centralized disparate operations. Initiating a war several magnitudes larger than what Trump did on Friday the 13th would put this scheme in danger. Taking out alleged chemical weapons facilities in Syria had nothing to do with saving the lives of women and children from the ravages of a brutal tyrant. It was designed to keep the war going. The recent attack on Syria signals a new effort to keep the proxy war smoldering and keep alive the longterm effort to displace Assad and put in place Wahhabi head-choppers that will by their very nature keep the conflict going. This is the fate of Syria—not stupendous all-out war, but a slow burn that will take months if not years to realize its goal of reducing the country to a failed state broken up into antagonistic pockets of Sunnis, Shias, Kurds, and other factions endlessly fighting to gain control. After the turf wars in the Middle East and Africa settle down, the dominate religion—Wahhabi Islam—will impose control, thus allowing the globalists and their transnational corporations access and monopolization of valuable resources without competition from other players.

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