Enough Is Enough: Will Stronger Gun Control Measures Prevent Gun Violence?

Enough is enough. That was the refrain chanted over and over by the thousands of demonstrators who gathered to protest gun violence in America. Enough is enough. We need to do something about the violence that is plaguing our nation and our world. Enough is enough. The world would be a better place if there were fewer weapons that could kill, maim, destroy and debilitate. Enough is enough. On March 24, 2018, more than 200,000 young people took the time to march on Washington DC and other cities across the country to demand that their concerns about gun violence be heard. More power to them. I’m all for activism, especially if it motivates people who have been sitting silently on the sidelines for too long to get up and try to reclaim control over a runaway government. Curiously, however, although these young activists were vocal in calling for gun control legislation that requires stricter background checks and limits the kinds of weapons being bought and sold by members of the public, they were remarkably silent about the gun violence perpetrated by their own government. Why is no one taking aim at the U.S. government as the greatest purveyor of violence in American society and around the world?

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Show Notes

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Enough Is Enough: If You Really Want to Save Lives, Take Aim at Government Violence

Battlefield America: The War on the American People

Rutherford Institute

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  1. doug simerly says:

    I do not applaud misguided people who know not what they are really protesting against, which becomes painfully obvious if you talk to some of them. Law abiding citizens will never be the actual problem, and my belief in the right to carry has saved my life twice. The next to last thing I ever want to do, would be to have to pull the trigger. The last thing I ever want to do is be shot by someone, end of story.

    • spiro skouras says:

      Hi Doug,
      I think the point Mr. Whitehead was trying to make, is that a person has the right to exercise their first amendment regardless. And he gives ‘more power to them’ for that, whether he agrees with what they have to say or not. Very important for us all to remember. For the record, I think it was pretty clear he does not. I agree with you and the numbers show, that law abiding citizens typically, abide by the law 🙂 I too am a law abiding citizen who supports the second amendment. Thanks for sharing and for your support!

      • doug simerly says:

        You have a valid point and I guess I lose my objectivity as soon as I perceive a statement to be anti-gun. After really thinking about what Mr. Whitehead was saying, and doing a search through some of the civilian contractor sites like General Dynamics, etc, he was right on as always.
        Patience is a virtue I have yet to attain.

    • James Dickerson says:

      An absolutely fantastic video. Simply ending The War on [People Who Use Un-Taxed] Drugs would DRASTICALLY and IMMEDIATELY reduce ALL violence in this country. If people REALLY care about saving lives, they would protest the government that acts with unprovoked violence against peaceful people. The impact in violence reduction would be further COMPOUNDED by the fact that ending the “Drug War” would stop breaking up so many families – which I would argue, would only IMPROVE the lives of millions of people – and make much less likely the conditions that persist to put someone into a position in their life where they would ever consider enacting mass violence for no reason. Thanks for the great work.

      • spiro skouras says:

        Good points, thanks for the feedback and for supporting our work! Whitehead really has a way of cutting through all the BS and getting to brass tax. We have our work cut out for us, better get started!

  2. Jeff Martin says:

    There’s really only one reason to militarize the local community police and that’s to use them against the American people. Shouldn’t all this “surplus” military gear be going to the National Guard to close and protect our borders? Our southern border is worse than the wild, wild West ever was.

    The Second Amendment isn’t about the right to hunt and target shoot; it’s about the means to defend ourselves from a tyrannical government.

    Our government needs to stop the false flag gun violence.

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